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Today, our conversation will focus on the drug "Aktara." The insecticide of the new generation allows you to completely remove the threat of damage to garden plants by lepidopteran insects and their larvae. It is a systemic drug of intestinal action, that is, it quickly penetrates the plant tissue and remains in them for a long time. A small amount of eaten greens is guaranteed to result in the death of the pest, which means your plants will be safe and sound. Do not forget that "Aktara" - insecticide is very strong and quite toxic, so you need to be very careful during the spraying. Otherwise, it will not harm you if the processing was done on time.

Physical and chemical properties

Aktara (insecticide) is an odorless, light cream crystalline powder. Widely used in agriculture. Belongs to the chemical class of substances, neonicotinoids. According to the method of application it is an intestinal insecticide. It is used not only for spraying plants before flowering, but also for the treatment of seed material. Thus, the scope of application includes seed dressing, spraying, presowing application.

Features of the drug

Today, many gardeners use the drug "Aktara". They choose this insecticide because it has a wide spectrum of activity. When spraying plants, it exhibits a translaminar effect. Shows hydrolytic stability, high solubility in water and thermal stability. Especially it is necessary to note the systemic effect when entering into the soil, which Aktara has (insecticide). Instructions for use emphasizes that this drug alone can solve all the problems with pests at once.

The composition quickly penetrates the plant through the leaves and roots, and therefore can be made in any convenient way. Additionally, it should be noted the high biological efficiency and rapid inhibition of insect feeding.

Active substance

What makes Aktara so effective (insecticide)? Instructions for use suggests that the active substance is thiamethoxam. It has a new mechanism of action that leaves no chance to insects. Symptoms of exposure occur within 15 minutes after the insect tries to eat a plant. Aphids and the whitefly at this stage already pull the stilettos out of the sheet and stop feeding. Death occurs in a day, but throughout this time the insect no longer causes harm to the plant.

Impact on the pest

If the highest efficiency is important for you, but at the same time, the time you could spend on garden care is limited, the insect repellent Aktara will suit you. Instructions for use describes the intestinal-contact effect of the drug on the organism of the pest. Even with soil application, a systemic effect is maintained. Due to the rapid distribution among all the plant tissues, the remedy well suppresses the activity of cicadas and aphids, whiteflies, shield insects and false shields, beetles, and so on. The active ingredient, thiamethoxam, has a new mechanism of action: it inhibits the nicotine acetylcholine receptor of the post-synapse of the nervous system of insects. This principle allows you to most effectively solve the problem with pests.

Instructions for use

As we have already mentioned, there are different ways to use the Aktara insecticide effectively. Instructions for use describes several of them, this set is quite enough for gardening. First of all, this is a normal spraying. To do this, one package (1.4 g) is diluted in 10 liters of water, after which processing is carried out - preferably in the evening, in dry weather. On one hundred parts consumed 5 liters of solution. There is another method preferred for processing large areas. A package of 4 g is taken, it is diluted in 3 liters of water. Each liter of primary solution is used to prepare 10 liters of product.

Use the drug and soak the seedlings. For this insecticide "Aktara" (the application is quite popular) is diluted in one liter of water (1.4 g). This amount is used for soaking 200 future plants. Time - 2 hours, after which you can start planting. After that, the solution is diluted to 10 liters and watered the bed. The protective effect lasts for 2.5 months, after that you can prolong it with the help of special watering. To do this, take one package (4 g) and dilute in 2 liters of water. Dosage - 20 ml of solution per plant. This procedure provides protection for another 60 days.

Often the drug is used for seed treatment of potatoes. To do this, you will need a 6 gram pack of insecticide. Substance diluted with 300 grams of water. Tubers sprinkle on the film and carefully sprayed, and then proceed to planting.

Application on a personal personal plot

Often gardeners are interested in whether it is possible to sprinkle apple trees with the insecticide "Aktara"? Answer: you can. This means a wide range of applications, it is used for processing virtually all crops. Sprayed fruit trees, apple and pear, sweet cherry. It is also used for shrubs, currants, gooseberries and raspberries. It is successfully used to protect vegetables: potatoes and cabbage, tomato, onion, bell pepper, eggplant.

