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Cordana rose is a favorite among fans of miniature plants. Its height does not exceed thirty centimeters. It is distinguished by lush greenery and many small buds of the classical form. Their color is red, yellow, pink, white. Flowering period is quite long - from May to October. The fragrance is completely absent. So, to grow a plant, people who are allergic can.

Plant adaptation

Before you buy a rose, you must carefully examine it. The foliage of the plant should be smooth, resilient, shiny. Dark spots are signs of bacterial, fungal diseases. Yellowing leaves speaks of poor care. And you should also make sure that there are no insects. To care for a rose cord mix after purchase, you must start immediately. It should be especially thorough in the first months.

After the plant is brought home, it should be washed under a warm shower. Then process with special preparations. This will save the pet from all sorts of pests, as well as prevent the emergence of new insects.

The most difficult period for a flower is the initial two to three weeks.

We need to prepare for the fact that he will throw off all the buds, leaves. Rose quite difficult to get used to a new place. But attention and care will return the plant to life. About a month later, the bush will again delight with its flowering. It is preferable to choose a non-flowering or flowering plant. Then it can be immediately transplanted into a pot of a slightly larger diameter.

The best way is transshipment. So, the roots will remain intact. Then add a growth stimulator. If there are several bushes in a flowerpot, they should be seated.

Transfer and transfer

Prepare a new pot, soil in advance. Soil can take shop, designed for flowering plants. It should not be oversaturated with peat. At the bottom of the pot pour claydite or pebbles, about three centimeters thick. Top filled with earth before reaching the edges of about two and a half centimeters.

In order to disinfect the prepared soil, spill a weak solution of potassium permanganate, soda (a teaspoon per glass of water) or Fitosporin. Wait for the water to soak in - thirty minutes. Make a suitable recess. Pre-flip the pot into the ground, carefully pulling the flower out of the temporary container, gently shake the ground. Remove the com to the prepared place. Ensure that the roots are not damaged. Sprinkle with earth. Apply a little.

Content rose at home

Propagated by cuttings plant. Choose branches with several buds. Cut the bottom of the shoots at an angle of forty-five degrees. The prepared material is placed in a glass filled with water. After a couple of weeks, the roots are formed. Sprouts that have reached two centimeters are seated in separate bowls. In order for the plant to be healthy, You must maintain the following conditions:

  1. Lighting. The plant is very fond of sunlight. Therefore, it is better to place the pet on the window sills of the southern windows. However, when the scorching rays of the sun are especially active, the rosette should be protected from them. It will save foliage from burns. During the period of short daylight it is recommended to illuminate.
  2. The most comfortable temperature for roses Cordana jigi from +15 to +20 degrees.
  3. The room where the plant is located, it is necessary to ventilate more often, so that the air circulates freely and does not stagnate. In this case, the rose should be protected from drafts. In the summer, the beauty is carried out to the balcony, the loggia, the veranda.
  4. Pre-soil checked for moisture, trying fingers. The irrigation process is carried out only if the upper layers of the earth are dry.
  5. Watering the plant should be regularly, abundantly. It is better to do this in the early morning or late evening. You can not take cold water. This can provoke a disease such as powdery mildew. The excess water accumulating in the pan drain. It is not recommended to flood the plant. Waterlogging causes rotting of the roots, which will lead to the death of a pet. But also drying is not allowed.
  6. Make feeding. In the spring - nitrogen-containing fertilizers. In the summer - potash-phosphorus compounds. It is recommended to bring useful mixes three - four times. At the end of the season you can add superphosphate, saltpeter.
  7. In the autumn, be sure to prune roses. Young sprouts are cut with adult branches. Three to four buds are left. Also remove all weak, crooked shoots.
  8. In winter, a period of rest. Rose almost stops flowering, and also loses part of the leaves. Plant give rest. Leave in a cool place. With the onset of February, return back. The whole cycle is repeated again.

This technique of cultivation of roses allows you to achieve their flowering in about a month. Cordana rose care after purchase has some features that need to be observed. You can grow roses from seeds. But it will be a longer process.

Kordana Mix on the plot

Before planting a rose bush, you need to choose a place for it. Ideal south-east or south-west side of the site. Flower care should be as follows:

  • Before planting, the soil is well moistened, make a nutrient composition.
  • After planting, the plant is carefully observed. In time they fertilize, loosen the earth.
  • Periodically spray roses with distilled water at a comfortable temperature.
  • Before wintering all buds are pruned. The remaining cuttings are used for further reproduction. Bushes covered with sawdust, wrapped with sacking or covered with materials intended for this purpose.

