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Decorations for the garden: original decor do it yourself


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The current trend is the decoration of the garden plots with old bicycles, because they are very suitable for the role of support for pots, tubs and flowerpots

Original garden decoration ideas with your own hands will help to highlight the natural charm of the garden plot and to realize the hidden talents of the designer (and everyone has them). Before embarking on a responsible mission, inspect your reserves ... and go!

  • DIY garden decoration: a dedication to designer country art
  • Do-it-yourself garden figures: functional ideas
  • Crafts for the garden of bottles and garden decoration flowers (photos)
  • Handicrafts made of wood for the garden and decorative house birdhouse for the garden do it yourself
  • Garden sculptures do it yourself: decor
  • Garden Stone Crafts
  • Crafts for the house do it yourself from the materials at hand: master classes in making
  • Handicrafts from tires for the garden (photo and phased production)

Thanks to the decor with their own hands, the garden can be not only beautiful, but also very original

Garden lamps from glass bottles look very impressive

Decorative well for the garden

Old things, a little imagination - and you create original crafts

Tip! Remember the sacred rule of the present owner of the dacha: you can not throw anything away!

To create extraordinary things, absolutely unnecessary at first glance things will be needed: dilapidated furniture, old dishes, tires from cars, plastic bottles, firewood and trimming materials, tubs, barrels, holey shoes, etc. - the most spectacular ways.

Some decorative crafts are striking in their beauty.

Iron lumberjack from cans on the porch of the house

Wooden ducks to decorate the shore of the pond

Do-it-yourself garden figures: functional ideas

These include elements that harmoniously combine aesthetics and useful functionality.

Garden swings from ramps

Magic ponds. If you have old metal / plastic tubs or other containers, create pacifying pools of them. Plant water plants in your ponds. You can even get unpretentious fish. The decoration of flower beds and reservoirs at the dacha can be trusted with boulders, pebbles or tiles.

Interesting decorative fountain do it yourself

A garden pond made of a dug-in bath or another large tank looks modern and stylish, if its borders are outlined with pebbles.

Crafts for the garden of bottles and garden decoration flowers (photos)

Flower world. Original beds from plastic bottles, old tires, unwanted shoes, iron buckets. Here you can beat even the old bed, chairs, a bicycle or a chest of drawers. If there are big stumps left on your site, do not rush them up. You can make magnificent garden flowerpots out of them with your own hands and plant flowers there.

Tip!For flowerpots from stumps additionally use clay pots (to plant flowers). Directly plant flowers in a tree is not worth it - it will rot from the water.

Magnificent mini garden in an artificial stump

Any stump or stone with the right design can be an excellent element of the decor for the garden

Centenary stumps uproot pity - they can be given a second life as an exclusive garden pot. It is also possible to equip vases for pots in sections of logs and uprooted and cleaned stumps

Romantic buildings. In the case of plastic bottles can go (from them you can build a whole gazebo). And how do you like comfortable benches with a canopy in the spirit of French villages? Untreated logs of various sizes are used for this. From the old chairs or chairs, you can build a cozy swing or unusual crafts to decorate the garden with your own hands.

A bench from the roots of an old tree looks very impressive

Do-it-yourself swing with fresh flowers will give romance to your garden

Handicrafts made of wood for the garden and decorative house birdhouse for the garden do it yourself

Favorite feathered. Our magic garden just can not do without bird play. To make the birds cozy, you can create original wooden birdhouses for them. Decorate them with decoupage, painting, decorative details. For the birdhouses themselves, you can use the remains of boards and wooden furniture. The birdhouses look great from old boots of large size. You can awaken a fantasy and create a real miracle of northen thought from traffic jams or large porcelain teapots.

Tip!It is best to hang birdhouses on deciduous trees, with a slight slope. And make the roof removable to make it easier to clean them.

Birdhouses with bird feeders can be made multi-colored or even carved

If you live near a forest landing or park, then make a fun simple squirrel feeder. To do this, you need to rigidly fasten on a tree, for example, a chair from a set of toy furniture, with a pair of self-tapping screws. With the help of a long screw, a head of corn is wound onto it and just as easily replaced

Garden sculptures do it yourself: decor

Here reigns the world of pure aesthetics, which pleases the eye and gives a special charm to the whole look of the garden. Various souvenirs, funny animal figurines, garden crafts, such garden decoration with handicraft materials will become a real highlight of the courtyard design.

Smooth stones painted with drops of acrylic or other paint. You can also paint them with fluorescent paint.

Beautiful Peacock wrought iron items

Sea pebbles help create beautiful decorative elements for your garden.

Garden Stone Crafts

  • Fantasy made of stone or wood. You can make wonderful things out of stones or remnants of boards. Acrylic paints, beads, pieces of multicolored glass pieces help you. You can create funny gnomes, men or just wonderful little animals or insects. And if you paint the surface of hemp or boulders with fluorescent paint, you will have magical night lanterns.

Beautiful ladybugs made with mosaic

Gorgeous horses from the roots of trees will become the main element of the decor of your landscape

Funny ants from golf balls and wire

Tip!Attract to the fascinating work with paints and applications of their children. You will have a wonderful time with them!

