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How to use weed remedy Hurricane: instructions


Weed grass fills the courtyards, grows in industrial areas, interfering with the passage of vehicles, interferes with the work, creates a threat to the fire safety of the object and impairs its appearance. And undesirable plants are a headache for all agricultural producers.

To solve this problem is capable of weed "Hurricane". It is a non-selective post-harvest herbicide. for total destruction both annual and perennial weeds, as well as trees and bushes. Indispensable when processing new plots, preparing the land for steam, will help free up space under the lawn, remove unnecessary vegetation along paths and fences.

Job Description

A herbicide is a chemical that destroys weeds. And "Hurricane" from weeds effective systemic herbicide. And his main feature effects on the plant is precisely systematic. The active ingredient in the composition is distributed throughout the plant, including the roots. A prerequisite is that the plant must be at the stage of vegetative development.

The process takes place upon contact of the agent with any part of the weed, after which both the upper part of the plant and its root system die. The time it takes for a weed to die depends on many circumstances. This can be influenced, for example, by the weather, kind of uncultured plants, the degree of development of the root system. Young grass disappears in one day, and many years of weeds from two to four children. The main reasons for reducing the effectiveness of the drug include the following:

  • If in the next 5 hours after the treatment, precipitation will occur.
  • When used to prepare a solution of rainwater, or water collected in the well, or any natural reservoir.
  • If the weather conditions have changed dramatically, which led to the emergence of stressful behavior in the treated plants. These include, for example, drought, a sharp drop in temperature, and the beginning of the aging phase of a plant. All this prevents the penetration of the drug into the structure of the plant, due to the cessation of growth of the vegetative mass.
  • Conducting the cultivation of the soil surface or weeding plants, performed immediately after the spraying of plants.

Taking into account the features of the "Hurricane", as well as the fact that plants resistant to its action does not exist, the scope of application of this tool is very wide.

Description, action

Hurricane - herbicide from the company Syngenta. This tool belongs to the group of system tools, and is able to effectively deal with both annual weeds and perennials. The drug belongs to the herbicides of the new generation, therefore, created with all the safety and environmental requirements. In soil "Hurricane" is not delayed, and harm to the surrounding nature when properly applied does not bring. The health of cultivated plants, if not to exceed the dose, the substance also does not affect.

The impact of funds is aimed at the destruction of several groups of weeds, including those that plague gardeners most often. The destruction of weeds occurs due to the active substance in the composition of the substance - glyphosate (potassium salt). This substance has a systemic effect on the weeds of indiscriminate nature, destroying almost all annual and perennial cereal weed crops affected by it. But how to use the Tornado mini weed extractor, and how much success you can use, is described in great detail here in the article.

In the video - the action of the means from weeds Hurricane:

In addition, the Hurricane is able to cope even with weeds, bushes. It is also effective in processing vineyards, almost completely freeing the aisles of cultivated plants from weeds.

A hurricane can be used to destroy weeds in gardens, on industrial fields, in urban environments (stadiums, lawns, parks) and, of course, on household plots.

Herbicide Hurricane is able to destroy the following types of weeds:

  • cereal perennials,
  • broadleaf perennials,
  • cereal annuals,
  • broadleaf annuals.
  • dicotyledonous annuals and perennials,
  • woody-shrub type weeds.

But how to use the Tornado from weeds, and what you should pay attention to, is described in great detail here.

Almost all weeds that are known today fall under these species.

What are the advantages of using the Hurricane herbicide can be noted.

  • The tool has high efficiency, and copes with most weeds after one spray. Including those kinds of herbs that are especially difficult to produce: bindweed, couch grass, sow thistle.
  • Consumption is economical, so there is no need to purchase large packages.
  • The drug is not deposited in the soil. Due to this property, further cultivation of plants in the treated area is completely safe and does not pose a threat to health.
  • Herbicide has a double system of exposure to weeds: through the leaves and through the root system. Due to this weed is completely destroyed.
  • The drug acts almost instantly, because it can very well dissolve in water.

Herbicide Hurricane belongs to environmentally friendly modern means, and there is no harm to the environment from it.

In addition to getting rid of weeds, a herbicide can also strengthen the soil, increase the level of moisture in it, and also protect the soil from erosion.

