Pests and plant diseases

Kinmiks, instructions for use


Kinmiks - insecticide, a drug of contact-intestinal action, which is used to combat sucking and gnawing pests on ornamental, fruit, vegetable and flower crops.

Instructions for use kinmiksa

Processing plants should be carried out only with a fresh solution, trying to moisten the leaves evenly on both sides. Sprayed in the morning or evening in calm weather. It is forbidden to store the prepared working solution.

For all cultures, the solution is made up in the following way: 1 ampoule of Kinmiks (2.5 ml) is diluted first in a small volume of water, after which, with constant stirring, the solution is adjusted to 10 liters. Processing plants carried out during the growing season.

The drug begins to act within 60 minutes, and the period of protective action lasts two to three weeks - it depends on the culture and weather conditions.

Security measures

Kinmiks - moderately dangerous to humans (has a third class of danger). Very dangerous for bees (1st hazard class) - it is necessary to limit the years of the bees (4-5 days), the border zone is 5 kilometers. Kinmiks forbidden to use in fisheries areas - toxic to fish.

When using the drug according to the instructions there is no likelihood of phytotoxicity. In order to avoid the emergence of resistance, the use of Kinmiks must be alternated with other drugs.

It is necessary to work with the drug in protective clothing, glasses, gloves and respirator (gauze bandage). Spraying of plants is carried out in the absence of pets and children. It is forbidden to smoke, drink and eat while working with the drug, and you can not use food dishes to prepare a solution.

At the end of the work gloves, boots and goggles should be washed under running water. The remains of the solution are diluted with water and poured into a special place or into the sewer. Contain the drug to burn. After all this, you need to take a shower and change clothes.

First aid

After first aid, it is necessary to consult a doctor!

If the drug gets on the skin or in the eyes - they need to be washed with plenty of running water. Do not rub the eyes or the place on the skin where the drug has come.

When swallowing Kinmix, the victim is taken to fresh air, allowed to drink 4-6 tablets of activated charcoal and drink a glass of water. Vomiting can not be called.

If the drug gets into the lungs, the victim must be removed from the treated area.

Form release insecticide Kinmiks

Kinmiks - a means to combat harmful pests.

Kinmiks is produced in the form of an emulsion concentrate and is “packaged” in 2.5 ml ampoules and 10 ml bottles, as well as in 5-liter cans. During the purchase of Kinmiks, it is important to pay attention to the packaging and the authority of the store.

Advantages of film mix and its disadvantages

Kinmiks from pestshas the following significant advantages over other means:

  • there is no phytotoxicity (toxic effect on plants),
  • the ability to carry out processing in a short time relative to the harvest,
  • good result of action
  • a variety of insect species being destroyed and the speed of exposure,
  • rapid decomposition,
  • low toxicity for humans and other warm-blooded animals.

The disadvantages include:

  • strong toxicity for fish, which accordingly prohibits spraying near fish reservoirs,
  • the lack of action of kinmiks on ticks and therefore it is necessary to combine the treatment of kinisks with special acrycides.

Precautionary measures

The tool is moderately dangerous to humans (3rd class of danger). Kinmiks is a serious threat to bees (1st hazard class), therefore, for 4-5 days of years, bees should be prevented, and the boundary zone of summer should be 5 kilometers. It is also prohibited to use products in fish areas due to high toxicity for fish.

Phytotoxicity is absent when using the drug in accordance with the instructions. In order to avoid resistance (resistance), kinmiks should be used together with other means.

Oxyh, an excellent tool to combat diseases on plants, as confirmed by reviews of gardeners Oxyhoma.

Work with insecticide should be carried out in a protective kit, including clothing, glasses, gloves, a respirator or a gauze bandage. Spraying is carried out in the absence of children and animals. During the work with Kinmiks it is forbidden to smoke, eat and drink, and it is also forbidden to prepare the solution in the food dish.

At the end of the treatment, the gloves, glasses and shoes are washed with running water. The rest of the solution is diluted with water and poured into the sewer. The packaging of the Kinmiks is burned as far as possible. Then you need to wash and change clothes.

Movie Mix Reviews

Vladimir, Rostov-on-Don, 38 years old. I use Kinmiks at the 3rd or 4th garden treatment, when flowering ends and all the leaves fall off. At such times numerous pests appear. Kinmiks mostly works against leaf-eating insects, as it has contact-intestinal effects. That is, the drug needs to get into the insect along with a part of the processed culture. Do not forget to just wash your face and hands after applying the tool.