Autumn garden decor with painted stones

Bright Sea Pebbles Ladybugs

    The revival of plastic. The use of plastic bottles of different sizes in design is the most economical option for decorating a garden. What decoration to give from plastic bottles do you want?

  • Cute animals and birds: piglets, bunnies, kittens, elephants. Or maybe, in your garden, proud swans will lift their necks or fervent sparrows sit on the fences?
  • Little men: it has become very fashionable to create various colorful characters from plastic bottles - from cheerful village boys and girls to arrogant aristocrats.

Hanging garden decor: fisherman and fish from old spoons

Hats for decorative mushrooms for the garden can be made of very many materials and old things: toys, dishes, disposable containers and other things

Garden watchman scarecrow from old clay pots

    Flowers and plants: make a tropical paradise from your garden. Plastic bottles make magnificent palm trees and cacti. You can add a little tenderness - chamomile, bells, poppies, roses.

Flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands

Tip!Place crafts from plastic bottles in the depths of the garden or flower beds. Especially if you have children (so that they could not reach them with their hands). The edges of plastic crafts can accidentally hurt them.

Bright shapes of birds from plastic caps

Unusual garden decor can be made of rusty metal: sheets, pipes or old tools. For example, decoration for a tree trunk - woodpecker from a circular saw and a shovel

Gorgeous daisies made from metal bars

Crafts for the house do it yourself from the materials at hand: master classes in making

How to make a decoration for the garden with your own hands? We offer several workshops on making creative masterpieces for the garden.

Sparkling small balls strung on metal rods will give your garden a cosmic effect.

Bright flowers will help decorate your decorative well

Funny decoration "Bat"

Do-it-yourself bats will be especially appropriate for Halloween

Our garden should get a defender. Batman will be an excellent player for this role. It can be hung on a fence, tree or at the entrance to the house. Arming:

  • wire,
  • nylon threads
  • double sided tape
  • stretchy black fabric
  • pieces of fur or feathers,
  • foam sponge (round or oval),
  • rubber chamber (better to use a big tire),
  • acrylic paint white, black and pink (you can take any waterproof paint).

Interesting scorpion of car tires

Flower bed, placed in an old umbrella, looks very beautiful

Decorative bed of tires in the form of a cup

Handicrafts from tires for the garden (photo and phased production)

Step 1. Decide on the size of the future of Batman and cut off the necessary piece of tires. With a marker, draw on the camera its contour (head with ears and wings). To give volume to the legs and ears, cut them separately from the tire.

Step 2. Cut out the muzzle and body of the mouse from the foam sponge and cover them with a black cloth. We sew these parts very tightly with a rubber blank. You need to sew with nylon threads strictly along the contour. Additionally, you can strengthen the parts with wire.

Step 3. We attach the paws to the calf with a wire that has been dragged through. From the tires cut narrow strips. They are needed to give relief to the wings. Rubber strips glue double-sided tape to the wings. Along the edges can be grabbed with threads for special strength.

Step 4. Additional ears (which we cut out separately) are sewn to the upper edge of the ear and the head of the mouse.

Step 5. Coloring. We paint Batman’s ears, draw a mouth and a nose. We will make his chest lighter, and put a few strokes in black (they will imitate the fur). On the tape we glue the feathers or fur on the legs, neck and ears.

Funny bat of car tires

Romantic swan lamp from plastic film

A plastic film swan (dense polyethylene) will perfectly decorate a garden lake in your yard

An amazing and very gentle swan can be created from ordinary plastic film (polyethylene). The backlit wonder-bird will give the garden charm and sophisticated charm. We will need:

  • ordinary scotch
  • aluminum wire,
  • substrate residues from linoleum (isolon),
  • transparent 5-liter plastic bottle,
  • polyethylene 6-7 meters (it is better to use 150 microns, this film is used for greenhouses).

Beautiful swans from plastic bottles and plaster

Step 1. We determine the size of the swan and make its frame from wire and plastic bottle.

Step-by-step guide: we make a swan from a dense polyethylene and plastic bottle. Step 1

Step 2. Cut the isolon into long, narrow strips. The entire frame of the bird is well wrapped with these strips and fastened with adhesive tape for strength.

Step-by-step guide: we make a swan from a dense polyethylene and plastic bottle. Step 2

Step 3. Polyethylene cut into long strips. Then we give stripes fringing. To do this, on one side of the strips we make uniform small cuts.

Step 4. Starting from the tail of the swan, gently winding the polyethylene strips with the fringe outwards onto the prepared frame. As you wrap gently cauterize the film to adhere to the main part. It is convenient to cauterize with a conventional screwdriver heated on a gas stove. Do not overdo it, otherwise you can burn a swan through.

Step 5. In the same sequence, we separately make the wings of a swan and fasten them to the frame.

Step 6. Backlight. Here you can use several options. You can take an ordinary round lantern and place it in a bottle (after having cut a hole in it). Or decorate the swan on top with neon flexible tubes or LED tape on a self-adhesive base.

White swans - a symbol of eternal love and devotion

It is best to put a miracle bird near the pond (provided that the pond is located near the entrance to the house).