The tool does not prevent the germination of seeds of cultivated plants, does not affect their health and germination.

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Operating principle

In addition to glyphosate, the drug contains surfactants. These substances, when sprayed on the leaves of weeds, moisturize them, providing the active substance easier penetration. As a result, glyphosate is able to instantly penetrate the leaves of plants, striking them.

After the substance has been sprayed, you will notice the first signs of weed fading within 3-5 days. And finally weed grass will die in 10-14 days. You may also be interested to learn how to apply, and how to choose the right means for the destruction of grass and weeds.

On the video - how effective is the tool:

Getting into the leaf, the poisonous substance penetrates to the points of weed growth, destroying both its land part and the root. Thus, the weed plant is completely destroyed: Hurricane with careful spraying leaves no chance to the weeds.

How to apply

Consider the main points regarding the proper application of the Hurricane herbicide.

It is important to carry out treatment with a herbicide during the period of active growth of weeds, in order to get rid of most of its representatives. In addition, it is necessary that the weather be warm and dry on the day of treatment, otherwise rain can quickly wash off the herbicide and the expected impact will not work.

Before spraying a hurricane, the soil must be moistened: this measure will help poisonous substances to penetrate plant cells faster. It is recommended to carry out the treatment at an air temperature of + 12-15 degrees - this advice is relevant for the destruction of all types of weeds.

This herbicide can be used throughout the entire warm season: from the moment of the spring thawing of snow until the autumn frosts. However, the impact will be more effective on green, not yet withered weeds. Also pay attention to the folk weed control with vinegar.

On the video - how to apply herbicides:

It is not necessary to mow the grass or spray the soil with a cultivator before spraying a herbicide.

Preparation of the solution

It is important to prepare a solution of herbicide strictly according to the instructions. This should be done immediately in the spray tank. You need to fill the tank half with water, then pour into it the amount of the concentrated herbicide specified in the instructions. Then it is necessary to mix the solution, ensuring its uniformity. Thus, with constant stirring, the tank is filled with water completely.

Attention: it is important to remember that the prepared solution of the Hurricane herbicide can maintain its damaging effects during the day. If the tool has not been used for a specified period of time, it must be disposed of, as there is no longer any sense from the herbicide.


The content of toxic and unhealthy substances in the preparation is low. Herbicide Hurricane has no damaging effects on domestic animals, birds, insects. However, if it enters the water, it can be poisonous to fish. Therefore, spraying is recommended at a distance from rivers and ponds.

If you accidentally swallow a certain amount of herbicide, you can get a serious poisoning, so keep the product away from children, and spray only in calm weather. And, if poisoning has already occurred, it is necessary to try to induce vomiting by special means in order to free the stomach from toxic substances. Also worth paying special attention to how to deal with weeds in the garden.

If the solution gets into the eyes, irritation can be earned: in this case it is necessary to immediately rinse the eyes with water.

Warning: spray only in a protective suit, glasses and mask, do not smoke or eat during the procedure.

Today, many stores offer means Hurricane. So, it can be purchased in large bulk batches for processing large-area plots, and in small packs of 100 ml each for standard household and dacha plots.

For example, a 20-liter package is unlikely to be useful to an ordinary summer resident, since such packaging will be enough to handle several huge fields. Therefore, you can contact directly the manufacturer of Syngent for the purchase of the amount of herbicide that is needed.

The cost of funds varies depending on the volume of packaging. Thus, a 500 ml bottle costs around 650 rubles. A small bottle of 50 ml will cost 94 rubles per pack. It is clear that huge packagings will have a corresponding cost, but if the amount of money needed is really big, stores usually offer discounts.

We learn what ordinary gardeners and gardeners say about the preparation Hurricane.

  • Galina, 55, Penza: “I have a country house for a long time, and I grow almost everything on it: there are vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, potatoes and flowers. If earlier weeds were coped with simply weeding, then with age it becomes more difficult to do this work. A lot of beds, little strength. Therefore, the last few years I have been using the Hurricane herbicide to quickly destroy the weeds on the plot before sowing. I like the tool for its efficiency, fast action, and that does not harm the soil and plants. Now I’ll weed only individual weeds, and I only destroy solid growth with the Hurricane. ”
  • Olga, 48 years old, Rostov-on-Don: “Our family owns a farm located in the region: these are several fields with potatoes, corn, and sunflowers. As you understand, digging and weeding cannot be managed on the industrial area. Therefore, we use herbicides - we try to use effective and safe. In recent years, we usually use the Hurricane - a reliable herbicide that quickly eliminates weed fields and prepares them for sowing work. Means like the fact that he has a long action, and also economical consumption. I can safely recommend - Hurricane in small packages is convenient to handle small household plots ”.