Rose Kordana mix and its features

Flowers of Kordan rose are adapted to various conditions: used for pot planting at home, planted in open ground. The flowering of the rose Kordan is not accompanied by smell, and as a result, it can be grown by people with allergies. The flowers of the variety were selected in countries with a temperate climate, therefore, to a large extent, the rose Kordana is indoor. This plant is a miniature rose, planting method, mainly - potted home, Kordana blooms magnificently, as can be seen from the photo.

Description of the rose kordana mix

Cordana rose - a small flower, intended for breeding at home in pots or in the country, as a curb decoration. The flowering of this rose lasts 5-6 months - from the last month of spring to mid-autumn. Growth does not exceed 30 cm, leaves - small green, petals form buds of the classical type with one of four colors: white, pink, red and yellow. It is distinguished by the lack of flavor throughout life.

Garden care

Kordana mix can be grown not only at home, but also in open ground. Care contributes to the observance of the features of Kordana mix: watering when needed, feeding during the growing season. In adverse conditions, all the same, even though the plant is unpretentious, the rose may die.

Feeding can not be carried out with the appearance of buds until the end of flowering, otherwise the only thing that will please you flower - abundant greenery. The soil should be fertilized two, maximum three times during the growing season. It is possible one, but not very bright blossoming will turn out.

In the place where they decide to plant the plant, the soil is fertilized. A hole is made in the ground, covered with manure or ash, then planted and watered with warm water. The southern part of the garden plot is considered the most favorable. Mini plants require trepid care during the first month.

Another important point - mandatory maintenance of the soil surface: weeding from weeds, loosening before watering. Failure to do so may cause periods of short flowering.

Care rules

Rosa Kordana mix bought at the store, the first two weeks at a new place will feel unimportant, maybe even shed the leaves, but then she adapts if the owner knows how to care for her. Rosette loves sunshine, moderate watering, fertile well-drained soil. It blooms luxuriantly and for a long time, so regular dressings will not interfere with it, you can buy balanced fertilizers in the store, plant them and bring them simultaneously with irrigation in two weeks if the soil is depleted, or less often if the soil is sufficiently nutritious.

Like most of her relatives, the rose Kordana does not like excessive heat, so it can shade with hot midday hours, increase watering as the air temperature rises, and in the evenings it can be sprayed with clean water. The ground under the bushes is mulched to prevent overheating of the roots. But with irrigation it is important not to overdo it, if you allow over-wetting, the roots can rot, and fungal diseases can be provoked. After watering, it is necessary to loosen the ground around the bush, remove the weeds in time, prevent thickening, you can spend all summer sanitary pruning, clean the branches that do not allow others to be lit and aired. Plant residues near the bushes can not be left. Aphids, spider mites, fungal diseases traditional for roses may well disrupt her peaceful life, so that this does not happen, you need to adhere to the rules of agricultural engineering, carry out preventive spraying.

The same care is provided at home if the flower is grown in a pot. Soil for roses, as well as composition for dressings, you can simply buy in a specialty store. The place should be bright, with fresh air, but without drafts. In summer, roses are usually taken out to the balcony, and the rest of the time they are advised to keep it on the southern window-sill. Rose Kordana, of course, loves a lot of sunlight, but the comfortable air temperature for her should not exceed +20 degrees, so you have to cover her from direct sunlight if she is very hot. The limited land of the pot may require more frequent fertilizing, but you should not overfeed the plant either, the state of the green will show whether there is a lack of any nutrients.

Outside, the flower winters beautifully under cover, and at home you can arrange a short, only one month's rest period, although many gardeners maintain equally comfortable conditions all year round, enjoying the flowering of a rose without aroma.

For the rest, the rose is cut, leaving several buds on the shoots, cleaned in a cool room with a temperature of about +8 degrees. At the time of rest, feeding is canceled altogether, and watering is reduced to a minimum.

Transplantation and reproduction

Immediately after buying a rose, you have to replant it - usually they are sold in several pieces in one pot. On the street, it is best accepted if planted in the fall, and at home it can be done all year round.