Especially good insecticide "Aktara" for cabbage. Each gardener remembers how difficult it is to collect slugs and butterfly caterpillars from the heads. Modern means solve these problems and at the same time are safe for health.

Separately, it should be noted the use of the drug in floriculture. Aktara perfectly helps to deal with such pests as aphid and whitefly, thrips and scale insects. These insects often attack domestic flowers.

Agricultural applications

As you can see, the scope of use of the drug "Aktara" is truly wide. Insecticide, the consumption rate of which is minimal, and the spectrum of action is simply huge, is the savior of gardens and fields from pests. It is widely used in the fight with even-winged proboscis, trips and lepidoptera, beetles. Most often it is used in order to protect crops of wheat from ground grain ground beetle and harmful turtle. It is successfully used to control pests of barley. It is a real savior of potato fields, as it protects plantations from the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm. In addition, the insecticide showed itself very well in the fight against pests of cabbage and peas.

Drug benefits

Why is it very profitable to buy the drug "Aktara" (insecticide)? Reviews of amateur gardeners and professional farmers say that this tool saves the sheet machine and improves product quality. It is very economical, the consumption of the substance is minimal, even considering that it is often purchased for processing large areas, which is very profitable. The highest efficiency allows the minimum number of treatments, on average, one procedure is required per 2 months. The effectiveness of the drug does not affect the environmental conditions. It will work fine in extreme heat and in rainy weather. It retains its effectiveness at low humidity, is resistant to UV light.

The drug is extremely convenient to use. It can be simply brought into the soil along with the seedlings. Plants will absorb the composition of the roots, which means that the optimal concentration of the active substance will be maintained in their tissues for a long time. This provides protection from a new generation of pests. Whether you bring it into the furrow when planting or pouring the solution at the root, for two months your crop is protected. Ground handling provides protection against pests for 30 days, and is very easy to do.

Toxicological properties

The drug is distributed to all plant tissues within 20 minutes after its use. If it is brought under the root, then it will take 1–3 hours to fully spread through the tissues. In the course of clinical trials, it was found that the distribution occurs only on the leaves and stalks. In the fruit it is practically not detected. This suggests hygienic safety of use when drip irrigation of vegetable crops in greenhouses. Shows toxic effect when administered orally (tested on laboratory mice and rats). At the same time, it practically does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes. It has a long residual effect and is toxic to bees. The drug belongs to hazard class 3, plants treated with this tool do not pose a threat to human life and health. However, if inhaled and ingested directly, symptoms of acute poisoning may manifest. This is manifested in the form of convulsions, decrease in motor activity.

Let's sum up

Aktara is one of the best products for agriculture and private household plots. It can be used on almost all vegetable and fruit crops, while obtaining excellent results. A quick and easy procedure for two months saves you from worrying about the safety of the crop. The tool is very economical, its consumption is minimal, and versatility allows you to process the entire garden with the same preparation. This saves both time, money, and energy. If you also use a herbicide together with insecticide, then your participation in growing the crop is limited to planting, watering and feeding. Given the pace of modern life, it is very convenient. In favor of the use of this drug and say the reviews of a large number of gardeners, which confirm the extreme effectiveness of the tool.

Purpose and principle of action

Insecticide Aktara effective for the destruction of the Colorado potato beetle, the fight against aphids, pseudo shield, bedbugs, whitefly, tsikadkami, drunkard, mines moth. It is a protection against thrips and other sucking insects. True aktar from a tick is not as effective. The drug begins to affect the body of parasites within half an hour after spraying. The insecticide is suitable for disinfecting potatoes, currants and flowering crops. The finished solution can be poured under the root, sprayed on top of the soil and applied to the leaves.

When spraying, the toxic effect on the parasites is observed 15-30 minutes after the end of the procedure. When depositing an agent into the soil, insect poisoning occurs after the agent has spread through the root system through the vegetative parts of the plant, so the effect appears much later than after spraying. When added to the pot, the drug lasts up to 60 days, while processing leaves it lasts about 1 month. Sucking pests die within 24 hours after application.

