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How to process the garden in early spring - tell and show


The most important issue in the spraying of fruit trees in the spring remains the appropriate time for this. The first stages of preparation for the summer season begin in March, but fruit processing should begin only when the average daily temperature stabilizes at around +5 degrees. Often, such forecasts fall on the second half of March, so it is better not to rush and wait for suitable / weather conditions so as not to harm your garden.

Spring processing of the garden from pests and diseases includes the inspection of trees for the presence of deep cracks, in which pests could start. It is advisable to use a brush to go all over the trunk in order to clean it from the old bark, to remove dried branches, in general, to bring the tree into a well-groomed look. It is necessary to prepare the solution for spraying only on the day of the procedure, otherwise there will be no benefit from your work.

Frequently asked question: Can trees be sprayed during flowering? The answer is unequivocal - no, otherwise you can destroy all the flowers. Generally in the spring there are several types of spraying:

  1. March - is aimed at protecting plums, pears, apples from harmful microorganisms formed during the winter. It is made only at an average daily temperature of +5 degrees.
  2. April - protects the buds of fruit trees from spring frosts, prolonging the stage of hibernation near the tree. Dissolving occurs a little later, but this does not affect the further fertility of the plant.
  3. May - after flowering is necessary to protect against pests and diseases. So you protect the garden from a variety of bacteria that during the summer can spoil not only the appearance of the bark, but also the fertility of the tree.

How to treat the garden in the spring of diseases and pests

For spraying fruit trees in the spring there are several preparations. Each aims to combat certain harmful factors. Knowing their action and methods of treatment, you can determine when or how the drug should be used at the moment. Remember that all of them are potent toxic substances, so it is very important to take care of your own and others' safety.

Preparations for the treatment of fertile trees are divided into biological, chemical or combined means. Each has advantages and disadvantages. So, toxic chemical solutions last only a few weeks, and then completely lose their properties. Biological agents are not so dangerous for people or animals, but you also need to work with them carefully. Their disadvantage is that they act only on a number of certain diseases and bacteria of fruit trees and shrubs, while chemical drugs literally kill all pests.

If you are not aware of how to spray trees in the spring before bud break, then the most popular spray products among summer residents are still combined preparations that are very effective and do not require a large number of sprays throughout the summer season. To understand which means is best for you, you need to know the action of each, and only then choose the ideal option for yourself and your garden.

Nitrofen for garden spraying

A very powerful tool is Nitrofen. Substances destroy the larvae or laid eggs of pests during the winter period. This tool needs to process trees that are in the wintering stage, that is, just in mid-March. You can not use Nitrofen on already awakened trees that are beginning to dissolve the foliage. Poisonous substance can burn buds and leaves, which leads to the death of the tree.

Treating fruit trees in the spring with Nitrofen is very effective in combating moss, lichen, eliminates stains, aphids, various caterpillars, ticks and leafworms. Use the tool must be exactly following the instructions. Do not forget about the methods of self-protection: these are gloves, clothes and waterproof shoes. Try to alienate children and animals from the place of processing trees.

Treating trees in spring with blue vitriol

Another remedy that is suitable for protecting trees in early spring is copper sulfate. This solution will be especially useful for fruit-bearing trees if they have cracks or wounds that require compulsory care in the form of disinfection. Vitriol can also be used when closing the season - in October after harvesting the entire crop.

An important point in the use of this tool is the temperature at which processing is possible: from +5 to +30 degrees. You can not handle fruit trees, which appeared buds, and the more blossomed leaves. The best conditions are windless day. This will protect other plants from getting the chemical on the leaves (if they have already appeared) and will not harm you or the animals. Spray bluestone, like any other protective agent for fruit and shrubs, should be away from water with drinking water.

Treating iron sulphate in spring

Like copper, iron sulfate is also used twice a year - in spring and autumn. In the first case, it eliminates a number of diseases, such as lichen, moss. The bark after treatment becomes softer, and the parasites disappear during the summer season. This will not only make your orchard more beautiful and healthy, but also help the trees feel much better during the hot summer days.

Iron vitriol compensates for the lack of sulphate of iron in the bushes: currants, raspberries, roses or some vegetable crops. Spraying of fruit trees in spring is necessary before the growing season, otherwise you will harm the leaves, and later the fruits (or roses). Very important information: the dosage of iron vitriol is 50 g per 10 liters of water. For some reason, manufacturers of tools rarely indicate this information on the packaging, so gardeners often seek help from various sources that are not always reliable.

Urea spraying

An excellent defender against pests, scab, fungal diseases is carbamide, or in another way urea. In addition, this tool is a nitrogen fertilizer for the land. The processing of apple trees in spring with urea prolongs the hibernation of the tree, so the appearance of flowers and buds occurs much later. This protects them from death during the spring frosts, which appear suddenly and rarely one of the summer residents can predict in advance when this will happen.