In order to disturb the roots least of all, it is better to place the plant in a new pot together with an earthy clod, but if there are several roses, then this will not work. We need to take a pot with holes on the bottom, put pebbles for drainage, then pour the soil mixed with fertilizers, put the soil on top without fertilizers, carefully plant a seedling in it. The ground is carefully tamped down and watered with warm settled water, and between the top edge of the pot and the ground should remain 2 centimeters. If the rose was alone, then to remove it from the container, it was watered well, which means that after planting in a new pot, it is not necessary to water it again, you can only spray a little leaves.

Rose Kordana very easily propagated by cuttings. To do this, cut a couple of shoots approximately 3 mm thick with 3 to 4 buds on each.

The lower cut is made oblique under the kidney itself and immersed in the water. Lower leaves are removed, leaving only half of the upper. After two weeks, the roots should grow small roots, especially if any root growth stimulant is added to the water. After the roots appear, a sprig can be immediately planted in a separate pot, soon it will delight with new shoots, and then with flowers.

Additional tips

By spraying the bushes with water should be treated with caution, use only clean settled, you can even boiled water. This is done in order to cool the plant or save it from dry air; then it is better to hold the event in the evening, but not too often.

When transplanting plants from a container or from an old pot to a new one, you need to take the dishes 5 cm wider and as much higher than the previous one. By the way, before using a new clay pot, it is worth soaking it with water for a few hours, and only then pour the earth.

Rose loves a room with fresh air, it would be good to ensure her constant air circulation, but so that she was not among the drafts. A light day should last about 12 hours so that the rose does not stop blooming, therefore a fluorescent lamp should be provided next to it, which will highlight the missing hours.

All transplants are best done with a growing moon, and to deal with pests and diseases, if they show up, on a waning moon. All parts of the plant affected by the disease, you need to cut and destroy. It is advisable not to forget to remove the flowering buds, it stimulates the formation of new ones.

Adaptation immediately after purchase

The bush bought in the store is carefully delivered home. Good on the way immediately purchase:

  • a pot larger than the one in which the flower grows
  • Special soil for planting roses
  • biostimulator Epin,
  • parasite drug Tick,
  • drainage,
  • Bona Forte fertilizer complex.

The flower painfully reacts to a change of scenery and needs careful care in order to adapt easily. A means for rooting can also be useful - sometimes dying bushes have to be seriously nursed.

Bringing home, immediately conduct procedures to create an enabling environment. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. In a more spacious pot pour drainage layer of 2 cm.
  2. To fill up a layer of soil, expecting a clod of earth from the old pot to fully enter a new one.
  3. Slightly pressing down the walls of the pot with a rose, tilt it by 45 ° and carefully remove the earthen ball, trying not to damage the roots. The root system of the rose Kordan is very fragile.
  4. To place a flower in a new pot, pouring soil on the sides, filling the voids evenly.
  5. Water the rose.
  6. Trim all flowers and buds that are ready to bloom. This is a necessary measure that will allow the plant to throw all its forces on the formation of new strong roots.
  7. Dilute Epin according to the instructions and carefully spray the flower. Fertilize the flower in the next two weeks, nothing can be.

Before the advent of new shoots, the rose of Kordan can discard some of the leaves, turn yellow. Do not be afraid of this and prematurely consider the bush dead. New shoots and leaves will surely appear in 1-2 weeks, when new roots grow, if optimal conditions are created.

Conditions of detention

After rooting, care for the rose Kordana includes regular watering, fertilizing and prevention of parasites and diseases. Finding a suitable place for illumination is one of the most important conditions for abundant flowering and good growth of the bush.

Location and lighting

Capricious flower does not tolerate heat and intense direct sunlight. The lack of lighting also has a bad effect on its growth and flowering. Therefore, in the garden choose well-lit areas, which in the midday hours are shaded by sparse trees, creating a light shade. The flower likes air baths, so it will grow well in a pot on the balcony, open terraces, verandas.

Indoors, a rose is placed on a windowsill on the west or southeast side, placed away from the glass so that solar radiation does not burn. The lack of lighting is compensated by artificial sources - for abundant flowering the plant needs a 12-hour light day.


The best mode for the period of active development and flowering + 20 ° C. Bush does not tolerate hot weather, so it is important to choose a shaded place in the southern regions. In room conditions it is not recommended to place a flower near the radiators.

The winter period from November to March is the time of rest for the rose. The flower does not develop and does not bloom at temperatures below + 14 ° C. The year-round forcing of the buds is possible, but it greatly depletes the plant, a month-long rest period in the winter period with the shortest light day will allow to replenish the reserve of forces. At this time, the flower is not fed, watered very rarely. The temperature in the room is maintained no higher than + 8 ° C.

