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Sawdust: the benefits and harms of use on the plot


If you need to make the earth loose, use sawdust for the garden, the benefits and harm of which are studied by experienced gardeners. But apply fresh sawdust is not recommended. First you need to prepare them. To do this, add urea or a mullein to the wood chips, cover with polyethylene, and then occasionally mix it to speed up the process of pererevaniya.

After a couple of weeks, the chips are ready for use as a fertilizer. In the reviews about the benefits or dangers of sawdust in the garden much has been written. Experienced gardeners claim that they take nitrogen from the soil, and therefore from plants. They say that you should not use fresh sawdust in the garden, as the planting will begin to wither.

The use of sawdust in the garden

Plants require loose soil for full growth. Adding rotted sawdust makes the earth a favorable environment for planting garden plants, the roots of which receive an adequate amount of moisture and oxygen. Using sawdust allows you to get rid of the crust in the dry season.

They contain a large amount of fiber, essential oils and active substances. The material is successfully used to eliminate soil moisture. To do this, dig ditches in the aisle and fill in sawdust mixed with lime. Regular use improves soil composition, reduces the number of weeds, increases productivity.

What is their secret and how do they work?

They form a natural ecosystem for plants in the garden. It is important to use sawdust that has not been chemically treated or contaminated. Otherwise they will become a real poison for garden crops. If rotted sawdust is used as mulch at the beginning of summer, then by the end of the season, as a result of loosening and activity of earthworms, they will mix with the soil.

A thick layer of sawdust, distributed over the ground during the rainy season, prevents the evaporation of moisture from the soil surface. This adversely affects the state of fruit and berry crops.

Basic rules for the use of sawdust

Sawdust perfectly mulch the soil. They are sprinkled with a thick layer after transplanting.

  • weed disappears
  • soil moisture is preserved
  • insect protection
  • the ground remains loose,
  • favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria.


Do I need sawdust for garden in the fall? Everyone is trying to find out the benefit and harm. As a rule, the soil is mulched for the winter. To do this, fresh sawdust mixed with peat or manure and scattered on the beds. During the winter, wood decomposes and becomes a nutrient. In the spring they dig up or loosen the soil.

High warm beds

Benefit and harm of sawdust for the garden should examine every summer resident. How to make multi-layered high beds in the lowland? For such purposes it is convenient to use sawdust. The top layer of fertile soil is removed. Construct a side, close the film to retain moisture in the garden. Form a trench and fill with straw, hay or grass. Further, on top of this, sawdust soaked in urea is placed, then a layer of organic residue is placed and the whole is completed with a fertile layer of earth.

Strawberry mulch

Benefit or harm of sawdust in the garden bring? Sawdust used as mulch under strawberry bushes protects them from contact with the soil. Thanks to them, the berries are protected from the effects of gray rot. For this purpose, apply fresh coniferous chips, treated with urea. Mulch is made in the fall to protect the strawberries from freezing and create an obstacle for many weeds. Scare weevil pine sawdust in the garden, the benefit or harm of which is learned by practical experience.

Sawdust in the greenhouse and greenhouse

Sawdust is a useful fertilizer for soil in the greenhouse. They are sprinkled with plant residues and manure, which are heated in spring and perepryvat faster. The air permeability of the soil increases, it becomes loose and nutritious. In the autumn, straw, mowed grass and tops are laid out on a bed.

In the spring add fresh manure and sprinkle with lime and sawdust, mixed with forks. Then the soil is mixed with ashes and mineral fertilizers. To enhance the speed of heating, pour boiling water.

Sawdust for early potato harvest

So, why do we need sawdust for the garden? What are their benefits and harms? Using sawdust helps speed up the harvest of potatoes. Choose tubers of early varieties and germinated in the light. 10 cm of sawdust are poured at the bottom of the boxes, tubers with sprouts are laid out and powdered with sawdust. Set aside for 2 weeks.

Features of care for the substrate:

  • optimum temperature not higher than +20 ° С,
  • sufficient moisture.

Before planting, the soil is covered with a film to warm up. Sprouts 8 cm high watered with complex mineral fertilizer and planted in prepared holes. First, cover the potato planting with straw or hay, and then - with a film.

Sawdust and insulation of plants

To sawdust is not soaked, they are stuffed into the packages. Then laid out around the plants. If the sawdust is poured around the plant and not covered, then they get wet and in winter turn into an ice crust. Also, they love to hide rodents, so be sure to cover them with polyethylene.

Sawdust seed germination

The seeds are comfortable in moistened sawdust, but if the plant is not transplanted on time, then it will die.

The germination technology is:

  1. Sawdust is poured into the container and the seeds are laid out.
  2. Sprinkle with a thin layer of sawdust.
  3. Cover with polyethylene and clean in a warm place (+25. + 30 ° C).
  4. As soon as shoots appear, the container is removed in a cool place.
  5. Peel off polyethylene and sprinkle with soil.
  6. Dive at the appearance of the first true leaf.

This technology can be used in the germination of all types of seeds.