Drug consumption and features of use

Insecticide Aktara is sold in glass containers of 250 mg or in 4 gram sachets. For one-time use of a small area of ​​the site enough content of one bag. Aktara for indoor plants is an indispensable tool in the fight against pests. The finished solution is enough for 250 pots.

Processing of plants is carried out in dry weather in the evening or in the early morning in the absence of wind.. It is not recommended to apply Aktara insecticide when the sun is scorching to avoid possible burns. The tool can be used for treatment of affected plants during vegetative growth, as well as in the off-season with a preventive purpose.

Before spraying the plants, it is necessary to test the performance of the knapsack sprayer in order to prevent incorrect spraying of the prepared solution. The use of liquid means is carried out carefully so that the solution does not get on other types of plants. At observance of dosages and precautionary measures, the risk of phytotoxicity of cultures is minimal. It is necessary to breed Aktar only on the street.

Preparation of stock solution

Aktara is not recommended to be diluted in the room, the knapsack sprayer should be brought outside. Initially, the mother liquor should be made. The contents of a 4-gram sachet in a separate container are diluted with 1 liter of cold unboiled water. This liquid is added to the sprayer in a certain proportion depending on the type of crop being treated. Effective against mealybug, against whitefly and other insects.

For disinfection of potatoes, water is poured into the sprayer tank, filling the fourth part, and the resulting liquid is added in the amount of 200 ml. For treating currants, 250 ml of diluted liquid are taken for the indicated volume of water, for other species - 600 ml of liquid Aqtar liquid. Instructions for use are painted in detail on the bag. Next, the total volume of liquid in the tank is brought to 5 liters and mixed thoroughly, shaking the contents of the tank.

For ornamental flowering plants, more ready-made solution will be required. It is prepared less concentrated. Apply Aktar can be used for irrigation under the root: 1 gram of the drug is enough for 10 liters of water. It is not recommended to increase the dosage, otherwise a burn of the root system is possible. For drawing on the sheet take 8 grams. powder per 10 liter container. For the treatment of small areas from the whitefly and other parasites, it is possible to prepare a solution in smaller quantities, keeping the proportion.

On a note! Concentration less than recommended by the manufacturer may be ineffective in case of mass destruction by parasites.

Compatibility with other drugs

Aktara can be used with most of these drugs, growth regulators, pesticides (Zircon, Epin, etc.). It is worth noting that the drug does not replace fertilizer. Before using other drugs, it is recommended to check compatibility and adhere to manufacturer's limitations. Do not use "Aktara" with the means, giving an alkaline reaction.

Security measures

Aktara for humans is a substance of moderate toxicity. During the work with solution it is necessary to use means of protection: overalls and goggles, to put on a respirator. During the procedure, the intake of food and water is prohibited. After spraying, change clothes and thoroughly wash exposed areas with soap and water, including face and hands. Do not smoke near the diluted solution during processing.

For aquatic organisms, fish, earthworms, birds and animals, the solution has low toxicity. Aktara drug has a striking effect only on insects, so before processing crops, bees must be closed. They can be released only 5 days after the treatment of plants. The protection zone should be 4-5 km from the place of processing.

It is forbidden to pour unused drug into an open pond or other source of fresh water. Care must be taken to ensure that the pesticide does not get into the animal feed and drinking water for livestock. In the places of processing "Aktara" in the first 4 days you can not graze livestock. It should be controlled so that the powder or diluted solution does not get into the food and drinking water.

First aid for poisoning

If liquid product gets into eyes, rinse them thoroughly with plenty of water for 15 minutes and try not to close them. From the skin, the drug Aktara is washed off with water, carefully treating the skin with soap. When a diluted solution gets into the stomach, it is necessary to induce vomiting and give the affected activated carbon diluted in a glass of water in an amount of 3-5 tablespoons. Do not induce vomiting when fainting. Treatment is carried out symptomatically in the hospital. Antidote drug has not!

Description of the drug "Aktara"

Aktara belongs to the contact-intestinal insecticides of the Neonicotinoid group. The drug is made in Switzerland. It is available in the form of tablets, granules, soluble light cream powder and suspension (in a glass or plastic container in various volumes). The active substances of the drug do not burn, but melt at a temperature of +140 degrees. Good solubility in water is observed at a temperature of +25 degrees.