Kordana mix develops poorly and reluctantly blooms if the humidity is low. In the hot dry season or in winter, when the heating dries the air in the apartment, daily intensive spraying will create comfortable conditions.

During winter dormancy, they moisten the air next to the plant, without touching the bush itself. After a spring awakening, a flower is often arranged with a warm and abundant shower. Draft inadmissible in the room where the rose is, the plant does not tolerate them.

Pot and soil

The pot is chosen about 5-6 cm wider than the one in which the purchased flower is located. In the bottom there must be holes for water drainage, if they are not there, carefully make holes with their own hands.

If you buy a special soil for roses is not possible, the soil mix is ​​prepared by yourself. To do this, mix the fertile garden soil, sand, rotted compost, peat in such proportions: 2: 2: 3: 1. The soil should be light, loose, fertile, easy to crumble between the fingers.

Основная проблема содержания розы Кордана микс в помещении — сухой воздух. Не менее важно следить и за подкормками, проводить регулярно профилактику болезней.

Увлажнять грунт нужно по мере подсыхания. Check whether you need watering, just - you need to press on the surface of the soil with your finger. If the finger is dry, it's time to moisten. Water leaked into the pan, must be drained so that the soil does not acid.

Water for irrigation defend to room temperature. Before hibernation, watering is reduced to 1-2 times a week, then minimized.

During the growing season, they regularly fertilize the rose with the Bona Forte preparation. Diluted slightly weaker than the instructions (5-7 mg per 1, 5 l of water) and used once a week. It is best to alternate the procedure: 1 week - watering at the root, 2 weeks - spraying the leaves. In winter, fertilizing is reduced to 1-2 per month; for the rest period, it is completely stopped.

The soil is loosened after irrigation to ensure the penetration of oxygen to the roots. In the garden under the bushes do not leave plant residues - this provokes diseases. Weeds and debris are removed, the soil is mulched with sawdust or peat so that the moisture does not evaporate in the heat.

During flowering, faded flowers are pruned so that the plant does not waste strength on seed ripening. Warning of thickening, in the period of active summer growth, remove the excess shoots inside the bush only at the garden plantings, cut off the damaged and dried branches. Home flowers do not require pruning, they do not give fat shoots.

It is necessary to transplant a houseplant if the pot has become too small, no more than 1 time in 2 years. The transplant is carried out in February, before the spring awakening of the rose by the method of transshipment. In the garden for the bush, they are looking for a new place, if the soil is poor or has changed its composition.


Rose Kordana propagated by cuttings that are cut from May to August. To do this, choose healthy stems with a thickness of at least 2-3 cm. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Cut cuttings, each with 2-3 internodes.
  2. Put them in a container with water, in which a preparation for root formation is added.
  3. While the roots are pecking, water change is not recommended.
  4. When the length of the roots will reach 2 cm, transplanted into the soil.
  5. The first few days protect from the sun.

After the emergence of new shoots fertilized and watered regularly. Rooted cuttings in spring can bloom in a month, they grow intensively.

Diseases, pests

Fungal diseases can strike a rose, if you do not conduct regular airing of the room, do not cut off excess shoots in the bushes in the garden. The spider mite does not like a wet environment, so a summer shower is needed as often as possible.

Once a week, prophylaxis is carried out by spraying the rose with a Fitoverma solution (4 ml per 1 l of water), Kleschevit (2 ml per 1 l of water). Regular sanitary pruning will prevent aphids from attacking the garden.

Rose Kordana in the open field

Bushes perfectly decorate the garden area in curb plantings adorning the paths of the avenues. Stunted plantings are good in the foreground of landscape compositions. Does not like rose Kordana mix neighborhood hydrangeas and rhododendron.

Bushes are planted in spring in areas with a temperate climate, in southern regions more often in autumn. Before frost, the rose should take root well, it takes 2-3 weeks. In spring, seedlings are temporarily sheltered if there is a threat of a temperature drop below + 5 ° С.

If there are no severe winters in the region, the Kordana mix will survive a period of rest on the site. Shrubs are cut and covered with special material before frosts, while it is important to open them in spring in time so that the plants do not mate. In the harsh climate in autumn, roses are dug out with a lump of earth and transplanted into a pot, put into a room.