Do-it-yourself fertilizer

Nutritional compost can be prepared in 4 months. Dense polyethylene is spread on the ground, piled chips, weeds, foliage. Add 200 g of urea and pour 10 liters of water or mullein. Cover the top with plastic to create a greenhouse effect. Under the influence of sunlight, the process of reproduction of microorganisms begins, and sawdust quickly rot. The main thing is to monitor the humidity inside the pile and periodically mix it. Vegetables and raspberries can be mulched with half-ripe sawdust.

A month later perepovshie sawdust ready for use on the beds. The constant use of such fertilizer will make the soil loose, similar in texture to that sold in flower shops.

Cons of using sawdust and caution

So, we have already figured out the benefits or harm of fresh sawdust in the garden bring. If we bring in sawdust, without waiting for the moment when they completely overflow, wood will take away some of the nitrogen from the soil for the decomposition process, as we said above. And also may increase the acidity of the soil, slow the growth of beets and cabbage.

Before winter, it is not recommended to cover the beds with a thick layer of sawdust, as the layer will begin to overheat from the bottom, and no changes will take place from the top until the onset of spring. Spruce or pine chips contain a lot of resin, which garden plants do not like. Sawdust generated during construction may contain chemicals. Therefore, they are used with caution.

Benefit or harm

Before you start using sawdust in your garden plot, you need to figure out what benefits they bring and what harm they can cause.

Application poles:

  • if properly prepared, then they will turn out fine humus. By its properties, it will not yield to expensive manure,
  • no weeds will sprout through sawdust scattered on the track,
  • perfectly retain moisture in the soil,
  • in a few years will promote natural aeration,
  • on spruce chips there are practically no harmful microorganisms. Therefore, the risk of infection of plants is excluded.

Wood chip damage:

  • by themselves, they are not fertilizer. On the contrary, they pull nitrogen from the soil, which is necessary for plants,
  • fresh sawdust can oxidize the soil,
  • if the origin is unknown, then there is a risk of infecting plants with pathogens.

How to avoid problems

To the joy of summer residents, all three problems are solved. In order to prevent plant contamination by microbes, need to take the material in proven places.

If sawdust oxidizes the soil, then you need to try to use them for crops that feel great when the soil acidity is pH 5.5-6.0. And there are many such plants: potatoes, turnips, pumpkin, sorrel, spinach, carrots, honeysuckle and others.

But if you don't want to take a risk, you can do it differently. Mix them with the fact that neutralizes their oxidizing ability. These are ash, dolomite flour, eggshell, lime or crushed chalk. Or use ready-made alkaline fertilizers: calcium or sodium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium chloride, ammonium sulfate or potassium.

The problem of stretching nitrogen from the soil is even easier to solve. To do this, just need add nitrogen fertilizer to sawdust. A bucket of sawdust will need 200 grams of fertilizer dissolved in water.

If you are against chemical fertilizers in your area, then simply use natural sources of nitrogen. This is rabbit or bird droppings, fresh grass or nettle infusion.

Warm high beds

Many gardeners on their plots use high beds. And it is very convenient to make them with the help of the same sawdust.

For the construction of such beds first thing you need to remove a little topsoil. Fill the resulting trench with grass, straw or hay. Top layer of urea-soaked sawdust and organic waste. The final layer is fertile land.

Using sawdust for early potato harvest

Sawdust is often used to get an early crop of potatoes. For this, a fortnight before landing is necessary put the tubers between layers of sawdust. Layers must be at least 10 centimeters.

Put in a warm place and monitor the humidity. They should not dry out. When the land in the garden warms up enough and the sprouts seem, then the potatoes can be planted. Transfer to the holes they need, along with sawdust. Top put another layer of straw and cover with foil. With this approach, the potato harvest will approach for several weeks.

If the sawdust is poured in a heap, then their rotting can last for years. The thing is that moisture passes through them badly. And the bottom layer will not get wet. And after the rain, a crust forms on top, which can conserve them.

therefore make compost from sawdust need by the rules. To do this, they need to be laid in layers. In addition, each layer is abundantly moistened with a solution of urea. To do this, a bucket of water takes about 150-200 grams of fertilizer.

When everything is in the wet pile, they need to be covered with foil. Two weeks later, this pile needs to be shoveled. Two months later, they will turn black and be ready for fertilizer garden.

Covering material and insulation

Sawdust will serve as an excellent insulation for heat-loving plants and young seedlings. In the cold regions of Russia, when planting grapes and other heat-loving vines and trees, they are simply necessary. To do this, they need to be mixed with small chips and poured into the landing hole. The roots of the plants will not freeze even in the most severe winter.

For plants that require shelter for the winter, they will also serve. They need to be poured into plastic bags or bags and enclose the roots of plants from all sides.

Plants whose stems well bend, you can completely fall asleep chips. Only from above it will be necessary to cover the film and fix it. This is to protect against strong winds.

Sawdust as a substrate for germination

Sawdust will serve as an excellent substrate for germinating seeds. But it is worth being careful. If the plants are not transplanted on time, they can rot.

For sprouting, the following steps are necessary:

  1. pour sawdust in a low capacity and spread the seeds on them.
  2. Sprinkle with a small layer on top.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap on top and remove to a place with a temperature of +25 - +30 degrees.
  4. After the emergence of young shoots to remove the container in a cool place.
  5. Remove the film and sprinkle the seedlings with fertile soil.
  6. When one real leaf appears, the plants need to dive.