Functions and properties

Aktara improves the quality of foliage and shoots, protects the plant from many pests. The tool is valid for 1-2 months after treatment (depending on the method of application).

It is used to protect vegetable crops and indoor plants, and is suitable for fruit trees, berry shrubs and flower crops. Processing "Aktara" can be made in all weather conditions (heat, precipitation, high / low humidity levels ...).

The drug can be used for spraying the vegetative parts of plants, and for tillage. Due to the unique characteristics of the active substance - thiamethoxam - Aktara is well decomposed in the soil, perfectly soluble in water and well absorbed by the plant from the soil. With this complex product, you can fully control the process of reproduction of any pests throughout the season.

Areas of use

This insecticide is able to fight against a wide range of insect pests of many cultures. Aktara is mainly used in horticulture and agriculture. Препарат предназначен для истребления колорадского жука, тли, плодожорки, щитовки, почвенной мушки, трипса, белокрылки, майского жука и многих других вредителей.

Средством можно обрабатывать:

  • зерновые культуры,
  • овощи,
  • плодовые деревья,
  • рассаду овощных культур,
  • ягодные кустарники,
  • decorative flower cultures
  • houseplants.

To birds, earthworms and aquatic organisms Aktara insecticide practically does not bear harm. For humans and mammals, the remedy is moderately toxic, but for pollinating insects (wasps, bees, hornets) it is poisonous. In this regard, it is not recommended to process plants during flowering.

Operating principle

The main active ingredient Aktara - thiamethoxam. Its concentration in the preparation is 250 g / kg (or 240 g / l). The tool destroys even the sheltered insects.

Weather conditions also do not interfere with the action of Aktar. The agent is absorbed into the leaves through the skin (when spraying), or is absorbed from the soil by the roots, spreading through the vascular system throughout the plant (when watering). In the first case, the protective effect of the drug lasts about 3-4 weeks, and in the second - up to two months.

It should be noted that Aktara does not bear any harm to the fruits of vegetable crops, fruit trees and berry bushes. No accumulation of harmful plastics is observed in them. In addition, if the instructions for use are followed, insects do not develop resistance and addiction to this insecticide.

The drug begins its action after half an hour after contact with the pest. The insect eats the treated parts of the plant. Once inside, the active substances first act on the digestive system, suppressing the receptors. The pest stops eating foliage. Then his nervous system is paralyzed, as a result of which the insect dies during the day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each insecticide has its strengths and weaknesses. Aktara is no exception. Let us examine the main "pros" and "cons" of the drug.


  1. High efficiency.
  2. Speed ​​performance.
  3. After processing the plants the fruits remain harmless to human health.
  4. A wide range of applications.
  5. When used properly, it is not addictive in insects.
  6. Efficiency does not depend on weather conditions.
  7. Long acting.
  8. Small consumption rate.
  9. The possibility of soil treatment.
  10. Detailed instructions for use are present on the packaging of the drug.


  • poisonous for wasps, bees and hornets,
  • the inability to store the working solution
  • alternation with other insecticides is recommended.

Preparation of the solution

For convenience, first prepare the mother liquor, and only then - working. What is the essence of the mother liquor? Take a capacity of at least 1.5-2 liters. In it the contents of the bag (4 g) are dissolved in 1 liter of water. Next, prepare the working solution (directly in the sprayer).

First, the sprayer is filled with 250 ml of water. For the processing of potatoes, 150-200 ml of mother liquor are poured into it, for currants - 250 ml, and for flower crops - 600 ml. The resulting liquid is brought to a volume of 5 liters, the tank is closed with a lid and thoroughly shaken. After that, the working solution is ready for use.

Application for different types of crops

For each type of crop has its own processing rules and standards costs. The method of application is usually the same. There are only two options: spraying and watering. Spraying is carried out until the leaves and shoots of the plant are completely wetted, and watering is carried out until the soil is deeply moistened.