Like other early spring sprayers, urea is used at temperatures no lower than +5. It should stabilize, that is, day and night, the thermometer should be no less than this indicator. Spraying fruit trees in spring with carbamide protects them from pests that have laid their larvae in winter: sucker, aphid, weevil. To dilute the drug, you will need:

  • carbamide - 700 g,
  • copper sulphate - 50 g,
  • water - 10 liters.

Pre-spring garden work

Now is the time to shake the snow off the trees. It is wet, heavy and may well break branches. Nature wakes up after winter. Therefore, in early spring it is necessary to conduct a certain set of activities at the site.

Carefully inspect the branches of the fruit trees, if there are any pests that overwinter them. Now is the time to think about pruning broken and dry branches, so grab a garden pruner with you. You can also form the crown of trees.

But the main job is still spraying the trees. As soon as the average air temperature reaches + 5 ° C, and the buds do not have time to bloom, it is necessary to fight diseases and feed the trees.

Preventing Spring Burns and Pest Control

In early spring, the weather is quite unstable. It can be high during the daytime, and decrease dramatically at night. Under these conditions, the bark on trees is heated unevenly. For example, on a warm March day, the barrel temperature in the sun will be more degrees by 12 than from the shaded side. To get rid of this difference helps lime whitewashing the trunk.

In this case, the readings will vary only within 3 or 5 degrees. Overheating of the bark with subsequent freezing can cause early-spring burns. And they will lead to the death of the tree, especially if it is a young sapling. It is necessary to restore whitewash if it was broken during the winter period.

Conducting in early spring pruning garden trees, you need to get rid of damaged branches. They should not be left under the tree, because they are probably infected: with cytosporosis, scutes, larvae of bark beetles, black cancer or other pests and diseases.

Simultaneously with this work it is required to treat the existing wounds on the trunks and branches. The damages are cleaned, leveled with a knife until a living tissue appears, then they are disinfected with a 1% solution of copper sulphate, in a proportion of 10 g per 1 l of water and carefully cover this area with garden pitch.

How to spray the trees in early spring

Modern industry offers gardeners a variety of different means for spraying trees at the very beginning of spring. For these purposes, apply:

  • copper sulphate,
  • mineral oil emulsion
  • Bordeaux liquid
  • drug-30 emulsion,
  • nitrofen and others.

The cheapest drug is copper sulphate. But do not look at its low cost, it is quite effective, so most gardeners prefer it to him. It is used for scab, fruit rot, leaf curl, black crayfish, brown foliage and other diseases.

Mineral-oil emulsions are liquid mixtures of mineral oil with water and an emulsifier. The composition of the emulsifier is usually present:

  • soap,
  • glue or kaolin,
  • iron or copper sulphate.

Emulsions fight pests such as: aphid, shieldweed, help to destroy the moth's eggs, honey chests and other insects. They should be applied in early spring, until the buds have opened. In summer, at temperatures over 35, the emulsion can cause severe burns on the wood.

Bordeaux liquid is an opaque solution of sky-blue color. Gardeners have been using this liquid for over a hundred years in the fight against garden pests. It is recommended to use it until bud break. The mixture destroys scab and fungal diseases of trees or shrubs. It is also used as a disinfectant for wounds of fruit trees. It is not recommended to store it, it is necessary to use it immediately after preparation.

The emulsion “Preparation-30” is a white or light gray oil-oil emulsion. It is packaged in 2-liter jars, and its shelf life is 2 years. In the spring, the emulsion can treat all fruit crops from wintering herds of scutes, spider mites, leafworms, medianits, moles and other pests. And in the summertime to spray trees and ornamental shrubs from strollers of the first and second generation of shields

Nitrofen is a drug against the wintering stages of pests and diseases. This paste is brown in color, packaged in tin or glass jars or polymer bottles. The shelf life of nitrofen is 2 years. Well he behaves like a disinfectant for wounds on fruit trees.

Treating copper sulphate

Before spraying, it is necessary to clean the trunk of lichens with a brush. When processing trees, you can use a hand pump, they are sold in special shops for the garden. But it is desirable to have an automated sprayer. It is much more convenient and easier to work with. For those gardeners who already have mature trees, you need to have such a garden hose, which can be lengthened in various ways. Most likely, you will have to tie it to a stick in order to be able to reach even the topmost branches or use special telescopic rods.

It is worth worrying about their own security. Bathrobe, gloves, headgear and glasses. These items will protect you from getting the solution on the bare areas of your body. A respirator will not allow the solution vapor to get into the upper respiratory tract.