In this way, absolutely any seeds can be germinated.

Other uses

In the sawdust you can perfectly save the harvest. They are well preserved cabbage, carrots and apples.

If you keep the harvest on the balcony, they will serve as a heater for them.

Mushrooms grow beautifully in fresh sawdust of deciduous trees. Especially oyster mushrooms.

And it is also an excellent bedding material for animals. They can be used both in the yard and at home, for example, for hamsters. They are due to their absorbing properties enough. And having served as a litter, they will be an excellent fertilizer for the garden.

On alder and juniper wood chips is obtained excellent smoked meat or fish. As an additive, they also use shavings of apple, maple, hazel, ash, oak and pear. They give dishes a certain flavor.

During construction and repair, they can be mixed with concrete. From this mix excellent building blocks will turn out. It can also be used for plaster pavilions and garden houses. Sawdust is often used for insulating ceilings and walls.

They are stuffed with toys, stuffed animals, garden decor. And they can be painted with a solution of gouache. Such material can make excellent applications with children or even decorate the paths in the garden.

Options for the use of sawdust in the garden


Wood shavings are used as the basis for milling. This operation takes place in the beginning of the summer when active water is produced. In the quality of the material chooses the opposed opil. If they are not observed, they will use their fascination. Before proceeding, it goes through a special process.

Method of preparation mildew from fresh sawdust

3 woodworking routes, 10 liters of water and 200 grams of urine were consumed. The strapping is placed on a polyethylene film, the supplement is pressed and the water is poured. Then the processors turn around. The structure is covered with polyethylene and set aside for 14 days, given to him by a stone. The files are usually placed between each other, alternating with the ash. At the end of the distant season, the ancient displacements intersect with the ground.

Protecting the accession with a sawdust, monk, lk, sign, repa. The processors will make picks after picking up the height of 5–7 cm. Myllypypuyuyu Kyltypyry kontyrypy a thin slider in a few centimeter. Scalable tanks are best provided for by a copyright in the future.
EXCELLENT HOLICO GRINDERS WILL BE WATCHED IN THE BOTTLES AND SURFACES OF CABINETS AND GROUND PLANTS. Fruits in the milling process will be clean, not rotten. To this end, too, the processing will help the riders to interfere with the winter. Giving under kits is done when the men of the season already stored and gained a height of more than 7 cm.

Video: Extra large file saw

For the purpose of achieving a maximal effect, the expertise recommends combining the impression of different types of wood. Most kyltyp will come from the departure of the affected trees, with the exception of the double trees. For lovers of “acidity” - to a chemist, a man, a sea, and also a ground worker - follow up to pick up conifer needles. This shrinkage doesn’t cause the damage to the microbial microorganisms, which excludes the risk of charging the dilutions.

Excellent on the basis of the condition of the ground and the milder mimic. The use of sawdust in a seedling varied from the weight gain. In this case, it is not necessary to mix the strings with the com- pact and the topof, only after that, on the rows. PREVENTION PREVENTION OF INSULVE TO CRIMINAL OR SOFTWARE SOIL WITH BORONS.


A second stand will be more durable, if you mix it with sawdust. Kibomepods need 10 kg of poultry litter and 100 kg of pile haul. At the same time, it is clear that the aforementioned strategy is co-ordinated only with the opposite sign, with the same reference code. It improves the quality of the capacity. Alternatively, you can use a cod in order to mobilize the poultry extract.

Preparations are being prepared during the year since the beginning of the summer. Before the backbone capacity, the sawmills are watered with water or foregammon. An ordinary ground will also be superfluous (from account 2 - 3 of the world on a sawdust). At the time of reluctance, the capacity is poured with water, poured into it, a tract, kitchen waste. Covering the roof with polyethylene is added to the surface, preventing small amounts of heat for heating and ventilating.

Here are a few recipes of similar approvals.

Devechinina and ash:

  • 200 kg of drink,
  • 50 liters of water,
  • 10 kg of ash,
  • urine, saturated with nitrogen (up to 47%), 2.5 kg per kg,
  • up to 100 kg of food waste, grass.

Truth and struck up with words, replenish their ashes, and fill them with the fruit of the moss. Increase the capacity of polyethylene on the basis of the archive (on the bottoms of the foot micros):

  • 200 kg shakes
  • 100 kg light tramp,
  • 50 kg of copier,
  • 30 kg of organic waste,
  • Humata (1 cap for 100 liters of water). Filters and additional fittings:
  • bucket,
  • 40 grams of ammonia splitter,
  • 30 grams of grain-borne cypress equipment,
  • the gash of extinguished wickedness
  • 10 grams of chlorine calcium.

The contest is carried out in twelve weeks. Then, with the addition of carriages, they are supplemented by mail. Take away the nails in a number of 2 - 3 winds on 1 square meter. THIS PROCESS IS ASSURED TO THE EFFICIENT MATURATION OF SOIL.