Let us examine in more detail the processing of various types of crops:

  1. Tomatoes Aktara protects against the Colorado potato beetle, aphids and whitefly. For irrigation, 4 g of the substance should be diluted in 10 l of water, and for spraying - 1.2 g in 10 l of water.
  2. For protection cucumbers from aphid, tobacco thrips and whitefly, watering with a solution (4 g of the drug per 10 liters of water) or spraying (2-4 g per 10 liters of water).
  3. Aktara is indispensable for peppers and eggplants. These crops are saved from aphids and tobacco thrips. A solution (4-8 g of substance per 10 l of water) is poured under the root, and for spraying 2-4 g of the drug is diluted in 10 l of water.
  4. Bow often thrips and onion fly. From these pests get rid of by spraying. To do this, dissolve 4 g of the drug in 10 liters of water.
  5. The high efficacy of the drug is noted during processing. cabbage. Aktara easily copes with slugs, caterpillars and fleas. To do this, the solution is poured under the root (3 g of the product is diluted in 10 liters of water).
  6. For processing potato You can use the working solution on the basis of the mother liquor, and you can separately dilute 1.2 g of the drug in 10 l of water The culture is sprayed once during the growing season. The Colorado potato beetle should disappear after 14 days.
  7. The drug is suitable for fruit trees (apple, pear, plum ...). An apple tree can be sprinkled from the cornfields and codling moths (3 g per 10 liters of water). The pears are also treated from the same pests (4 g of the preparation per 10 liters of water).
  8. Currants process from aphids. The first spraying is done before flowering, and the second after harvesting. For the preparation of the working fluid take 2 g of substance per 10 liters of water (or 250 ml of stock solution per 10 liters of water).
  9. Grapes treated from cicadas and other pests. To do this, 3 g of "Aktara" dissolved in 10 liters of water. Then carry out spraying.
  10. Decorative flower cultures (roses, violets, orchids) sprayed with the appearance of pests such as aphid, whitefly and scythe. Take 8 g of the drug per 10 liters of water. 10 square meters. m spend up to 1 liter of working solution. If roses attacked thrips, then dilute 16 g of the product with 10 liters of water, and then spray the plant with the resulting liquid.
  11. Potted flower cultures are watered when mushroom mosquitoes and soil flies appear with a solution that is prepared at the rate of 1 g of the preparation per 10 liters of water. Aphids, scale insects, thrips and whiteflies are disposed of by watering the soil multiple times with a working solution (8 g of the drug per 10 liters of water). 10 square meters. m spend 10 liters of fluid (in other words, this working fluid is enough for 250 pots).

Seedling treatment

The preparation "Aktara" can also process seedlings and seed material. For dressing potato tubers, 6 g of the drug is dissolved in 0.3 l of water. Tubers are evenly laid out on film, sprayed with working solution, and then mixed well. Such potatoes are not suitable for storage. It must be planted immediately. This method is also suitable for processing onions and cloves of garlic.

In the working solution can be soaked and seedlings. For these purposes, 1.4 g of the drug is diluted in 1 liter of water. The roots of the seedlings should be dipped in the mixture for exactly two hours. This procedure is performed 12 hours before planting. One such working solution is enough for processing 200 plants.

Precautionary measures

Aktara belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity (moderately hazardous substance).

When working with the drug should observe certain precautions:

  1. Prepare and apply the working solution in protective clothing (in a suit, rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator).
  2. During processing it is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke.
  3. At the end of the work you need to change clothes, wash your face and hands with soap and rinse your mouth.
  4. It is forbidden to process in the immediate vicinity of water bodies.
  5. Store "Aktar" should be in a dry dark place at a temperature of -10 to +30 degrees.
  6. Houseplants are treated in well ventilated areas or outdoors.
  7. Processing during flowering is prohibited.

In case of contact with the skin, the preparation should be removed with cotton wool or a soft cloth. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes. In case of poisoning with Aktar, characteristic symptoms appear: vomiting, nausea, general weakness. You must immediately call a doctor and show him the label of the drug.

If the victim is conscious, then before the arrival of the doctor, he should be given activated carbon to drink (3-5 tablespoons of pounded coal with a glass of warm water). It is also recommended to induce vomiting. But if a person is unconscious, then vomiting can not be caused!

Aktara is a high-performance, fast-acting insecticide. With proper use, you can get rid of hundreds of different insect pests of many cultures, while enjoying the absolutely safe for health fruits.