Before processing begins, the solution must be stirred. This is done as follows: 100 g of copper sulfate is diluted in a bucket of water. In cold water, vitriol dissolves worse. Therefore, you can dilute it at home in hot water, for example, in a three-liter jar, and then pour the contents into a bucket.

In the sprayer, the solution must be poured through a funnel and several layers of gauze. Filtering the content is necessary. This is done so that the spray nozzle and the hose can not be clogged with non-dissolved particles. Now it is necessary to pump air into the balloon, hang it on the shoulder and forward.

This article describes the process of treating trees with copper sulfate. But you can use any tools that you like more or have already bought. Each package has detailed instructions on how to use it.

How to spray trees

Wood processing should be carried out carefully from all sides. The jet should be directed from the edge to its central part. It is best to do this alternately with each large branch. Only in this case it is possible to achieve the maximum effect.

Do not forget to spray the ground around the tree. If it still has last year’s leaves, they rot much faster. Also, with the help of a solution, the spores of harmful fungi or the pests themselves will be destroyed. The remaining solution can be used on nearby shrubs, grapes or other plants.

After you treat the trees, you must gently rinse the machine with water. To do this, pour clean water into the sprayer and drive it away. In this case, the nozzles and hoses will not clog the remaining dried particles of the solution. Change your clothes and be sure to wash your hands and face with soap.

What is needed for spraying trees and shrubs

Also, in early spring, trees can be treated with combined means. They will help to cope immediately with several types of pests, which will give you the opportunity to avoid several cycles of spraying trees and at the same time fertilize the plant. As an example, you can call urea. You can learn about this from our other materials.

In order to work on spraying trees was carried out qualitatively and have good efficiency, it is necessary to have all the necessary tools and accessories.

Treating trees in the spring from pests and diseases

The responsible owner, who is worried about the future harvest, starts working in the garden after the snow has melted. After all, there is a lot of work to be done on the site, and before proceeding directly with the spraying of the garden, everything must be thoroughly prepared. In the first half and mid-March, see if there is a dried bark and branches damaged after the winter, all this must be removed.

Spring is a very troublesome time nature wakes up and must not miss moment to protect the trees from various diseases and pests. If you have just started spraying fruit trees in the spring, and are not very good at detail, then it is more correct to call an experienced professional who will tell you what to do first. But you can handle yourself, knowing all the features of the work.

When to spray trees?

All months can be divided into 3 key phases for spring tree spraying:

  1. Beginning and middle of March (before the beginning of the development of buds) - a great time to take care of trees and shrubs. Gardeners protect trees from various harmful bacteria that overwintered in the bark and with the first heat began to conduct their activities, which negatively affects the growth, the formation of buds, flowering and the future formation of fruits.
  2. Beginning and mid-April should be devoted to regular spraying of buds and stimulation of their increase. Responsible gardeners know that at this time various fungal diseases may arise en masse on the trees, requiring quick response and taking measures aimed at protecting the entire garden.
  3. First half of mayif everything has already faded on the tree, the period when the plants can be very unwell, that is, after the measures taken before, there is no need to relax, but to constantly watch and care for the garden. If the first 2 stages have passed without difficulties, the 3 stage is very significant, because further maturation of the fruit depends on it.

In order to better understand these stages, specialists in this process invented special calendarsIn which are given the terms of processing trees depending on the identified problem. Such detailed schedules are developed in order to understand how to act in any given situation. Be a responsible garden owner, and let him constantly thank you so much for working healthy trees.

Сроки опрыскивания

Весной, после холодного зимнего перерыва, необходимо усилить уход за деревьями. Садоводы, учитывая все советы, опыт и климатические особенности разной местности, создали верные сроки выполнения поочерёдных садовых работ для деревьев. Начнем с любимых всеми яблонь.

Опрыскивать их необходимо в следующие периоды:

  1. Этап до создания почек (often trees are sprayed in order to protect against all kinds of fungi and other insects that survived after winter). Spraying should be carried out when the temperature outside is not less than +7 degrees. Previously, this operation does not make sense, since its effectiveness will be reduced to zero.
  2. The stage when the buds began to blossom (at this time it is very important to ensure that they are not attacked by scab or other insects, which affect the number of fruits).
  3. Rose Bud Stage it is also necessary to ensure that the above pests do not infect a tree and do not lead to large crop losses.
  4. Directly flowering stage (at this time, trees are at risk of being infected by various types of mites, caterpillars, aphids, etc.). The most important thing at this time is prompt response and spraying as soon as you notice the first signs of infection. So the ability to protect other types of trees increases significantly.

Spraying is carried out immediately after the apple trees have bloomed, to protect against moths, scab, or from the attack of the pinworm and other harmful pests. Similar will be the procedure for spraying pears and plums, the periods are the same. Plums are strongly exposed to various fungal diseases, which, unfortunately, without the use of chemicals, can not be overcome.