In the summer multicolor garden well fit the decor, with love made with your own hands

DIY garden decor with clay

Chinese bells "wind chime" do it yourself from copper wire, beads and natural stones from unnecessary jewelry

The garden plot is a place where you can realize your own creative potential.

How to decorate the yard with your own hands? Look at the selection of original decorations for the garden:

Beautiful garden!

What can decorate the site

There are many common elements that can be used to decorate your garden. Below is a very extensive list. such elements, which will help to decorate the garden, but, of course, garden design is not limited to this. When creating a harmonious and cozy atmosphere, there are a lot of factors to consider:

  • the shape and size of the plants in the garden,
  • general style of the plot
  • color spectrum,
  • lighting.

To greatly simplify the work on decorating the garden, you need to examine the list of suitable elements that will help to accomplish the task.

To decorate the garden is better to use the following elements:

  1. Hedges, wickers, labyrinth, trimmed in a special way tree crowns or shrubs that form various shapes.
  2. Self-made crafts. The material can be used by anyone, even plastic old bottles or unnecessary tires from the car will do.
  3. Flower beds, flower beds, arabesques.
  4. Lawn.
  5. Tents, arches, camouflage net, canopy.
  6. Decor benches or tables made of wood or iron.
  7. Various decorative lanterns, lanterns, lamps of various forms on a solar battery, which are sold in stores.
  8. Well, a decorative waterfall, a fountain, a pond with fish.
  9. Decor swing. They should be not only for kids, but also for adults, because absolutely everyone loves to swing at them, because it is very uplifting.
  10. Decorative figures of animals, gnomes, birds. You can buy ready-made or make your own from gypsum, cement.
  11. Statues, sculptures.
  12. Sand figures.
  13. Decorative cave.
  14. Rockery
  15. Rutariy. These are very impressive compositions that are made from old trees, branches, snags and stumps.
  16. Alpine slide.
  17. Steps, bridges, stairs.
  18. Rocking chair or hammock.
  19. Garden paths that can be made from sand, gravel, rubber, pavers, bricks, wood.
  20. Decor-grill unusual shape. Such an attribute will surprise the guests very much, and besides, it really cooks delicious food that will delight every visitor to the garden.
  21. Arbor decor, which is formed with the help of branches of grapes or another woven plant.

This is just a small list of those accessories that will help to create a very unusual designer garden paradise. These elements often use various modern landscape designers. If you look and examine all their advice, you can create with your own hands a unique, original and very elegant corner that will delight the whole family and guests.

In no case should not forget about the backlight. You can very beautifully decorate your garden, if you skillfully bring and make the original light. The evening garden will turn into a real fairy tale. You can play with the shape of trees, arrange the beds in a different order, alternate colors, create compositions of flowers or figures.

We make the garden by yourself

The free zone usually occurs between the house and the roadway, as well as inside the plot. A decorative garden will be the calling card of the whole house, and, of course, the owner. That is why the territory should be absolutely in well-groomed condition, be original and unique.

If you equip your garden area with taste, combining the unity of plants and objects, the garden will look very neat and original. If there is a shortage of time, then the owner needs to think about planting plants that will decorate the garden and will not require large physical costs in caring for them. If the view of the building allows, then create a harmonious picture, arranging a front garden in a rustic style. In such a place usually phlox, chamomile and cornflowers are planted.

Another great option would be to use a minimum bottleneck for planting plants, which will replace each other during the season. In this case, the front garden will bloom all summer. It must be remembered that there are suitable as well as depressing flowers. It is also necessary to take into account the soil and the light area.

In your garden you can plant shrubs or small trees that have neat crowns, otherwise large plants will destroy the foundation, and the crown will darken the flowers. If there is a small garden area, then planting spirea and barberry is an excellent option.

For lovers of conifers ideal compact juniper, pine and thuja. Of course, plants must be carefully monitored and timely cut so that they do not grow too large.

If there is no fertile soil at the site, then this is not a problem, since you can bring good soil from another place. And still have the opportunity to plant plants in containers. Perfectly complement the house surroundings will be flowerpots and flowerpots.

If you plant in the yard creepers or other vines, then you can build a small gazebo. In the same way, you can revive the facade of the house, and in some cases hide defects. Planted wisteria will look great at the entrance to the house, common honeysuckle, campsis. House will also decorate lavender or hydrangea.

The gate in the house can be decorated with roses, especially if you equip the arch. Roses will also exude a wonderful fragrance that will only increase the impression of your garden. The territory can also be decorated with a beautiful fence, it can be constructed independently or you can already buy ready-made. If you use a rustic style, then the fence must be constructed of wicker or boards. Usually a high fence is often changed to a low fence, which makes the space more open.

Many have recently installed a small fountain or pond inside the courtyard into which they can run small fish. If the plot has a small area, then it can be decorated with small sculptures that will look out from behind a flower. It will be very interesting to watch if, for example, a small dwarf peeks out from behind a thuja.

Figures, decor for the garden without the problems can be done by hand. On the Internet there are a lot of photo instructions that will help to build anything. Decorating for the site with your own hands can be done very simply. To create inside Garden figures, old car tires and plastic bottles can be used. You should not overdo it, otherwise the front garden will not look beautiful, but funny.