Olga, Moscow, 49 years old. Kinmiks very well poisons the Colorado potato beetle. I also used it on vegetables, currants, gooseberries. Consumed in low rates. The action is quick. Not a big threat to humans and other warm-blooded animals. In general, 2-fold treatment brings the maximum effect. Very pleased with the result. Recommend!

Kinmiks: instructions for use for pest control

Kinmiks is an Insecticide belonging to the class. low toxic household chemicals. It is popular among farming enthusiasts due to its wide pest coverage and relative harmlessness. Gardeners and gardeners successfully use the drug "Kinmiks" to protect fruit trees, shrubs and even houseplants.

Kinmiks develops and manufactures the Hungarian enterprise Agro-Kemi Kft. The drug is on sale in the form of: 2.5 ml ampoules, 10 ml bottles and 5 l canisters for use in industry. The drug "Kinmiks" consists of a water-soluble 5% beta-cypermethrin emulsion.

Pesticides of this class have intestinal and contact spread. They affect not only mature insect pests, but also their larvae. Once in the digestive system, the substance paralyzes the pest. Insect dies after a while.

The drug effectively fights with insects such as:

  • Colorado beetle and its larvae to the second stage of growth.
  • Tick ​​spider web.
  • Garden moth.
  • Scoop.
  • Butterfly whitefish.
  • Aphid.
  • Listoblashka.
  • Onion and carrot midges.
  • Leaf wrench
  • Specific pests of vineyards.

For humans and warm-blooded animals, the drug is not very toxic, but it is very dangerous for bees and inhabitants of water bodies. The drug "Kinmiks" retains its protective properties up to three weeks after treatment of the plant.

Instructions for use of the drug

Each package of the drug contains brief instructions and tips on the use of Kinmiks in order to protect vegetable, flower crops, fruit trees and shrubs. The plant is sprayed with a prepared aqueous solution of the drug.

The concentration of the finished solution no different depending on the type of plant. One ampoule is diluted in 10 liters of water before use. It is undesirable to store the prepared solution for more than 3-4 hours.

"Kinmiks", unlike other drugs, does not accumulate on the surface of the fruit. The drug is completely decomposed in 5-7 days. To avoid an allergic reaction, it is advisable to use plants and fruits in food after processing, preferably not earlier than in 2 weeks.

Instructions for processing plants

To effectively deal with pests, leaves, trunks, and even fruits are treated with a diluted insecticide. Special attention should be paid to the reverse side of the leaves. There is a dangerous zone on it, subject to repeated damage to plants by pests. It is in a secluded place that pests create a clutch of eggs and larvae.

The Colorado potato beetle has yellow clutches, so it is difficult to notice them on the back of the leaves of the potato. In order not to resort to the frequent use of chemicals, it is advisable to process the potatoes when the larvae appear in large quantities, which are visible on the leaves of bright red and orange color.

Re-process recommended after 15-20 days with the second occurrence of Colorado potato beetle larvae. Many gardeners say that two potato sprayings are enough to drive out the beetle for the whole season and preserve the crop.

Cruciferous flea can cause very large damage to cabbage seedlings. Because of this, it is recommended to spray the seedlings soon after planting in the soil. When the butterfly cabbage takes off, it is necessary to repeat the treatment of young seedlings.

"Kinmiks" helps to fight with slugs, which can destroy the entire crop of cabbage. To overcome them, newspapers are dipped between rows and moistened with an insecticide solution, or sprinkled with sawdust. Knowledgeable gardeners are advised to repeat the treatment at least once a week. It is explained by the fact that slugs have a peculiarity to be fruitful and crawl out in wet time. Humidity lowers the efficiency of the Kinmix.

There are many popular methods of dealing with aphids, which have varying success. To destroy this dangerous insect is very difficult. Currant, apple and gooseberry to midsummer look depressing. Twisted faded leaves and underdeveloped fruits are the result of aphids activity.

When buds bloom, the bushes from aphids are treated for the first time and the second time after 15 days. If the weather is very rainy, you can carry out a third treatment 3 weeks before the harvest. Although manufacturers ensure that the chemical finally decomposes within a week, it may pose a slight hazard later on for people with hypersensitivity.

Aphids are very dangerous for cucumbers. It settles under the lower part of the leaves and feeds on the sap of plants. Cucumber lashes infected with the pest quickly dry out and the yield is significantly reduced.

Process lower parts of sheet plates at the cucumber. Spraying is desirable to hold before the sprouting of the first ovaries. Mature fruiting plants can not be processed to avoid their poisoning.