Use of Aktara insecticide

The preparation Ankara is recommended for the destruction of aphids, the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae, thrips, sham beetles, shield insects, whitefly, etc. Available in Australia.

The drug Aktara has the form of water-dispersible granules (EDC) and suspension concentrate (CS) containing thiamethoxam. Dry packing on 1,4 grams, 4 grams, 40 grams, in bottles in the form of KS (liquid) on 9 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and in canisters on 1 l.
Active ingredient - thiamethoxam 250g / kg.

Benefits of Aktara Insecticide

  • the drug is very fast acting, used in emergency cases,
  • can be applied many times, not addictive,
  • retains its properties for 2 months in the root treatment,
  • compatible with insecticides, growth regulators, fungicides and pesticides, except for preparations with an alkaline reaction,
  • the drug has a fairly large spectrum of action,
  • characterized by a large biological activity,
  • effective against many pests
  • the drug is resistant to weather changes
  • can be applied directly to the ground,
  • low consumption rate
  • very convenient packing and packing, is issued in a liquid and firm form, is convenient at storage.

Application of Aktar for seedlings

Cabbage, blue eggplant, tobacco, tomato, sweet pepper seedlings: before planting, plant roots are soaked in Aktara insecticide solution at a temperature not lower than 18 ° C 2 hours before planting, about 200 liters of seedlings are needed, approximately 1 liter of solution.

When soaking the plants (200-250 pieces) it is necessary to dilute the contents of the package (1.4 g) into 1 liter of clean water. In the remaining solution, add water to 10 liters and the resulting solution can be watered after planting. In this case Aktara is valid for 60-70 days.

Potatoes: before planting potatoes, the preparation is inserted in rows.
Strawberries: It is recommended to water the plants after harvest with a 0.25% working solution.

The advantages of the drug Aktara

Insecticide is used by many gardeners and gardeners, since Aktara has many advantages over other drugs of similar action:

  • protects the planting of vegetable, fruit, berry crops and ornamental plants from almost all pests, including spider mites,
  • penetrates plant tissue quickly and does not wash off during watering and during rains,
  • practically does not penetrate the fruit,
  • we combine with mineral and organic fertilizers and fungicidal agents,
  • increases seed germination and improves the quality of seedlings when processing seed,
  • activates root growth,
  • no effect on predatory insects, destroying pests,
  • economically, a small amount is required for processing,
  • high efficiency reduces the number of sprays
  • the effect of the drug continues for a long period of time.

Composition means Aktara

The main active ingredient in the insecticidal composition is thiamethox, which has an improved mechanism of action on insect pests and destroys them completely.

The basis of the active component is its ability to decompose in the soil for a short time, dissolve well in water and completely absorbed by plants from the soil. These qualities make it possible to control the number and reproduction of pests that can affect plants in the garden during the season.

Such technology of land-soil application was developed by Syngenta.

How does Aktara insecticide work?

The effect of the drug Aktara is observed 30 minutes after its use. After processing fruit trees, it reaches the top on the third day after use.

After applying the drug, within a short time penetrates the leaves of the plant and spreads to all tissues. As a result of the action of the active substance, insect pests are secretly affected.

The action of the active substance begins half an hour after using the product. Thiamethoxam has a paralyzing effect on the digestive and nervous systems of insects. Pests refuse food and die.

The drug does not cause addiction in insects and is usually used as a universal remedy for most pests.

Aktara proved to be effective in the destruction of scale insects, thrips, Colorado potato beetle, weevil, whitefly, aphids, flea beetles, beetles, moths, cabbage moths, geese, and soil pests.

Protective action when spraying lasts for 24 days, with watering - 60 days.

A number of tools are currently being developed.with a similar effect: Kruiser, Doctor, Adamant, Tiara.

Forms of release of the drug Aktara

For ease of use insecticide Aktara Available in several forms:

  • suspension in liquid concentrated form,
  • water soluble granules.

Suspension packaged in glass ampoules and vials. Granules are packed in packages of 4 and 250 grams.

Small packing is convenient for processing houseplants and planting on the garden plots.

Aktara insecticide: instructions for use

The drug is intended for the preparation of an aqueous solution used for spraying, soaking seed material.