To make the summer evening a fairy tale, you need to decorate your garden with various kinds of unusual lamps. You can make them for the garden with your own hands. Original ideas can be created personally or peep on the Internet. In this case, the garden will be charming, its beauty will be remembered by all guests. You can conduct ordinary electricity, but in order for the yard to look fabulous, you need to get to the point with some imagination, to do something extraordinary. Unusual lamps transform beyond recognition and turn the site into a romantic place and garden paradise.

You can use candles, because it is relevant and romantic. Self-made lamps also fit, they can be made from cans or old containers from household chemicals. Such lanterns make it easy. First, you need to wash the jar, and then draw a sketch on top with a pencil or felt-tip pen.

After using scissors to give the desired shape. Along the edges it is necessary to make holes of different diameters with the help of nails for the handle of the flashlight, which are made of ordinary wire. Bank can paint the most different Flowers, it's a matter of fantasy. In the middle of the lantern you can put a candle, and the lamp is ready. The result will pleasantly surprise any visitor.

There is a simpler option. The flashlight can be made from glass jars, which are probably lying around everyone in the house. To bank it is necessary to attach the handle from a wire. From above it can be painted with stained glass paints. Inside put a candle and a flashlight is completely ready.

Everything here depends only on fantasy, a beautiful thing can be made of absolutely any shape from different objects. Do not be afraid to experiment, you need to look for your individual style to create a unique image.


A very beautiful element of the decor inside the garden is a birdhouse. This is a wonderful decoration. They can be hung around the site. Different types of birds will fly to the nesting box, and visitors can enjoy their singing. During labor classes, it was very often taught to make birdhouses. Therefore, it will be easy to make them yourself.

And in the event that such a lesson was not in school, then it would be very easy to learn it yourself, only materials and a little patience will be needed.

Different materials are suitable for making this lovely bird house. The form of the birdhouse itself can be simple and unpretentious, and if you have carpentry skills, you can do something artsy and designer.

Some craftsmen make two-story birdhouses of wood or use a round form of transparent glass. The choice of birdhouse depends on the style of the garden.

Decorative benches and tables

Various benches can be used as decorations. Firstly, it is very convenient, because you can sit down and relax, and secondly, it looks very original, if you approach the manufacture of benches with a share of creativity. You can use old wicker chairs or install a wooden swing. Shop best positioned under the treesso that on a hot day there you can hide from the sun and enjoy the coolness.

If the gazebo is already installed on the site, then inside you can put a decorative round table. And in the middle there must be a small vase, where the beautiful bouquet is located. Recently, forged furniture in the garden has become very popular. You can buy not only metal structures, but also plastic ones.

If you decide to put wooden furniture inside the garden, it is desirable to use special tips that are mounted on the legs. Thus the furniture will last longer and will not rot. It should be noted that the most durable furniture is made of larch or teak. All wooden furniture must be covered with high-quality varnish to last longer.

A beautiful path that leads to artificial ponds or beds will look very beautiful. Make this very easy. It is only necessary to collect a large number of stones, and then bring everything home and decompose in absolutely any form. These stones will look very nice on top of the lawn.

The path is made not only from large stones, but also from other materials:

  • cut down trees round shape
  • paving stone
  • sea ​​pebbles,
  • rubble

And also on the site will look very nice vases of unusual shape. There is no need to take this in the store, because you can find absolutely any container in the house and convert it into a non-standard vase. To make such an unusual stand for flowers, you can use the following things:

  • wooden boxes,
  • old trough
  • truck,
  • Wicker basket,
  • plastic bottle,
  • old shoes
  • unnecessary buckets
  • bicycle,
  • old dishes

Of course, all these tips are not the only ones that can help turn the garden into an original resting place. It is necessary to use your own imagination to the maximum and realize your own ideas. You just have to start the creative process, and then there will be no question about how to decorate the garden, because the ideas will come themselves. The result will be a place where you can relax with both soul and body. Creative thinking will tell the right way.

Successes in building unforgettable places to relax.

Features of country design art

The main thing in the manufacture of various decorative elements is a sense of style. Therefore, first decide on the stylistic orientation, taking into account the area of ​​the territory, the existing design style, as well as your capabilities and wishes.

Storage ideas

All ideas for decorating the garden can be divided into two large groups:

Let's get acquainted with the features of each of them.

Non-functional decorations

These include those decorations that perform an exclusively decorative function, that is, there is no practical benefit from them. These are various figures, souvenirs and crafts. However, many of these decorations may well become the true highlight of any garden. Here, for example, crafts from smooth stones, painted with acrylic paint (although you can take any other). Moreover, for greater efficiency, you can use a fluorescent paint.

Pebble decor

Excellent crafts can be made from old boards and stones. Additionally, you can use beads, colorful glass and all the same acrylic paint. From all this you can make funny figures of men, animals, gnomes or insects. At night, such sculptures will look like magic lanterns if the stones are painted with fluorescent paint. And you can make such cute ants out of ordinary steel wire and golf balls.

Decor for window sill or cottage shelf

Note! To work with applications and colors you can attract your children. Believe me, you will have a great time.