We reviewed the features of the application of the Hurricane tool for weed control. As you can see, this is, indeed, an effective drug that can defeat almost all types of weeds and bushes in any area.

Purpose of the drug

Root system and weed seeds constantly give new shoots, so their weeding leads only to a temporary solution to the problem. For the complete harvesting of unwanted herbs, shoots of trees and shrubs, herbicides are used - chemicals intended for the destruction of vegetation. By means of continuous action is an effective concentrate hurricane, active in relation to any types of weeds.

A non-selective drug is capable of eliminating vegetation at any phases of its development and growth. Possesses system penetration to full destruction of weeds. Effective removal of herbs in garden and garden plots, along railway tracks and roadsides, in the territories of enterprises - this is a wide spectrum of action that covers the Hurricane herbicide. Instructions for use of the drug recommends its use to prepare the land for a new crop, plant a lawn, develop new plots, overgrown grass.

Mechanism of action

The drug belongs to the representatives of a new type of herbicide, developed according to the latest production technologies. Thanks to the main active ingredient - potassium salt - the drug has a complex effect on undesirable vegetation:

  • totally eliminates both perennial and newly sprouted weeds,
  • actively penetrates plant tissue, destroying not only the above-ground part, but also the root system,
  • fully penetrates the treated object 3 hours after processing, leads to the first signs of death in a week, to full destruction - 20 days.

Due to the systemic action of the drug, destroyed plants do not grow in the future. This effect provides an economical expenditure of funds, reduces the number of treatments of the land and saves strength, as well as the time of gardeners, summer residents, farmers.

Method of use

The manufacturer produces the tool in the following form: concentrate for solution Hurricane Forte, instructions for use. 100 ml or 300 ml (bottles), cans of 1, 10 or 20 liters or barrels with a capacity of up to 200 liters - in such volumes you can buy the drug, depending on the area of ​​the object being processed. The dosage of the concentrate is determined by the purpose of the treatment:

  • for planting vegetable crops: 20 ml (young weed) or 40 ml (perennial plants) for three liters of water,
  • for gardens or vineyards: 20-40 ml per 2 liters of water,
  • for the treatment of planted areas: 15 ml per 2–3 l of water.

The proportions are for 1 ha of land.. With the elimination of stubborn weeds, a slight increase in the dosage of the concentrate is allowed. The finished product remains effective for a day.

For dilution of the drug is used only pure water without precipitation and additives. Before use, the solution is thoroughly mixed, ensuring complete dissolution of the fungicide. In order to increase the effectiveness of the product, it is recommended to water the soil in advance - wet soil will accelerate the penetration of the concentrate into weed tissue.

Processing should be carried out during the active phase of plant growth, in favorable climatic conditions: cloudless, warm weather, no precipitation. The drug is applied foliar waythat is, directly to the weed. To eliminate thick vegetation, concentrate treatment is recommended monthly.

Application features

In addition to the favorable conditions for the application of the Hurricane-herbicide, the instruction identifies factors that reduce its effective action. So, it is recommended to stop using the drug in the following cases:

  • possible precipitation of the next 3-5 hours,
  • aging phase of weeds,
  • drought and frost,
  • waterlogging and insufficient watering of the soil,
  • dissection of the root system of plants after machining.

It is important to follow safety precautions while using the product. The solution irritates the mucous and skin, so it should be used in clothing and gloves, providing reliable protection. Herbicide is not utilized in water bodies, as it is toxic to flora and fauna with long-term effects. Stored in a dry and dark place, out of the reach of children and pets.