If the files are stored near the damaged forest products, they should also be compacted. In order to boil up to no less than 60 years of heat, it is flooded with hot water and covered with polyethylene. Such a temperature will reduce the number of cops.

Propagation of the Sevens in a Wood Strut

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Для пpopaщивaния ceмян иcпoльзyют тoлькo пepeпpeвшиe oпилки из лиcтвeнных пopoд дepeвьeв. Увлaжнeннyю cтpyжкy зacыпaют тoнким cлoeм в кoнтeйнep, пocлe чeгo pacклaдывaют нa них пocaдoчный мaтepиaл. Зaтeм дoбaвляют в ёмкocть yдoбpeния и пpиcыпaют eщe oдним cлoeм щeпы. Koнтeйнep пoмeщaют в пpиoткpытый пoлиэтилeнoвый пaкeт и пpячyт в тeплoe мecтo. Пocлe пoявлeния вcхoдoв paccaдy пepeнocят в бoлee пpoхлaднoe мecтo, плeнкy cнимaют и пpиcыпaют oпилки cлoeм зeмли пpимepнo 0,5 cм. C пoявлeниeм пepвoгo лиcтa pacтeния выcaживaют в гpyнт в oтдeльнoм гopшкe. Taким cпocoбoм пpopaщивaют любыe ceмeнa.

Paнний кapтoфeль paньшe cpoкa

Иcпoльзyют дpeвecнyю щeпy и для пoдгoтoвки пoceвнoгo кapтoфeля. For two, the missions of the subdivisions to the earth in a box are filled with a 10-inch lapse of water-resistant sawdust. Covering the top of the pile of the machine (front components).

After this pedestal material is given another thread (2-3 cm). Before the preparation of the carriage, it is important to support the capacity of the sawdust and temperature no higher than 20 years. When the output height reaches 6–8 cm, the clubs flood with the accommodation of the handicrafts, carve into the holes and fill with the ground. Cover up with salt and salt, and in case of frost - polietilenom.

Properties of wood chips and chips

Sawdust mulch is suitable for use on all types of soil.

What is this stuff good for:

  • Does not release moisture from the earth, thereby helping to maintain the balance of water in the dry season and in hot areas.
  • Does not allow weeds to sprout. This is one of the main reasons for using wood waste as a mulch powder.
  • Fresh sawdust is used as a bedding under the berries - the smell of the tree deters some pests from the fruit, and small chips keep strawberries and strawberries clean.
  • Mulching of the soil allows the roots of some plants to survive the winter period.
  • Sawdust serves as fertilizer. True, for this you need to fulfill some conditions.

It should be noted that the mulching of sawdust can not be made in the form in which they are. The fact is that wood does not saturate the soil with useful substances, but, on the contrary, pulls them out like a sponge. Sawdust material becomes useful if it is added to the basic fertilizer mixtures or sustained for a year or two in the compost pile. At this time, bacteria that inhabit the wood with useful trace elements released during the decay and reproduction of microflora settle on the surface of the chips.

What are the benefits and possible harm?

Sawdust is often used by gardeners to improve the quality of life of plants, but not always a person is aware of the true benefits of taking and is unable to accurately assess his harm. Nevertheless, in most cases, a positive effect is obtained from their use.

  • With proper preparation it turns out excellent humus, similar in properties to traditional manure, which, as we know, costs a lot.
  • Sawdust scattered on the paths in the garden, prevent the spread of weeds.
  • Retain moisture in the soil, especially spring. To do this, the land must be mulched in the fall.
  • Promote natural aeration of the soil several years after use.
  • Coniferous chips and chips practically do not tolerate pathogenic microbes, which eliminates the risk of infection of plants.

Wood waste

  • Pure sawdust is not a fertilizer. They absorb minerals from the soil, and the soil is depleted. Nitrogen, which is necessary for the life of the microorganism, is drawn from the fertile layer.
  • Fresh sawdust oxidizes the soil.
  • The use of sawdust of unknown origin can lead to infection of plants with diseases. To eliminate this risk, one should not take material from dubious sources.

Several fertilizer recipes

The sawdust in its pure form is used only for falling asleep tracks in order to retain moisture and stop the development of weeds. In other cases, the preparation of raw materials is required.

To sawdust in the garden became useful, they need to rot. For the desired condition, they will have to lie down for at least 10 years in a heap while the bacteria process the wood into a useful substrate. You can speed up the process - you need to make compost from sawdust. In combination with manure and additional additives, fertilizer matures faster due to thermoregulation in the desired range and maintaining a sufficient level of moisture.

We offer several recipes for making fertilizer from sawdust used by gardeners throughout the country. It is recommended to make a bookmark from the beginning of summer as the necessary material is received.

Recipe 1: wood and ash

  • Wood sawdust - 200 kg,
  • Urea, rich in nitrogen (up to 47%) - 2.5 kg per heap,
  • Ash required for alkalization of the soil - 10 kg,
  • Water - 50 liters,
  • Grass, food waste and drains - up to 100 kg.

Chips and grass are placed in layers, add ash and pour the “cake” with urea dissolved in water. You can cover the pile with a film of polyethylene, but small pores should remain on the surface: so the temperature and humidity level will be optimal, and the access of oxygen will remain.