Application of the solution should not be postponed.. Processing plants is carried out immediately with the appearance of insects, caterpillars or larvae.

Preparation of working solution is carried out in the open air. Processing is carried out in the morning or evening in dry calm weather.

For preparation of means use capacious capacity. Dissolve one packet of the drug in one liter of water and fill the sprayer with a quarter volume.

For processing plants against the spider mite, scale insects and thrips use the following amount of the remedy:

  • grapes, strawberries, berry bushes - 0, 25 liters,
  • indoor plants - 0.6 liters,
  • seed material (potato tubers, onion, garlic) - 0.3 l.

For the treatment of planting material, it is necessary to prepare a concentrated solution of 4 grams of the drug per liter of water, which is sprayed with potato tubers, onions, garlic cloves. After treatment, the drug completely dissolved in the soil after 60 days. After this period, the fruit will be completely safe.

Within an hour, the agent penetrates the leaves of the plant. The finished solution can not be stored, so it is not recommended to dilute the drug more than will be used.

The most effective treatment during the mass appearance of insects.

In order to prevent insects from becoming addicted to an insecticidal agent, Aktara should be alternated with other drugs.

It should be remembered that the tool is very quickly absorbed by the root system and distributed to all parts of the plant, providing protection for a long time.

Aktara is effective for processing plantations of cabbage, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes.

Aktara is indispensable for indoor plants, it is used to kill thrips, scale insects, spider mites, aphids.

Consumption rates

Aktara provides long plant protection, but it is economical to use. This is important if you have to handle large areas. Also, the drug does not require frequent use.

The consumption rate of insecticidal agent depends on the size of the cultivated area and the type of crop.

So, for spraying potato shoots it is necessary to use 1.2 grams of the drug dissolved in 10 liters of water.

When processing berry bushes consumes 2 grams of insecticide.

Toxic effect of the drug

During the research it was found that the drug is absorbed only by the root system and the terrestrial parts of the plants. No traces of Aktara remedies were found in the fruit..

Insecticidal Aktara has the third class of danger, that is practically safe for human health. However, you should be careful and careful when preparing the solution in connection with the possibility of inhalation of funds or accidental use inside. Signs of poisoning drug Aktara is weakness, decreased motor activity, seizures.

The most dangerous insecticide is for bees, less toxic for fish, aquatic fauna, earthworms and birds.

Chemical and physical properties

It is a light cream colored crystal powder., odorless. Aktara is often used in agriculture. The drug belongs to the group of chemical neonicotinoids. According to the method of use is an insecticide of the intestinal type. It is used for the treatment of vegetation before the flowering period, and for spraying seeds.

The drug is made in Switzerland. It is noteworthy that its manufacturer in its development took into account the preferences of consumers. It is for this reason that many gardeners use Aktar to protect the violets, orchids, roses and vegetable crops on the site, as well as indoor plants.

The drug is produced in different forms:

  • concentrated suspension
  • soluble granules.

The solid preparation is packed up in compact bags. They are enough for processing plants in the greenhouse. For use in large agricultural enterprises apply Aktar in massive bags of 250 g.

The liquid is in vials and ampoules. With their help, you can provide reliable protection for the following plants:

  • violets,
  • strawberry beds,
  • indoor vegetation
  • orchids,
  • rose bushes.

Active substance and principle of action

Insecticide contains thiamethoxam. Он характеризуется особым принципом действия, который полностью ликвидирует насекомых-вредителей.The drug begins to "work" after only fifteen minutes after the parasite begins to eat the plant. Whiteflies and aphids at this stage pull their stilettos out of the leaves and stop feeding. They die within a day, but even during this period the pest will not do anything bad to the plant.

After Aktara is absorbed into the plant, neither heat nor rain can affect it.

Impact on pests

This insecticide protects plants in the garden from the following pests:

  • May and Colorado beetles,
  • spider mite,
  • scythe,
  • whitefly,
  • aphid,
  • grumpy larvae, etc.

Sprays of the drug during spraying fall on the bodies of beetles and caterpillars, and then affect their body. Insects feed on pieces of the plant, absorbing the drug, which adversely affects the state of their nervous system. After 30-40 minutes, the pests will no longer eat anything and will soon die.