Benefits means

The tool has a higher efficiency of action compared with other continuous action herbicides on the market. According to users, the drug Hurricane is a remedy for crop protection and the real rescue of plant growers, which greatly facilitates the task of preserving the crop. The concentrate has the following advantages:

  • convenient and easy to use
  • обладает гарантированным действием в борьбе с сорняками разных видов,
  • безопасен для насекомых, животных, птиц и нетоксичен,
  • plots of land treated with the drug are less susceptible to weathering and erosion,
  • prevents the occurrence of recurrent occurrences of weeds the entire season.

Due to the concentration, the drug is economical consumption. Dissolving in water, the tool easily penetrates the structure of the plant, providing an effective effect on its livelihoods, and its components help to keep the active substances on the surface of the weed, ensuring invulnerability to precipitation and irrigation.

User Reviews

Over the years of implementation on the market, the Hurricane herbicide has confirmed the promises of manufacturers and met the expectations of buyers, successfully combating unnecessary vegetation on land plots, which is confirmed by user feedback.

Hurricane - a very effective tool for the destruction of weeds. He literally kills them, and after using it, nothing extra grows! Sow thistle, convolvulus and other, known difficulties of uprooting, - the drug successfully fights with all.

I use this herbicide when working with new areas overgrown with perennial weeds. It performs perfectly the functions declared by the manufacturer and greatly facilitates the preparation of land for sowing.

Thanks to Hurricane coped with thickets of hops, which could not bring many years. I recommend the tool to anyone who weeding does not help to get rid of annoying weeds. Herbicide with the task that stood before him, managed 100%, very pleased with the result!

Due to the high concentration of active substances, the tool eliminates weed plots seamlessly, quickly and for a long time. Efficiency, affordable cost and recommendations of customers are the reasons for the growing popularity of the drug in the market of herbicides.

Application area

“Hurricane” weed remedy is a relatively new systemic drug on the market, it is able to clear the most different in area plots, its purpose, pest control, which hinder the full development of cultivated plants. The basis of the drug is potassium salt, which acts on plants as follows.

  1. Complete elimination of all types of annual and perennial unwanted plants.
  2. "Hurricane" from weeds clean the area from all types of weeds, regardless of its size,
  3. This drug is able to cope with a dense grass carpet.
  4. Weed can be treated before and after sowing.
  5. "Hurricane" from the weeds perfectly destroys unwanted plants along the roads, in the stadiums, near the paths in the park,
  6. Accurately observing the instructions for use, they will not be difficult even for an inexperienced gardener who does not have experience using such tools.

Mode of application

Proper use of the "Hurricane" with strict adherence to the instructions will allow to obtain high efficiency at minimum cost. Plot processing to produce in dry, clear, windless weather. It is allowed to handle littered areas at least four hours before the start of rain. It is desirable that the soil had an average humidity.

The recommended period for the destruction of weeds, is when annual plants have two full leaves, and perennials are in the flowering phase. The tool can be used from spring to late autumn, but always on green weeds. For dried and fading plants the substance does not apply. Also before treatment with herbicide no need to mow or weed grass. Do not do this for a week after weed treatment. The application of the drug is carried out from the sprayer. To do this, prepare a solution of the required concentration.

For the death of annual plants, a solution with a concentration of 0.2–0.3% is sufficient; that is, for a bucket with a capacity of 10 liters, add 20–30 milliliters of the preparation. This volume of the finished solution is enough for processing from three to four hundred square meters, depending on the amount and density of the grass. For removal of perennial plants need a solution concentration of 0.4 - 0.5%. If you want to destroy trees or shrubs, then the degree of concentration according to the instructions, you need to raise to 0.6 - 0.8%. Liquid consumption per bush will be approximately one liter, for trees the dose is 3 liters.

The sequence of actions in the application of the tool "Hurricane"

  1. Wash the sprayer well.
  2. Fill half the tank with clean water.
  3. Thoroughly mix the container with the herbicide or shake it well, after checking that it is tightly closed.
  4. Add to the tank the amount of "Hurricane" needed to complete the task, according to the attached instructions.
  5. Fill the tank with clean water and mix the mixture.
  6. When using several tools at the same time, it is necessary to first prepare a solution with a “Hurricane” liquid from weeds, and then add the rest.
  7. To carry out processing of the intended area, the liquid at the same time periodically mix.
  8. After completing the work, flush all tools used in the process.