Recipe 2: enriched with organic

For scanty soil that requires a significant dose of fertilizer, prepare this compost from sawdust:

  • Wood waste - 200 kg,
  • Cow dung - 50 kg,
  • Fresh cut grass - 100 kg,
  • Organic waste (food, feces) - 30 kg,
  • Humates - 1 drop per 100 liters of water (not more).

When ripe, this fertilizer produces a significant amount of nitrogen.

Fertilizer from fresh sawdust

As already mentioned, fresh sawdust does not benefit the soil as a fertilizer for the garden. If you have not done the composting in advance, and it is necessary to saturate the soil, use sawdust with such additives on a chip bucket:

  1. Ammonium nitrate - 40 g,
  2. Granular superphosphate - 30 g,
  3. Slaked lime - 120 g (glass),
  4. Calcium chloride - 10 g.

Mixture need to insist 2 weeks. To do this, spread on the street polyethylene and scatter ingredients on it.

Mix, leave to highlight the necessary elements and conduct chemical reactions. After that, add the resulting mixture to the soil when digging the beds. The earth will receive a sufficient dose of ammonia, the acid-base balance of the soil is leveled, the release of useful substances will occur immediately after the first watering. Fertilize the soil should be in the amount of 2-3 buckets per 1 square meter of land. This procedure contributes to the natural loosening of the soil.

Strawberries and strawberries

Is it possible to mulch strawberries with sawdust? The answer is simple - you need it, just like a strawberry. This procedure is useful for berries:

  • Sawdust keeps the moisture balance in the ground.
  • Gentle fruits remain clean without touching the ground.
  • On the berries do not crawl slugs and snails.

For mulching, clean sawdust with no impurities is needed, but before the procedure it is important to saturate the soil with minerals and fertilize well in order to prevent a depletion of the fertile layer. The material used can be mixed with urea in the proportions given above.

Sawdust moisturize and spread it under the bushes, under each branch and between the stems. The thickness of the layer should be 5-7 cm. This work is presented in the video.

Adding is done when the seedlings are already rooted and have reached a height of more than 7 cm. Mulching strawberries with sawdust for the winter will help the perennial plant survive the cold better and preserve the integrity of the root system.

How to cover roses

Gardeners say: “The rose is a child of manure”, because sawdust is necessary for it as a fertilizer, but they are not suitable as a protective layer. Such a mulch does not have sufficient heat retaining indicators.

The rose shelter can be used for wintering only in combination with other more efficient materials. The expert will tell about it in detail in the video.

Sawdust for seedlings

Tomatoes and other seedlings now more often appear in the garden not by seeds, but in the form of ready-made shoots. They can also be removed in small wood waste - such an environment is more favorable for delicate seed than the soil.

How to organize the process:

  1. Moisturized fine chips are poured into a flat container.
  2. Planted seeds, generously poured them with fertilizer, because there is nothing nutritious in the sawdust.
  3. Cover with a film, make holes for air and expose to the sun.
  4. When the sprouts appeared, the soil is poured on top, so that the plant gets used to it.

Then, as they grow, the seedlings are transferred to a separate pot already with dacha soil.

The advantage of seed germination in woody material is a loose medium that allows you to intensively develop the root system of seedlings, but only if there is an adequate supply of nutrients.

Garden, garden, sawdust. How to correctly use this combination?

With the help of sawdust it is possible to increase the yield of certain crops in the garden or in the garden. But, again, if only apply them correctly. It is not enough just to scatter the sawdust as it were around the garden, and to expect that, for example, potatoes, after such a “wooden dressing” you will seriously improve your productivity. But a competent approach to their use may well increase this very productivity to some extent.

Fresh compost for sawdust

If you decide to "fill up" your garden with fresh sawdust, and in large quantities, then this is not worth it. Harm from them will be more than some benefit. Where does this "harm" come from? This is the activity of soil bacteria. They will decompose the wood (ie sawdust), and this will occur due to the absorption of nitrogen, which they will take from the fertile soil layer. Thus, it will not be enough for the cultivated plants of this microelement they need. In addition, fresh sawdust contains a lot of substances that are very harmful to cultivated plants. This, for example, is the same resin. So, you should not make such fresh sawdust under any culture.

It happens that we fill a big pile of sawdust just into one big pile, and we think that this pile will quickly rot. This “quick” can last for years, because such a big pile can never get wet to the bottom. It will rain, the top layer of this pile of sawdust will dry out, and it will make a strong crust. Thus, the whole pile of sawdust, just "canned." Therefore, it is not necessary to do so, it is best to send the sawdust to compost.

To do this, they are folded in layers, and each such layer is well soaked with urea. That is, they make a solution out of it - in 10 liters of water, 170-200-200 grams of this fertilizer are poured. After you shed the entire pile gradually, you will need to cover it with film. It will take days 12 or 14, and the whole bunch will need to be sure to shovel. The wood begins to gradually warm up, and after 2 months all the sawdust in this pile will turn black. After that, they are already fully prepared, and now this is a full-fledged organic fertilizer.