In work even old tableware can be useful. From them you can make, for example, such a dragonfly.

Decor for the garden, used cutlery

But the most economical of materials is plastic, more precisely, old plastic bottles of various sizes. You can make literally anything from them — piglets (more on this later), elephants, proud swans, or cute sparrows, who can be seated on fences. And if you take more nail polish, you can decorate the garden with such colorful butterflies cut from plastic bottles.

Plastic Jewelry

Recently, it is very fashionable to decorate the site with various kinds of colorful characters made with his own hands. From the old spoons you can make such a pendant decoration in the form of a fisherman and small fish.

But back to the plastic. It can be used to create not only animals, but also various plants (palms, cacti, roses, daisies, etc.). This may be a fabulous flower that will please the eye of science fiction fans.

Composition of plastic for the garden

Note! It is recommended to place decorative elements from plastic bottles as far as possible in the depths of the garden, especially if there are small children in the family. The fact is that on the cut edges of the bottles, you can accidentally cut yourself.

A lot of decorative elements can be made of rusty metal sheets, pipes, as well as old tools. For example, such a woodpecker, for the manufacture of which was used profiled and circular saw.

Metal decor in the form of a bird

To create multi-colored mushrooms in the garden, you can use the dishes (including disposable), unnecessary children's toys.

Decoration for flower beds and beds

Functional decorations

These are elements that successfully combine decoration and functionality, that is, they are not only beautiful, but also bring some benefits. If you have old plastic / iron baths or other containers, you can use them to create garden ponds. In the ponds you can land water plants or run fish. Additionally, you can use tiles, pebbles or boulders, as well as decorate the shore of the reservoirs with other elements - for example, such lighthouses made of painted flowerpots for plants.

Lighthouses for the pond

The borders of the pond can be lined with concrete blocks or granite, as shown in the image below.

Strictly geometric blocks for decorating the banks of the reservoir

Do not forget about plants - you can use car tires, buckets or plastic bottles to create extraordinary flower beds. Moreover, many make beds of chairs, beds and dressers. It is also better not to get rid of old stumps, because of them you can make excellent flowerpots by planting flowering plants there. What is really there, even a working boot can be painted, put on a mosaic ball and something to grow.

The spectacular transformation of the old shoe into a new flower pot

Perfect for the role of a stand for pots and an old bicycle, which can be completely painted if desired.

Bicycle as a flower stand

Note! If you use stumps as flowerpots, then plant flowers in clay pots, since planting them directly into the wood is not worth it - so it will rot from moisture.

Plants in the stumps

A very simple, but at the same time a beautiful element can be made using paint cans (preferably with streaks) as pot.

Old cans as flower pots

Do not rush to throw away the old wooden chairs - you can make beautiful swings from them and paint them with bright paint.

Swing from a chair

And here is another original version - the use of an old hanging bird cage for planting succulent plants.

Succulents look great in the birdcage

Rare gardens do without ringing bird song. And so that the birds were comfortable, you can make for them beautiful birdhouses decorated with decoupage and other decorative elements. You can make nesting boxes from old furniture or remnants of boards.

Bright birdhouses and bird feeders

Bright nesting box can be made from the old designer Lego, which the children are no longer playing.

Birdhouse from the children's designer

And if you live near the park, you can make a squirrel feeder. To make it, you need a toy stool, which should be attached to the tree with two screws. On a long screw attached to the high chair, wrap the heads of corn, which you will periodically change in the future.

Fluffy squirrel feeder

Pig from plastic bottles

Pink plastic pig figure

For the manufacture of such ornaments will require:

  • 5 l or 6 l plastic bottle
  • plastic bottle of 2 liters (you make ears from it),
  • four cups (you can replace with cut bottlenecks) for feet,
  • scissors,
  • a pair of large buttons (they will be used for the eyes),
  • pink water-repellent paint
  • Super glue,
  • wire,
  • marker,
  • tassel.

After everything is ready, proceed directly to work.

Step 1. First, peel off a large bottle of labels.

Step 2. Cut out the ears from a two-liter bottle. At the base of each ear, leave about 5 cm on the mount.

Step 3. Make a cut on the head for the ears. Insert your ears there, fix in the desired position and glue with superglue.

Step 4. Glue the legs with the same glue, then attach the wire twisted into a spiral - it will serve as a tail.

Step 5. Paint the resulting structure with pink paint, trying to distribute the latter as evenly as possible.

Step 6. When the figure is dry, glue the buttons, draw the penny and the contours of the ears.

Pig Making Stages

Note! You can make a few more smaller piglets to get a mother with babies.

Also, piglets can be made in the form of pot, as shown in the image below.

Pig Flower Pot

To do this, make a cut in the back, and then pour the soil for flowers inside the body. Then you can sow the seeds.

You can familiarize yourself with several variants of the execution of a pig from bottles.

Making unusual flower pots

Small decorative piglets for garden decoration

What to do if there is no place for a bed


An original decoration of the garden can be a bat hanging from a tree, a fence or even near the entrance door.