The advantages of using the "Hurricane" from weeds, over other means

Excellent working tool "Hurricane" is an effective herbicide of a new generation. it product innovation for the destruction of weed vegetation. It has many advantages when applied in comparison with similar herbicides of total action.

  • The drug achieves the best results when applied due to special surface-active substances. Thanks to them, it penetrates deep into the structure of the plant. In this case, not only the aboveground part of the plant is destroyed, but also the root system. After the dying off of the treated grass, it is enough to simply dig up the area without even weeding, the treated plants will no longer germinate.
  • Does not harm germinating seeds.
  • Reduces the number of required mechanical tillage.
  • Due to the high concentration makes the application more economical.
  • No harm to the environment.
  • It has a wide range of actions.
  • After its treatment, there is no erosion and weathering of the soil, in connection with which moisture is better preserved in the surface layers of the soil. And also this tool is an excellent desiccant, that is, it dries the destroyed plant and, therefore, facilitates its cleaning.
  • Quickly absorbed into the plant.
  • Eliminates the possibility of the revival of the dead weed.
  • Perfectly soluble in water.
  • It does not accumulate in the soil, so it does not fall into crops.
  • In the process of preparing the solution and its application does not emit odors and does not foam.

Excellent results when using the Hurricane weed cleaner are confirmed by a large number of positive examples when using it. But there is a mandatory requirement, when using fully follow the instructions for use of this drug.

Features of the herbicide and its scope

"Hurricane Forte" on the basis of glyphosphate is a systemic herbicide of continuous action. For the uninitiated person this sounds, at least, incomprehensible, but everything is quite simple.

Herbicide is a special substance that causes the death of plants. Continuous action (non-selectivity) implies the complete destruction of vegetation, regardless of whether it is a cultivated species or weed.

"Hurricane Forte" refers to the group of systemic herbicides, based on the characteristics of its devastating effects. It consists in the distribution of the active substance from the place of contact with the plant to the points of its growth. In this case, both the aerial part of the weed and its root system die off.

Note! The tool penetrates into the plant for 2-3 hours. Stop the growth of weeds and the first signs of their death appear in about a week. By the end of the second or third week, they completely die.

Herbicide is widely used to control annual and perennial weeds, both grass and tree-shrub.

Features of "Hurricane Forte" define the tasks that it helps to solve:

  • Elimination of weeds along railway tracks, power transmission lines and roadsides, near storage facilities, warehouses, in production areas.
  • Post-harvest treatment of weed removal fields.
  • Site preparation for planting lawn grass.
  • Processing of fields before sowing crops.
  • Pre-harvest desiccation.
  • Processing of the site during its development.

Note! To achieve the desired result, only one treatment is necessary. Information about this is contained in the instructions.

Benefits of a herbicide over other methods

"Hurricane Forte" - a means to combat the weeds of a new generation. The list of advantages of its application is impressive. This drug:

  • Contains special surfactants to achieve maximum effect from use.
  • Does not adversely affect the germination of seeds.
  • Allows to reduce the number of mechanical treatments of the soil.
  • It has a highly concentrated form that makes it economical.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Differs in a wide spectrum of action.
  • Prevents soil erosion and increases its moisture supply.
  • Well wets above-ground part of the plant, quickly penetrating inside.
  • Differs in steady result, preventing repeated growth of the processed weed.
  • It has a high degree of water solubility.
  • Does not penetrate the cultivated plant through the soil in the future.
  • It is odorless and does not foam when diluted and applied.

Basic rules for working with a herbicide

In the work it is important to consider two main factors:

  • weather,
  • weed growth phase.

As for the weather, when performing the processing of the plot it should be calm, warm and clear. It is acceptable to use the herbicide at least 3-4 hours before the start of the rain, if it was promised by weather forecasters at a certain time of the day. The soil at the start of work should have an average degree of moisture.

The most justified will be the treatment of weeds that have reached the optimal growth stage. For annual cereal plants, it is determined by the presence of one leaf at least 5 cm long. For perennial - the presence of 4-5 leaves in the range of 10-20 cm.

Favorable period of struggle with one-year broadleaf weeds - they have two full leaves, with perennial - their flowering phase.

Note! Processing "Hurricane Forte" can be carried out from spring to late autumn, but only on green weeds. The active substance will not be able to spread inside a sluggish or dried plant.