Sawdust plus nitrogen

If you do not want to bother with such compost, then you can “saw off” sawdust with any kind of nitrogen fertilizer. Only 20 grams of such fertilizers will be quite enough per kilogram of sawdust. After that, you can dig up the ground with sawdust, as you usually do.

Sawdust useful for potatoes. They are also suitable for tomatoes and carrots. For all these cultures, they are mixed with organic matter, and it is best to bring all this in the fall. But as a cucumber, pumpkin or cabbage, to make such a warm bed, it is better in the spring. For this, sawdust (or it can be wood chips) is mixed directly with fresh manure.

Sawdust as mulch

In this capacity, sawdust serves very well. Moisture in them is much more than, for example, in the same peat, or compost. In addition, sawdust does not contain the seeds of various weeds. And weeds, through a layer of sawdust, very often get through is quite difficult.

If you carry out mulching with sawdust, then there will be no harm to the soil from them. It will take a year, and you will not even find any residues from them in your garden, that is, they simply rot over there without a trace. At the same time, they will seriously enrich the soil with nitrogen (which they themselves have eaten before), the crop will eventually grow, and the soil will be able to significantly improve its structure. After adding fresh sawdust to the soil, then, next season, the plants will need to be fed with urea more often, and besides it, also ammonium nitrate. This will allow you to correct the bias in their diet.

Unambiguous harm from sawdust!

If you do not know what kind of sawdust it is, then it is better not to use them at all. It is possible that this is sawdust from chipboard or other similar materials. If you feed plants with just such formalin "fertilizers", then they will surely die. For the garden such sawdust never use, as, indeed, for the garden. If, nevertheless, you, by negligence, brought such sawdust to your garden, then it is necessary to bring rotten humus. At the same time, you need to bring more! Abundantly fill the beds. So you can gradually wash dangerous carcinogens, which from such sawdust will necessarily remain in the root zone of the soil.

About the use of sawdust in the garden, you will also be told here in this video. Take a look.

Properties are useful and not very

  • Sawdust makes the soil more friable
They help her to breathe, prevent the occurrence of a crust on the surface of the earth, so you need to loosen the landing less.
  • Sawdust absorbs and retains moisture
For plants, this feature of them, of course, is only a plus.
  • Weeds do not break through the layer of sawdust
A controversial fact ... But in part this is true. In any case, not all of them will get through exactly.
  • Sawdust fertilizes the soil
But this is true only if they are well rotten, and if they are brought into the soil correctly.
  • Sawdust acidifies the soil
And this is a minus. Some gardeners got a negative experience and say that even fertilizers do not help later - almost nothing grows in the garden. Let's talk about it.
  • Sawdust is taking nitrogen from the soil
They "steal" it from plants, and this is also a minus. However, any negative can be turned into a plus, if you know how to do it.

Sawdust makes the soil more friable

Problems and Solutions

So, Problem number 1 - soil acidification. If you are mulch sawdust blueberries, conifers or rhododendrons, then there is no problem at all - they love "sour." For most other plants, acidification is destructive.

Decision. If you remember from the course of chemistry, alkalis and acids neutralize each other by reacting. Remember how long ago you “quenched” soda with vinegar when preparing dough? The same can be done in the garden.
Only instead of soda should be used:

  • ash (peat or wood),
  • regular lime or special lime scavenger (sold in stores),
  • dolomite flour,
  • fertilizers (potassium chloride, potassium or ammonium sulfate, calcium or sodium nitrate, superphosphate),
  • ground chalk

Alkali to make with sawdust necessarily

Generally, alkalis to make with sawdust necessarily. The main thing - to comply with the dose and rules. So, with lime and dolomite flour in the soil need to be fertilized, enriched with boron and manganese. To find out the acidity of your soil, use special tests with litmus paper. They are also sold in garden stores, and they are very easy to use (knowledge of chemistry is not needed).

Problem number 2 - “pulling off” nitrogen. And with a lack of nitrogen, as we know, the plants are developing poorly.

Decision: urea (calcium nitrate). In this case, you must use water to dissolve the fertilizer, and sawdust soaked them.

You need to use water to dissolve the fertilizer, and sawdust soaked them

We now turn directly to the ways of using sawdust in the country.

1. Sawdust - Mulch Material

Tasks of any mulching material:

  • keep water in the soil
  • reduce the number of weeds,
  • prevent erosion, soil erosion,
  • prevent overheating of the soil in summer and its freezing in winter,
  • keep the soil loose
  • prevent the formation of a crust on the surface of the soil,
  • protect plants from pathogens that are present in the soil and fall on the leaves during watering,
  • stimulate the formation of adventitious roots.

To sawdust become good mulch, you need to prepare them

To sawdust become good mulch, you need to prepare them. Here is one way:

  1. Spread polyethylene film on the ground and pour it onto it. bucket of sawdust. Distribute them.
  2. Sprinkle 200 g of urea.
  3. Water 10 liters of water.
  4. Cover with polyethylene on top, press down with stones and leave on 2 weeks.

After the sawdust "ripen", sprinkle them on the ground with a layer of 3-5 cm, mixing with the ashes. And you can mix with alkali at the first stage. I will note right away that it is not necessary to cook rotted sawdust, but fresh ones should be “marinated” anyway.