If you strongly love apples, pears and plums in this case, do everything possible to protect them. The main thing is to follow the advice clearly and to keep to certain deadlines. You can also help trees throwing off harmful bugs on the bedding and wrapping them special belts that contribute to catching tsvetnojedov. These activities in the complex give a very good result, and the harvest is worth the effort. If you are just starting to care for a young garden. These recommendations can help you decide how and when to start work.

Processing before bud break

Now there are a large number of tools to combat pests and diseases of horticultural crops. All of them have a different range of action and effectiveness, however, adherence to the methods and an accurate dose of the means for processing will make it possible to achieve the highest results when harvesting in the autumn time. remember, that it is necessary to select a garden treatment depending on the degree of infection of trees and the predicted occurrence of various diseases.

We offer to get acquainted with the means that can be used until the moment when the kidneys begin to open:

  1. Copper sulfate - an effective tool that allows you to speed up the growing season, helps to avoid or in case of illness to heal fruit trees from various types of insects and fungal diseases, which are now even more. The saturation of the finished mixture for spraying should not be higher than 3%. The method of use can be read in detail on the packaging where the dose is written.
  2. Nitrafen It can also be used to combat various insects, especially well it can help fight ticks, aphids, etc. hibernating in the crust. For the processing of fruit trees used 3% solution, and for the bushes - 2%.
  3. Drug number 30 It is often used by experienced gardeners to combat various types of scutes and mite eggs, and also perfectly removes aphids and caterpillars. He showed himself from the good side for a long time and in our time is also in great demand for pest control. It must be used just before the beginning of the swelling of the kidneys in 3% concentration.
  4. Olekuprit 4% - fights eggs against aphids, ticks and suckers, and, in addition, can help protect trees or shrubs from various types of spots that shake leaves. Its effectiveness is confirmed by numerous gardeners.
  5. When different spots appear on bushes and black dots on overwintered shoots, they are usually treated carbamide. It removes stains and black spots and contributes to an energetic increase in the kidneys.
  6. Bordeaux mixture productively combats numerous types of popular fungal plant diseases. Before the appearance of buds, it is possible to thoroughly wet the branches to remove a large number of insects that have survived in the bark and stormed the tree.

Do not forget that when working with mixtures, you must follow simple safety rules - wear a protective suit, mask and gloves.

Works after bud break

After the appearance of the kidneys, the garden is better to spray 1% Bordeaux liquid, because the kidneys have already become sensitive, and if you increase the concentration, you can simply burn them. This fluid is excellent plant protection from pests and allows the kidneys to fully open.

It is best to use the combined substances, such as "Horus", which showed the highest results in combating various types of diseases of fruit trees and shrubs. In combination with other products, it increases the resistance of trees to various types of pathogens by 2-3 times. "Decis" is fighting with different types of harmful insects.

Not always folk drugs can stop the activity of pests, and then the popular drug "Decis" will come to the aid of the gardener. But if you have all sorts of doubts, it is more correct consult with experienced gardeners before sprayingLet them give you advice. Be decisive, and the result will not take long. You can perfectly protect plants from the adverse effects of harmful organisms.

Leaving after flowering

After the flowering stage, it is important not to miss the period in order to have time to protect all the plants from the invasion of various insects that are at the peak of activity at this time. After all, if you clean only one tree, there is a huge risk for further infection of other plants that are nearby.

Without certain measures, the harvest may perish. Preventive spraying is mandatory.. Used a set of substances that are dynamically used to protect plants. Get in a specialized shopping center mix for the care of the garden.

Use these tools:

You can also use 1% Bordeaux liquid. The drug "Karate" proved to be on the market as a great remedy against various environmental influences and active organisms. It is important to stick to the system and do not forget to spray the plants.

If you skip one of the stages, the threat of disease increases, and this will affect the harvest in the future. If you worry about the garden as a living organism, then it will surely reciprocate in the form of fragrant, very appetizing, and most importantly, environmentally friendly fruits. There is nothing better than to realize that all this is hand-grown.

Drugs against diseases and pests

Domestic manufacturers of chemical means of protecting trees and shrubs have created many tools, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by experienced gardeners. Existing in the present period liquids and powders were used to combat with various harmful living organisms or diseases.

Among the insecticides that demonstrate the highest results, it can be noted:

They perfectly protect from aphids, mites, moths, and scythos. Among the means for spraying against fungal diseases, preference is given to:

All drugs are perfectly controlled with pathogens of fungi and eliminate them at the first stage of manifestation. Against various diseases often used "Hom" in conjunction with the "Fufanon." "Horus", "Aktar" and "Kare Zeon" are used in combination with scab, rot, tsvetoedom and moth - for pears, apples, plums and other fruit trees.