It is also important to know that before applying the herbicide one should not mechanically manipulate the weeds, for example, mow or weed them. Discard similar actions and within a week after processing plants.

Breeding concentrate for weed control

Chemical weeding is carried out by distributing the diluted solution using a special device - a garden sprayer consisting of a tank and supply equipment (hoses, tubes, handpiece).

To obtain a solution of the required concentration, follow these steps:

  1. Rinse the sprayer thoroughly.
  2. Pour clean water into the tank by filling it in half.
  3. Add the volume “Hurricane Forte” that corresponds to your goals and is indicated in the corresponding instruction column. Shake the herbicide container thoroughly before use!
  4. Continue to pour clean water into the tank while simultaneously mixing its contents. This can be done manually or mechanically, if such is provided for by the design of the sprayer.
  5. If you want to use several means, then first dissolve in the tank “Hurricane Forte”, only then add others.
  6. Perform spraying of vegetation, while periodically mixing the solution.
  7. After completion of work, thoroughly rinse all used equipment.

Please note: the solution must be applied on the day of breeding!

In the instructions for the herbicide you will find the recommended standards for its cultivation and consumption for various purposes. So, to combat perennial weeds in the area designated for lawn, you will need a solution in a concentration of 90 ml of the product per 10 liters of water.

Thus, "Hurricane Forte" - an effective tool to combat almost any weeds, both in small and large areas.

The scope of use of the composition

The use of the Hurricane herbicide is extensive, therefore, Forte BP is considered a universal remedy for weed control. According to consumer feedback, a decrease in weathering is observed after treatment with a herbicide.

According to the instructions, the indications for treatment by Hurricane Forte are as follows:

  • The liberation of the land from weeds of all kinds.
  • Processing sites before planting horticultural crops.
  • Effective application in the row of vineyards.
  • Processing of industrial and industrial areas.
  • Removal of weeds in homestead and suburban areas.
  • Elimination of weed vegetation along the railway tracks and power transmission lines.
  • Preparation of fields for planting and pre-harvest desiccation.
  • Processing areas for decorative lawns.

When using the drug of continuous action, the active substance equally penetrates into weeds and crops. Instructions for use for the herbicide Hurricane provides guidance on the dosage and use of the drug. It is necessary to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions in order not to harm the fruit, berry, vegetable and cereal crops.

Preparation and dosage of working fluid

It is necessary to use a herbicidal composition according to the instructions in order to obtain the maximum effect of the treatment In areas of non-agricultural purposes, it is allowed to slightly increase the dosage of the drug when destroying hard-to-eliminate weeds. The high result, according to reviews of gardeners and farmers, shows the use of working fluid in clear warm weather (above 15 ° C) in the morning or in dry and calm weather in the evening.

According to the instructions, the Hurricane is diluted with water in the following dosage:

  • Pretreatment for planting potatoes and other vegetable crops, use on garden plots and vineyards - consumption is 20 ml per 3-4 liters of water (annual) and 40 ml (perennial weeds).
  • Treatment of plots against all types of weeds for two or three days before the emergence of vegetable crops. Instructions for the herbicide Hurricane shows a dosage of 15 ml per 3-4 liters of water.
  • When processing fields intended for sowing sunflower, perennial grasses and alfalfa, the consumption of the drug is 1.5-3 l / ha, for sowing sugar beet, corn, soybeans, flax - 2-4 l / ha.
  • Preparation of non-agricultural land, fields allocated for steam, plots of forestry before planting trees. Consumption of concentrated drug Hurricane is 2-4 liters per hectare.
  • When preparing the soil for a lawn breakdown, the dosage of the herbicide Hurricane Forte, according to the instructions, is 90 ml per 10 liters of water.

For dilution of the herbicide using pure non-rigid water without sediment. The sprayer tank is half filled with water, as shown in the video, the container with the herbicide is shaken and the concentrate is added according to the instructions. The composition is mixed and pour water to the full volume of the sprayer. When processing use means of individual protection. Spraying is carried out on the vegetative parts of the weeds.

Herbicide Hurricane has established itself as an effective means of continuous action for the destruction of all types of weeds. A solution of high concentration ruthlessly destroys the roots of weeds, leaving them no chance.