Original bat from simple materials

For the manufacture of such a mouse will need:

  • wire,
  • rubber chamber or big tire
  • nylon thread,
  • foam sponge
  • double sided tape,
  • feathers or pieces of fur,
  • black fabric (elastic required),
  • acrylic paints of the corresponding colors.

Step 1. Cut out a piece of rubber of the required size from the rubber according to the planned size. To do this, draw the outline of the animal. To give volume to the ears and paws, you can cut them separately.

Step 2. Cut the torso and muzzle out of the washcloth, cover them with an elastic fabric. Sew the obtained elements with a rubber blank using nylon threads. If desired, you can additionally secure the elements with a wire.

Step 3. Glue paws to the body, past the wire through. Cut out narrow rubber bands, which will give the wings volume. Glue the strips using double-sided tape, grabbing the thread for greater reliability.

Step 4. Start painting. Paint the ears, draw the nose and mouth. Make your chest somewhat lighter by putting a few black strokes in order to imitate the fur. Adhesive tape glue on the neck, ears and paws fur.

Plastic swan lamp

Swan made of plastic. Functional figure

You can make a beautiful and unusual swan out of plastic film. And if you additionally equip the bird with illumination, the garden will look even more subtle and charming.

To work prepare:

  • Scotch,
  • 6-7 m of polyethylene (preferably 150 microns - it is this film that is used in greenhouses),
  • aluminum wire,
  • 5 l bottle
  • isolon

After that proceed to the main stage of manufacturing.

Step 1. Having considered the dimensions of the figurine, make a frame of wire and bottle as shown in the image below.

Step 2. Cut the isolon into thin strips, wrap them with a skeleton. For greater reliability, seal the strips with duct tape.

Making body figures

Step 3. Cut the plastic wrap into strips. Give them a fringed look, making small cuts on one side.

Step 4. Wind the strips of film (outward fringe) on the frame, heading from the tail. Burn the film periodically (use a heated screwdriver) to attach it to the base member.

Step 5. Similarly make wings separately, attach them to the body.

Step 6. Есть несколько возможных вариантов того, как в данном случае сделать подсветку. You can, for example, take an ordinary round lantern and insert it into a bottle, having previously made a hole. You can also decorate the bird outside with flexible LED tubes.

Note! It is advisable to place a swan near the reservoir.

And finally - some more interesting options for garden decorations.

Decoration - Butterflies from wire

Decoration of wire and pebbles

Decorative items look good in the garden

Original flower beds instead of the usual beds

Better to start with what is clear and known from childhood. Flowerbeds with peonies, roses, asters are at any cottage where families not only grow crops, but also rest. And what will happen if, instead of the usual flower beds arrange a small flower garden? The fact is that for this you do not need any expensive purchases or exotic plants. A little old dishes, furniture, utensils - and the familiar picture will come to life.

It is necessary to fill the land in any unnecessary capacity, as it immediately turns into a place for the device flower garden. An old trough, a wooden cart, a broken car, a large holey pan, a worn out shoe — you need to think before throwing out old things, and will they not be useful for miracle flowerbeds?

Old tubs received a second life, becoming a small flower garden. A little paint or varnish, new steel rings - and you can plant flowers

The lawn will be revived if it is decorated with a decorative flowerbed in a wooden "antique" trough with legs

Unusual decorations for the garden and the garden are around, one has only to look back. If space permits, even an old bed is suitable for a flower garden.

Every woman's dream is a bed strewn with flowers. Looks bold and original

You can not deviate from the traditional design of beds, and decorate them with a fence of any natural material: picket fence, chocks, stones, artificial stone. A lot of construction waste remains after the construction of a house, pool or bath - it is also useful for edging flower beds.

Framing flower beds made of stone is simple, but it looks great

Arranging the original flower beds, we should not forget about the unity of style: for example, the stone framing of the flower bed is organically combined with the facade of stone.

Here are some more ideas peeped on the Internet:

Popular methods of decorating ponds

The traditional method of decorating garden ponds is the use of water - these are fountains and waterfalls. Nothing can be more natural than foaming, bubbling, intersecting jets and a rainbow created by the smallest droplets. Lucky owners of the sites through which the stream flows: with the help of artificial rapids, you can make a cascade of waterfalls. By the way. Such a stream is easy to organize if the house has a water supply system.

To build an artificial stream with a waterfall, you need to prepare stones, put a pipe to supply water and plant the plants.

Using different nozzles for fountains, you can create a small composition of the jets beating from under the water.

A small pond with a fountain picturesquely looks against the background of surrounding vegetation

Often use lights for the reservoir, and the lamps can be floating and underwater. At night, the pond, iridescent in different colors, looks pretty impressive. An inexpensive set of lamps can be bought in a store for 1,500 rubles, more serious sets - from 5,000 rubles.

Multi-colored lights for the pond can be installed independently by buying a ready-made kit in the store

When using figures or other objects for decorating a pond, you should remember: the more natural the decorations for the garden look, the better.

The water in the pond flows from a ceramic jug, as if unintentionally overturned on the shore. Looks natural and figurative

Rustic wooden decor

Wood - affordable and easy to process material. Using modern primers, paints, varnishes and anti-fungus, as well as possessing sufficient skill and patience, you can create real masterpieces.