The cost of the drug varies from 70 to 100 rubles for a four-gram package. Packages of 250 g will cost from 2,900 to 4,000 rubles. Means is recommended to be stored in rooms of economic appointment in cases or on shelves. Do not store near the facility nutritional foods, feed and medication. In addition, it is forbidden to store it in conditions of high humidity, which may adversely affect the properties of the drug Aktara.

Landing handling

The drug Aktara is applied and for spraying planting material. For this purpose, you need to use a highly concentrated mixture. Consumption is four grams per liter of water. For processing potato tubers, six grams of concentrate and 0.4 liters of pure water are taken.

Garlic, onions, potatoes and seeds before planting need to soak in the solution. Do not be afraid of excessive concentration of the drug, it is completely split in two months.

After spraying any edible vegetation, they become absolutely safe for the human body after 60 days. Soaking in Aktar helps plants to fully develop and settle down. In addition, if they can get stronger, then the harmful insects will not be able to harm them.

Safety rules and symptoms of poisoning

Aktara drug belongs to the third group of toxicity, that is, it is moderately dangerous to health. Therefore, it is necessary to work with him in goggles, respirator and rubber gloves. In addition, when treating the site with chemicals, you need to use a special form and send it to the laundry after each use.

After processing all devices and protective equipment must be washed. You need to clean your hands, your face and your whole body, put on new clothes and rinse your mouth. Potted flowers should be processed in a ventilated room or outside. If drug poisoning occurs, the following symptoms may occur:

  • nausea,
  • vomiting
  • deterioration of health,
  • breakdown, etc.

If you have noticed the characteristic signs of departure, then stop processing and go to fresh air. If the insecticide gets on the skin surface, then the drops of the drug should be quickly doused with a rag and washed with soapy water. If Aktara got into the eyes, then they should be rinsed for 15–20 minutes under running water. If swallowed, gastric lavage and several tablets of activated charcoal are required.

After providing first aid, you should immediately call a medical specialist. It is for this reason that the drug should be stored away from food, and the capacity for breeding should be labeled with the appropriate inscriptions.

It is forbidden to dispose of residues near water bodies.. Also, it is not recommended to process the honey plant earlier than one week before their flowering, otherwise you can exterminate the bees. It is also forbidden to water pastures before walking cattle.

Aktara is one of the most effective and popular drugs for spraying private plots and large agricultural land. They can handle almost all fruit and vegetable crops. A simple and expeditious procedure for several months will relieve the owner of the unrest associated with the preservation of flowers or crops.

At the same time, Aktara is distinguished by minimal consumption., and versatility makes it possible to provide protection from pests throughout the garden or garden. It simultaneously allows to save both forces, and money, and time. In the event that, together with an insecticide for houseplants or garden flowers, in addition to apply a herbicide, then you will only need to plant, water, and from time to time to feed the plants.

This is extremely convenient, given the modern rhythm of life. Numerous reviews of not only private gardeners, but also experienced professionals speak in favor of the effectiveness of this tool.

Gardeners reviews

Previously, I tried to no avail to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle with the help of Lightning, and with the help of Commander. Then a friend, a neighbor on the site, advised granulated Aktar. Used preparator to protect currants, flowers and potatoes. Granules perfectly soluble in water. In the instructions for use Aktary accurately indicated dosage. Now I know how to protect my plants.

I am delighted with Aktara. Of the shortcomings, there is only one - for one site had to acquire a lot of ampoules. Many tried to withdraw the Colorado, but all attempts were in vain, but the Aktara liquid did an excellent job with its task. Literally in one day I managed to poison all the annoying insects. In addition, Aktara does not cause any allergic reactions.

For the first time Aktar was recommended to me by familiar gardening owners with extensive experience. They constantly use this drug to process and protect their flowers. Plants need to be sprayed from different sides. It is very convenient to use it, especially when I bought myself a sprayer in the form of a backpack via the Internet. I don’t allow children to come close, because I know that the remedy is very toxic. And the smell from it is not very sharp, which is very convenient for home use. Since I started using Aktar, I noticed that special attention should be paid when working to the central part of the flower, because it is where the pest larvae are located.