To better flower bloomed

You need to carefully care for these flowers, pruning wilted. When breeding it is impossible to leave bad parts on the plant - it does not tolerate this process well. If the flower has faded, then it begins to produce seeds, greatly harming the plant. Fresh cut flowers, in the presence of three or more buds, can be used as cuttings for shipping flowers in the new 2018 year.

The first process is done with the purchase, each next - if desired. Bush reaching 30 cm in height transplanted into the open ground. The soil with the plant is watered abundantly, after all, the Kordana mix is ​​gentle and requires gentle handling. Turn the pot over and carefully remove the contents. An expanded clay drainage is placed in a new tank, a hole is made to control the water level, then it is filled up with a special soil. Special mix for roses is purchased in flower shops. Flowers can be grown from seeds.

Kordana mix - a variety that pleases the owner with flowering with good care. To protect plants grown with their own hands, do not allow pets to them. Mandatory watering, ventilation, access of light.

It is also necessary to take care of health - to spray a flower with antibacterial drugs, a fungicide. It is recommended to provide protection against fungi. Watering with a solution of the drug is carried out with loosened soil in the radicapulum.

Rose Kordana mix - one of the most famous and sought after varieties. It has lush flowers, is resistant to various kinds of trouble, but is afraid of excess light, water, temperature. It is quite capricious, the flower does not like temperature drops, but it pleases with its appearance for about six months and does not harm the health of allergy sufferers.

How to properly care for this rose

Care for flower after purchase follows in a special way, considering all the features of this plant. This miniature rose has a lot of flowers, and the greenery is pompous. Coloring can be different, which makes this beautiful plant especially an adjective for those who love miniature flowers.

It grows only to thirty centimeters, but in appearance it does not stand out among the traditional roses. One of the obvious differences of this plant from other roses is that it does not smell.

However, this feature makes it the best gift for allergies. These miniature beauties bloom from May to October. They can be purchased in a pot of 3-4 bush.

Before you buy this plant, you need to carefully consider the bushes. Leaves should be smooth and shiny. They should not be any spots that are a sign of bacterial or fungal disease. If the leaves are yellow, then this means that the plant was poorly cared for.

You should also make sure that there are no insects anywhere. In addition, it is important that the flower was healthy, with no signs of wilting.

Flower transplantation must be considered before buying. Also, this procedure is carried out as needed. It is believed that in the phases of growth of the moon transplant will take place in the best way. The land, where the flower was before, is moistened in advance. This is necessary not to damage the roots.

It should hold the bush a little, turn over the container and shake out everything that is there. In the pot, where the plant will be after transplantation, it is required to make either holes for water outflow or drainage from expanded clay before the procedure starts. Soil take special, specially designed for this purpose.

The mixture for growing these plants can be selected in the flower shop. When placing the soil in the pot should be remembered that you need to leave 2.5-3 cm from the edge of the pot, slightly compacting the soil. The most difficult for the rose will be the first 2-3 weeks.

Due to the difficulties of the first weeks of adaptation, the flower can throw off the buds and leaves, and completely. However, if you show due care and do not leave the flower unattended, then soon he will regain his former splendor and be able to bloom.

In order to fully protect the plant from pests that may be on it, you should wash your purchase with warm water under the shower and use a special universal remedy. For transplanting, they usually take a rose that does not bloom yet or ends up blooming. It is better to use the transshipment method for this purpose. In this case, the roots are not affected.

It is important to use land with quality drainage, nutrient. In conclusion, when the plant is planted, a growth stimulator should be used for processing. It is necessary to plant a rose if there are several bushes in the pot. To always look beautiful rose and well-groomed, you need to remember that she likes the sun's rays, but may burn leaves.

So it is better to put a pot with a flower where the windows facing the south side are located. But when the sun is at the limit of activity, the leaves should be protected from burns.

Rose Kordana prefers a temperature of 15 ° to 20 ° C. In the rooms where the flower is located, it is necessary to ventilate, but so that there are no drafts.

It is necessary to water a rose regularly and with plenty of water.. But the moisture should not stagnate, so you should get rid of excess fluid by draining it from the pan. Before you do this, you should check the humidity of the earth with your finger. Also, you can not bring the soil to sour.

For irrigation, you need to take only separated and warm water. You should know that with proper watering, the rose will constantly bloom with a large number of flowers. Despite the fact that you can find in different places the description of what is necessary for spraying for a given flower, experts believe that, on the contrary, it can harm the plant.

If the flower is watered sufficiently, then the rose will not need spraying. Top dressing is also needed for roses. Traditionally, liquid complex fertilizers are used to water the plants about once a week.