According to the consumption of the solution goes one ten-liter bucket per hundred square meters. For bushes from one to three liters, depending on the volume and foliage.

Instructions for use for processing fruit trees

The moth is the most dangerous pest of fruit crops. It can completely spoil the harvest of not only one tree, but also the whole garden. The moths fly out when the trees have bloomed and are finished in time for the formation of the first ovaries. At this point, they manage to set aside large colonies of larvae. The length of young caterpillars is two centimeters. Gnawing on the fruit, they get to the seeds. For the entire period of its life, one fruit moth can spoil more than three fruits. Fruits dry quickly and fall out immature.

Moth threatens trees such as:

  • Apple tree.
  • pear.
  • quince.
  • apricot and almost any fruit crops.

The first time Kinmiksom handle trees after flowering. Re-spray no later than 2 weeks. On one tree goes up to 5-6 liters of solution. Carefully do the inspection of the lower sides of the sheet plates. If traces of the moth are found, the damaged fruits are destroyed and the tree is treated.

Method of use of the drug Kinmiks

The contents of the ampoule diluted first in a small amount of water, mix thoroughly. Then bring water to the desired volume.

For indoor floriculture use 0.25 ml per 1 liter of water.

Spraying is carried out only with a freshly prepared solution, it is not subject to storage.

Carry out the processing in dry, windless weather, preferably in the morning or evening, when there is no scorching sun.

The drug begins to act within 1 hour after application. Protective effect lasts for 14-21 days depending on weather conditions.

Do not mix with other drugs for use in personal subsidiary farms!

Hazard Class 3 (moderately hazardous substance).

If you used the drug Kinmiks, please write whether it was effective. Did he save you from the pests against which he applied? Your feedback will help other gardeners to choose the best tools to combat the Colorado potato beetle and other sucking and gnawing insect pests.

Description and release form

Kinmiks is most known to gardeners in the form of a 50 grams beta-cypermethrin liquid solution of a chemical per liter of water in 2.5 ml ampoule packaging, or 10 ml bottles. Also available in cans of 5 liters. for processing fruit plantations of industrial scale. Kinmiks belong to the group of contact poisons for adult pests and its active larvae.

Packaging: 2.5 ml ampoule per bag, 10 ml vial.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Kinmiks - multifunctional pest control in the garden

Kinmiks poison an insect or its larva from the inside, penetrating into the organism of the pest with food. The drug is suitable for combating parasites on room flowers (1 l ampoule of water). It is considered moderately hazardous, but should not be used near apiaries and fish ponds (farms). In crop production shows high efficiency with:

  • Combating the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae stage 1-2 of aging on potato plantations,
  • The destruction of spider mites, garden moths and other pests on berry bushes,
  • Application against leafworms, moths, sucking pests on apples, pears, plums,
  • Butterfly disinsections (moths, moths, cabbage moths), leaflets and aphids in garden beds,
  • Pest control of vineyards (phylloxera, grapevine, leafworm, etc.).

How does Kinmiks

The drug enters the pest with food material, causing insect paralysis and its gradual death. Kinmiks is well preserved on the surface of the culture, while remaining acutely toxic for new larvae leaving their old eggs. Repeated treatment of plantations with the preparation is required in 14-16 days only in cases when it comes to an intensive pest attack.

The average duration of Kinmiks is 20-30 days, then you can make a second preventive treatment. Duplicate sprays are justified and after the rain - the drug is easily washed off from the plants. Kinmiks does not cause chemical burning of foliage and stems, if the recommended dosage of beta-cypermethrin is not exceeded.

How to apply Kinmiks

Ampoule of the drug (2.5 ml.) Diluted in 10 liters. water, the resulting solution is used immediately. Spraying of crops is carried out in personal protective equipment, in the morning or in the evening in clear and calm weather. The maximum frequency of treatment plantings - 1 time in 15 days. In the flowering period, apply with caution.

It is forbidden to use food dishes to work with Kinmiks solution. In case of contact with the skin, thoroughly rinse the contact area with water. In case of accidental ingestion of cypermethrin inside, drink a few tablets of activated carbon, immediately call a doctor.

Description and composition

"Kinmiks" is a fairly common insecticide of contact-intestinal action against leaf-eating and sucking pests. Consumers of this tool is well known in the form of a clear solution, the main active ingredient of which is beta-cypermethrin. “Kinmiks” is produced in 2.5 ml ampoules, and for the treatment of large land - cans with a capacity of 5 liters.