Masterfully made retro car made of wood, this author's work is an exquisite decoration for the dacha

Interesting wooden decorations for the garden are conditionally divided into 2 groups:

  • functional,
  • decorative.

The first group includes carved arbors, fences, benches, bridges across the pond - that is, everything that is actively used daily. The second group - decorative ornaments for the garden and garden, animating lawns, flower beds and playgrounds. Most products harmoniously combine both functions.

Wooden decor is more likely to belong to the Russian, rustic style. It is ideal for a country house, built of timber or rounded logs. Next to the Russian bathhouse, you can install a carved bench for rest or a set: a table and stools-churbak, deliberately coarse and massive.

A carved donkey with a cart full of flowers is a symbol of hard work and perseverance.

The frame of the well is made of ordinary logs, the lid is made of boards, but an unexpected combination with flowers turns it into a decent garden decoration

You can install a wooden well - a symbol of Russian antiquity. It can be both acting and decorative.

The use of stones in garden decoration

Stones, like wood, are a natural material, but most often they are used in a natural, unprocessed form. They are beautiful in themselves and symbolize the power of nature and the flow of time, it is no wonder that Japanese philosophers love to arrange stone gardens. Corresponding to the Japanese philosophy in Russian reality is difficult, so on our summer cottages you can rather find a hybrid from a rock garden, an alpine slide and simpler solutions - borders for flowerbeds, paths.

Several stones of various shapes and low green bushes create a composition that looks great and does not require constant care.

In any case, the stone - a noble material in any form. Even a handful of gravel in combination with water or a flower looks elegant, not to mention specially prepared slabs, pieces of granite or marble.

The relief irregularities of the suburban area can be used for landscape decoration, for this you will need several stones and bushy flowers.

Rockery, dry creek, stone path through the pond - any decoration of the garden with stones looks appropriate and harmonious. And most importantly, the device requires only fantasy compositions and the availability of natural resources. In the mountainous area is not a problem to find a stone placer, and the flat, unfortunately, does not indulge in the available material. In this case, you can buy a stone, as many companies are engaged in its implementation. They offer a choice of:

  • rubble stone
  • boulders,
  • lumps
  • rubble
  • gravel,
  • decorative dumping
  • granite, marble crumb,
  • masonry stone.

A ton of material costs an average of 5,000 to 10,000 rubles.

If the plot area allows, you can create a successful composition of a dry stream, a bridge, flowers and decorative figures.

Funny crafts made of plastic do it yourself

Thousands of plastic bottles are discarded as unnecessary, although they can make funny figures and decorative elements. Of course, the decoration of the garden of plastic bottles is not as pathetic and presentable as a stone hill with rose bushes, but it is made with your own hands and creates a homely atmosphere and comfort in the summer cottage.

Framing flower beds with plastic bottles buried in the ground is a budget decoration option

You can save bottles for half a year and make an artificial garden of cacti and palms of them, adding an unexpected element of the exotic.

Several hundred plastic bottles of different colors are required to create a palm tree that looks like a real one.

But a better option is to take a few plastic bottles and make funny penguins who, by their mere appearance, raise their spirits. If there are children in the family, they will gladly take part in this fun.

Funny penguins from plastic bottles - suitable decor for a Christmas tree installed in the garden

  1. Take two plastic bottles and trim their lower parts with a length of 10 cm.
  2. Connect the two received elements with the empty sides inwards, the deaf ones outwards.
  3. Cover the "kegs" with white acrylic paint - you get a blank.
  4. Draw a traditional black "tails" hat, scarf, beak and eyes.
  5. Attach a pompon on top.

Repeat the same process several times so that the penguin will not be bored. All - the penguin family is ready to go out into the garden.

To create these fabulous flowers on the lawn it took only plastic spoons, knives and forks stuck in the ground.

Plastic is malleable and flexible material, so you can use it to create a variety of decorative ornaments for the garden.

How to decorate the garden

We present a list of the most common elements of garden decor. Of course, landscape design is not limited to this list. To create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere, you need to take into account many more factors, such as: the overall style, shapes and sizes of objects and plants, lighting, colors and so on.

But, in any case, without the details of landscape design listed below, the garden corner will be incomplete. Choose the right items and create your dream!

Decorate the garden will help:

  • Alley, hedges, labyrinths, wicker, front gardens, topiary (specially trimmed tops of trees and shrubs, forming various shapes),
  • crafts that are made by hand (material can be used any, ranging from plastic bottles and ending with car tires),
  • all kinds of flower beds, rabatki, mixborders, flower beds, arabesques,
  • lawns, lawns for recreation,
  • arches, tents, awnings, camouflage nets,
  • wooden or forged benches and tables,
  • Chinese lanterns, decorative lanterns, elegant lamps,
  • fountains, wells, ponds, waterfalls,
  • swing (count on both children and adults, because everyone loves to swing - it raises the spirits),
  • various figures of animals, birds, gnomes (material: cement, gypsum),
  • statues of granite, sculpture,
  • sand figures
  • decorative caves,
  • rockeries (stones are in the center of the idea. Coniferous rockeries are very popular now),
  • rutarias (unusual compositions composed of old trees, sawed branches, snags and stumps),
  • Alpine slides (squeak of fashion, "trick" of any garden),
  • bridges, stairs, steps,
  • hammocks, rocking chairs,
  • garden paths (can be made of gravel, sand, crumb rubber, slabs, paving stones, tree cuts, bricks),
  • the tandoor is a brazier, the same brazier, but of an unusual type for cooking (will surprise the guests and delight everyone with delicious dishes),
  • flowerpots (this is where fantasy can truly roam! Even old crockery, shoes, boots, watering cans will do for them,)
  • gazebos, verandas, as well as playgrounds, sandboxes.