Gardeners who grow strawberries especially love this mulch - the berries are always clean and do not rot, coming into contact with the soil. At the end of the season sawdust is dug along with the ground.


2. Sawdust + manure = good fertilizer

Manure is an expensive pleasure. To richly fertilize the entire area, mix the manure with the sawdust and let them re-peel well. Worms will do their work, and sawdust will quickly become safe for your garden.

The ratio is as follows: 1 cubic meter of sawdust requires 100 kg of manure (preferably cow) and 10 kg of bird droppings. This mixture should last for a year. Periodically, the compost pile needs to be spilled with water, “spiced” with hay, grass, leaves and kitchen waste. From above it is better to cover a heap so that the rains do not wash out useful elements. Instead of manure, you can use one urea, mullein or solution of bird droppings.

Sawdust + manure = good fertilizer

Before laying the compost pile, do not forget to moisten the sawdust with plenty of water. Suitable also slurry or liquid waste from the kitchen. In addition, a common ground will be useful in the compost heap, at the rate of 2-3 buckets per cubic meter of sawdust: it is necessary that the worms get down to business faster.

3. sawdust for tracks

First of all, it looks nice and neat. It is possible to walk along such paths even in the late autumn without risking dirt on your shoes.

Secondly, on such paths less grass grows. Sawdust pressed and prevent the growth of weeds.

AND third, sawdust, piled between the rows, protect the edges of the beds from drying out. Не забывайте, что свежие опилки в любом случае нужно подготовить.

Опилки, насыпанные на междурядья, защищают края грядок от пересыхания

4. Опилки для грядок

Если ваш участок расположен в низине, с помощью опилок можно поднять уровень грядок. Для этого выкопайте траншею глубиной 25 см, устелите её соломой или сеном и засыпьте её опилками (естественно, с мочевиной и щёлочью). Выкопанную почву — самый плодородный верхний слой — кладём сверху, тем самым поднимая уровень грядок. Сразу же положите опилки между грядками. Когда они перегниют, ими можно будет удобрять посадки.

С помощью опилок можно поднять уровень грядок

6. Опилки и ранний урожай картошки

Хотите есть молодую картошку раньше всех соседей? Используйте опилки! Что будем делать:

  1. Прорастите клубни ранних сортов на свету.
  2. Опилки смочите водой и засыпьте их в в ящик слоем 10 см.
  3. Сверху положите картофелины ростками вверх, присыпьте их ещё одним слоем опилок (2-3 см).
  4. Поддерживайте влажность опилок. Когда длина ростков достигнет 6-8 см, высаживаем картофель в лунки и полностью засыпаем землёй. Сверху нужно настелить солому или сено, можно на первое время накрыть плёнкой (если ещё холодно).

This method of preparing planting material allows you to harvest a few weeks earlier than usual.

Want to eat new potatoes before all the neighbors? Use sawdust!

8. Sawdust on the farm

What else can be done with sawdust in the country? Here are some possible areas of their use:

  • Ceiling insulation
Of course, now there are more modern and safer materials, for example, ecowool, but you can use sawdust in the old fashioned way. And if they are mixed with clay and put on the floor of the attic, then you not only warm the ceiling, but also take care of fire safety.

  • Space heating
There are even heating boilers that work precisely on compressed sawdust.

There are heating boilers that operate on compressed sawdust

  • Plaster for walls
Previously, only this and plaster: mix clay with sawdust - here's your plaster. Instead of clay, you can use cement. The method is suitable, for example, for plastering a garden house or gazebo.

  • Sawdust in children's creativity
Children actually love them as much as sand! Do you know that you can even make color applications from sawdust? To do this, they need to be painted in a gouache solution and dried in the sun. Then draw some contour on cardboard, smear it with stationery glue and pour multicolored sawdust on it, creating applications.

  • Storage of vegetables in the cellar
As you know, sawdust well absorb water. Therefore, feel free to use them if the cellar is too damp: sawdust will absorb the excess moisture, and fruits and vegetables will not rot.

Sawdust suitable for storing crops

  • Roasting Earthenware
If you are fond of modeling, you should know: a beautiful icing on the products appears when re-firing using sawdust, when burning the product quickly heats up and cools down.

  • Sawdust as printed material
Do you make toys, decorative pillows for the garden or dolls? You can fill them with sawdust. By the way, now is the time to make a scarecrow garden for a new summer season.

  • Sachets
From juniper sawdust can make a flavor for the cabinet. Put them in a rag bag and hang them in the closet.

  • Animal bedding
In this case, sawdust play 2 roles: insulation for the floor and hygiene products (absorbing liquid, waste). However, not all worth using.

Sawdust as animal litter

Of course, the best thing is sawdust of fruit trees - they have less tar. Pine - can be, but it is desirable to dry them first. But from nut sawdust in horses can even happen hooves.

  • Sawdust when smoked
They smolder slowly, give a lot of smoke, and this is what you need when smoked.

  • Ice chips
Sprinkle them with icy tracks. Safe and environmentally friendly!