How does an insecticide on plants

Once in the body, the drug causes paralysis of the insect's nervous system and subsequently its death. The drug is very effective against both adults and insect larvae.

The drug has a mild effect, which reduces the likelihood of phytotoxicity in plants.

Instructions for use "Kinmiks"

The preparation "Kinmiks" is recommended by experts for processing a wide range of crops in personal subsidiary farms: gardens and kitchen gardens. During the season usually spend 1-2 treatments.

The drug is used against the Colorado potato beetle throughout the growing season. Three weeks before harvesting, it is necessary to make the last processing of potato leaves with the calculation of 10 l / 100 sq. M. m

In this case, “Kinmiks” is a very effective tool in the fight against the white-haired moth, cabbage moth and night-light. The solution consumption is approximately as follows - 10 l / 100 sq. m

Gooseberry, currant

Gooseberry shrubs are processed at least two weeks before harvesting with the calculation of 1-1.5 l / 1 bush. Currants effectively treat means against complex pests. Allowed up to two treatments per season.

За две обработки «Кинмикс» поможет вам на весь сезон избавиться от листовертки и корневой тли. Расход раствора — 3-5 л/1 куст.

Совместимость с другими препаратами

«Кинмикс» хорошо комбинируется с различными препаратами. Учитывая то, что инсектицид не оказывает никакого воздействия на клещей, его часто приходится совмещать с различными акарицидами.

In order to avoid plant resistance, it is necessary to alternate "Kinmiks" with other means of combating insects.

Safety when using insecticide

Spraying of plants should always be carried out in a protective robe, gauze bandage and rubber gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke during treatment.

After work is finished, clothes should be thoroughly rinsed under cold running water, and it will not hurt to take a shower.

What to do with the remnants of the working solution

The solution of the drug in any case can not be stored or reused!

The residue must be diluted with water and poured into the sewer. Empty packaging and used container - burn.

We focus on the fact that only with a strict adherence to the instructions and correct dosages you will be able to effectively and quickly secure your garden or vegetable garden against pests using Kinmiks. Do not neglect your own health and be extremely careful.

Drug reviews

Gardeners, gardeners and lovers of domestic plants speak positively of the insecticide Kinmiks. Marked by its effectiveness and versatility. An important advantage in the reviews is that the owner of the beds does not need to understand what the pest spoils the plants, thanks to a wide range of actions, the kinmix copes with any insect.

Application features

To Kinmiks showed its effect, you need to process the leaves, fruits and even the trunks of plants. To reduce the risk of re-infection, the reverse side of the leaf must also be paid attention to - in these places hidden from the eye, the pests lay the larvae.


  1. Potatoes are best processed when there is a massive appearance of red and orange larvae on the leaves of the plant. According to reviews, for the protection of potato beds, it is enough to process the plants twice a season. Ten liters of working solution will be enough for 100 square meters of beds.
  2. Cabbage seedlings are attacked by a cabbage flea immediately after planting. During this period, the first treatment is required. Repeated, you can hold when there will be a massive flight of butterfly cabbage. Per 100 square meters of cabbage beds enough 10 liters of solution.
  3. To protect the beds from slugs, newspapers or sawdust moistened with Kinmiksa solution are placed in between rows. Re-laying the treated paper or sawdust is carried out after the rain, as moisture reduces the effectiveness of the drug.
  4. For the destruction of aphids on trees and shrubs, the first treatment is carried out in the period of bud break, the second - after 15 days. Aphid is dangerous for cucumbers. Processing is subject to the reverse side of the leaves until the ovary. Consumption of working solution from 2 to 5 liters per tree, depending on its size. Each bush of gooseberry or currant will need 1-1.5 liters.
  5. Moth spoils the fruits of apple, quince, apricot, pear, plum and other crops. To preserve the crop, the first time the trees are processed after flowering. Once again, you need to spray the plants in two weeks. Consumption depends on the age of the tree and the size of the crown, on average, 2.5 liters of solution per tree.
  6. For the treatment of indoor plants 10 liters of solution is not needed. You can dilute 5 drops of Kinmiks in a glass of water. The treatment can be carried out indoors, but it is better to isolate pets for the period of spraying; after work, airing and changing clothes are necessary.
  7. Kinmiks can handle ants. To get rid of these pests, the anthill itself is treated and the soil within a radius of one meter around it. Mulching of the soil around the anthill with treated sand, sawdust, and earth mixture will be effective.