How to decorate the garden with their own hands

This is just a small list of what modern landscape designers offer. But if you competently use their advice, you can get a unique, elegant, original paradise.

Do not forget about the backlight. Cleverly let down, she will turn the evening garden into a fantastic fairy tale. Play with the shape of the trees, arrange the beds in a checkerboard and a different order, alternate colors, create whole compositions from the figures.

We decorate the front garden with our own hands

“A small fenced garden in front of the house” - this is how the dictionary interprets the word “front garden”. Usually, the area that opens to the eye of a passerby or visitors is located between the house and the roadway, or in the inner courtyard, also in front of the house. It is to some extent the hallmark of the house and, of course, the owner. So, this area should be groomed as well as possible.

Tastefully landscaped area requires unity in the combination of objects and plants, neatness. With a shortage of time, the owner or the hostess should think about what to plant, what plants do not require large physical costs in the care of them.

If the view of the building itself allows for a harmonious picture to take place, then you can arrange a front garden in the style of a village. Most often in such a place grow "golden balls", phlox, lily, cornflowers and chamomile.

How to decorate a rustic garden

Another option is to plant plants that would replace each other throughout the season, and the front garden would bloom all summer.

Of course, we should not forget that there are flowers - good neighbors, but there are oppressive neighbors, to take into account the quality of the soil and the illumination of the site as well.

In the garden you can plant small shrubs or trees with neat crowns, otherwise large roots will destroy the foundation, and the crown will shade the flowers. For small areas suitable barberry and spirea.

Conifer lovers can plant a variety of small and compact plants, for example, juniper, pine or the currently popular thuja.

There is a strip in front of the house with absolutely no fertile soil, nothing terrible, you can bring some fertile soil. There is a landing option in containers. A beautiful addition will be the installation of flowerpots and the use of flower pots. They can be an addition to the main front garden or its continuation, if they are located at the entrance on the porch or terrace.

By planting vines or other climbing plants, you can not only decorate the front garden, but also liven up the facade of the house, and sometimes hide some of its defects. At the entrance to the house and near the porch it is good to plant wisteria, campsis, honeysuckle normal. Hydrangea and lavender will decorate the look of the house.

The gate leading to the courtyard or to the house can be sewn up with roses, especially if it is equipped with an arch. In addition to the beauty of the rose will add flavor, which will enhance the impression of the front garden.

Decorate the front garden and the original fence, you can design it yourself or buy ready-made. To the rustic style you need a fence board or wicker. Its compliance with the style will be complemented by a prickly beauty thistle, a pair of sunflowers and an inverted to dry cup.

The usual fence is sometimes replaced with a low fence that makes the space open. Some owners are trying to make a fountain or a pond imitation in a small space.

Small sculptures can be placed in a small garden: let a gnome look out from behind the flowers, and a giraffe stands on the golden balls. If there is a desire, you can make the figures yourself by viewing the products of craftsmen on the Internet.

The material for garden figures they serve as car tires and plastic bottles, as well as other used for the purpose capacity. In the installation of figures should be bound to the territory, style and do not overdo it, otherwise all the flaws in the organization of the front garden will be too noticeable.

Magic lanterns - decorations for the garden

A summer evening spent in the garden can be decorated with various unusual lighting. Then your garden will be even more fascinating with its beauty and always give pleasant sensations. Ordinary electricity can be used, but the fairy tale is a fairy tale so that there is something extraordinary. Unusual lighting elements transform the garden into a romantic place for lovers.

Candles are a good idea. It is romantic and always relevant. Another option - it personally made lamps from cans from household chemicals or products. These flashlights are very easy to make. First of all, it is necessary to wash the jar well. Then we make a sketch of the drawing with pencils or felt-tip pens. And on the contours of this figure we make holes of different diameters with nails.

Handles to such lamps can be made of ordinary wire. This can can be painted in different colors, which you will like. We place a candle in the middle of the formed lantern and the lamp is ready. And the result will pleasantly surprise you.

An even simpler option - lights with ordinary glass jars, for example, from under sauces and ketchups. To clean and dry banks adjusts the handle with a wire. Externally, the jar should be painted with a thin layer of stained paint. And putting a candle inside the canister - the lantern is ready.

It all depends on your imagination, because the main feature of these lamps is the pattern and color. Do not be afraid to experiment, look for your style and your beauty.

Lantern for the garden do it yourself

And, of course, this is not all that can decorate your favorite vacation spot. Let your imagination and ideas run free, realize them with love and inspiration. Start the creative process to the maximum and then get a place where you will relax with your soul and body. Successes and great ideas!