Perhaps there are some other ways, but nothing more occurred to me)). Maybe you know how else you can use sawdust in the economy? If yes - share with us in the comments. And I would like to hear from each of you whether you use sawdust at the dacha, how, and what it gives you. Thank you all for your attention, I will be glad to comment.

I read it with pleasure, I made sure that I do everything correctly)) and I like to use sawdust!
First, they are freshly poured out like a litter in a chicken coop, they are added as they are polluted in winter, I clean and spring in spring under trees and shrubs, in summer I just change and put it into a new bed for composting

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Henrietta Voroshilova: thank

Svetlana Varlamova: Yeah, cool article. I didn't know a good half.

Angelina Nikolaeva: very good article, thanks!

Helen Beautiful Rose: Coniferous sawdust in the street toilet is required after each visit - the complete absence of odors.

Zinaida Remneva: I didn’t know either that sawdust took away nitrogen and strongly acidified the soil (((every year we mulch strawberries, now we feed with urea, this article is useful!

Elena Maznenkova: in 200-liter barrels pour sawdust, add water and urea (you can urine). Weeks after 2 sawdust are ready. You can mulch or add to the beds. Compost toilet is used instead of peat.

Nikolay Sviridov: Hello, I am sharing with my find, the Tornado of the company helped me from wheat grass and other weeds in August, all the weeds disappeared. Try it! I tried the folk remedies - nothing sensible came out .. either there were bald spots, and here everything was cleaned up smoothly.

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In May did as you suggested. I want a cucumber to make a warm bed of fresh sawdust. Tatiana, advise how best to do?
Fresh sawdust.

Spilled hot urea solution and tightly wrapped.


The largest method is when the powder is filled with polyethylene bags, and then they hide the root system of seeds. A small chorus will transfer the cold with raw coniferous sawdust - they keep it warm, but protect it with cool and sick and wicked.

In the quality of more than the secured device, the test cabinets choose a wooden box from the bottom. They put it under the fall, pour it with sawdust and put it down with film. A box of comfort can be placed with a ground slider. Such deposits, as clamps, clamps and wineries, shall stop the winter at the place of growth. In order to protect them, prone to the ground and pour over the sawn timber. Strengthening the stress of the best amusement cloud, when there is a rise in the appearance of a cloud in it, will be significantly lower.

Maintenance of the roof heating system is provided by a thick wood burner on the day of the pit.

Use of sawdust in closed hinge

In the greenhouses and greenhouses, the files are discharged in the form of biologic fuel. They can be counted as with the navigator, as well as with the displaced transients. In a result of this joint regional expansion, the speeding ground is accelerated, and the accumulations absorb the good substances. In addition, the speed of their conversion is enhanced, and the capacity is more powerful and nutritious. Embed the wood trunks in the bottom of the park can be made both in autumn and in the spring. In the presence of the most up-to-date ones, they use the new files, in other cases - only the expelled waste.

In the spring, it is necessary to open up the lines of the salt and crucible trusses, and in the beginning of the displaced work, to add to it the same frontier with the left and the end of the line and it will be out of the way. Then, the waste mass is compensated for in a plastic cell. Grupp is piled with salt and mineral earth with a combined ash and mineral fertilizer. In order for the soil to be burnt, the fiends are sprinkled with boiling water, or they are clogged with hermetic film.

Formation of high speed

With the help of the opposed saws, you can increase the height of the ridge. For this purpose, the predisposing site of its dilution is building up large tracts of depth up to 25 cm. The bottom of the pit is deposited with salting and filled with a mixture of sawdust, alkali and urine. Cover is folded with a sheet of folded paper, and then closed with a drop of the ground ground.

In order to prevent the earth from falling apart, or around the ground, build up a barn from a folded trap, sala or plutonic plot (must be laid with its own hands). Bortika ridges are covered with film to reduce the dispute. Stopped by successions are interleaved between each other by footsteps. In the future, it is used to verify the contents. On the multi-functional ranges actively active, pumpkin and pumpkin seedlings and young plants.

Other spheres of use of sawdust

It is possible to prepare an odorizer for a shelving unit from a grease powder.

The wood waste is well absorbed by water, harmful for the storage of contaminants in the flooded area.

With the help of a wood trim it is easy to secure a cross-curtain or floor of the first floor. For this, the material is mixed with limestone and sand, and then it is supplemented with water. Instead of cement, it is not uncommon to use crushed clay. Only before carrying out the work of our children, do you have to remove the trash. Any surgeries with mounts containing wood chips require a hydraulic curing process. This is caused by the fact that the sawing material is well absorbed by the vagy.

Video: the use of sawdust in other spheres

A stack of high-quality fuel. For finishing in home-made conditions, use a wall-mounted machine equipped with a form for spraying chips. Ready product on your face. Such brakes are available to plant products in warmth, because they have little difficulty due to minor gains. In addition to this, the method of producing an environmental fuel has wrought a wide range of wrestlers with a large number of fireworks.

The saws can be used as a litter for homemade animals. In this case, the string executes two functions:

  1. heaters,
  2. hygiene products (absorb liquids, waste).

The departures of the action trees contain less. Sokonovuyu chypyu desirable desirable to hitch up. But from sawnacks and sawnings, there may be a proliferation of experience.