What care is needed in the future

Further such procedures are required.:

  • do not forget about regular watering,
  • create the required temperature conditions
  • correctly select the lighting
  • always apply top dressing,
  • get rid of pests
  • Replace if necessary.

How to properly care for a miniature rose in the garden

Kordana Mix for planting in the garden. Such a wonderful plant can be planted in the garden. But to care for the flower mix you should know its main features.

Before planting the Rosa Kordana Mix, you must correctly select the land where it will grow. It is best to plant the mix on the southwest or southeast side of the land plot.

The soil should be perfectly moisturized and flavored. After planting in the first season, you need to pay a lot of attention to the flower, loosen the soil and fertilize it. If the summer is dry, then you need to constantly water the flower, as the rose requires frequent watering.

It is also advised to use warm water to spray bushes from time to time. Use the dressing for Rosa Kordana Mix you need to be especially careful. You can not fertilize the Mix when the buds began to appear during the flowering period. Before the beginning of winter, flower buds should be cut, with the help of which the rose can be propagated.

Only cuttings with three buds are used for cutting. and a large number of them. After trimming, the bushes are covered with burlap, material used for this purpose or sawdust.

Rose Kordana Mix grows well at home. For this purpose, you should only cut the bushes in the mix and regularly water it with warm water.

Because of what pests appear, and the leaves can become yellow:

  • too little or too many nutrients
  • mildew infection,
  • stress after an illiterate transplant,
  • chlorosis (leaves are covered with yellow spots)

Variety description

The rose Kordana is a beautiful miniature flower that is easy to grow at home. In addition, it is possible to grow it in your summer cottage and use it when growing a hedge. The plant is small - about 30 cm tall, the leaves are of a deep dark green color, almost emerald, the flowers themselves are of a classical form, and their colors may be different. Rose Kordana can please you with bright red and white, pink and yellow flowers.

The main feature of the variety is the complete absence of flavor. Yes, having got this miniature rose on your balcony, you will not be able to enjoy the characteristic aroma that these flowers exude. However, there is an undeniable plus - this plant will be able to grow even allergies.

Proper care

Purchased rose Kordana requires special treatment, so you need to provide her the right care. Immediately after the purchase, you can see that the flower does not feel too good: being weakened, the rosette can even drop the leaves. However, if you immediately begin to properly care for her, after a few weeks she will adapt to new conditions and fully recover.

The first thing to do when purchasing this plant is to gently rinse your beauty under a warm shower and treat it with a special pest preparation. So you destroy the parasites, if any.

It is important to provide your beauty with the good lighting that she needs. It is best to place it at the southern windows, but when the peak of solar activity comes, do not forget to put it in the shade, otherwise you will not avoid sunburn. Most comfortably, the flower feels at a temperature of 15–20 degrees. It is also important to ensure the flow of fresh air in time to ventilate the room. But do not put a rose in a draft - it can seriously harm her. In summer, the plant can be kept in a pot even on the balcony.

Rose Kordana loves moisture, so you need to water it often, making sure that the earth does not dry out. But flooding the plant is not recommended - the roots can rot. Excess water in the pan is also not needed - drain it if it remains. The best option is watering the roses as soon as the topsoil dries. After watering, you need a little bit to break through the ground, so that the roots of the plant can gain access to oxygen. Some recommend spraying the plant with a spray gun, but many growers claim that it contributes to the appearance of fungal diseases.

Top dressing is carried out in the spring (nitrogen-containing fertilizers) and in the summer period (potash-phosphorus fertilizers). In the fall, it is necessary to prune the bush in order to prepare the plant for winter. Some varieties of this flower must be pruned, otherwise it may not bloom next year.

Useful tips

  1. To improve flowering, timely remove faded flowers.
  2. Prevent fungal diseases by spraying the shrub with a fungicide.
  3. A light day for a flower should last at least 12 hours, so the missing hours can be compensated by a fluorescent lamp.
  4. Replanting a rose, choose a pot slightly larger than the previous one in diameter and height. If it is ceramic, soak it beforehand for a couple of hours in warm water.

Planting and care in the garden

The cold season is not the right time to plant a rose. The planting flower has a healthy, thick stem with bright green whole and clean leaves. It is from this plant get a good result.

Those who want to make a purchase should know that the planting variant can be in the form of a bush with several unblown buds or with already opened flowers. It is preferable to purchase the first option, because at this moment the plant is in the process of maturation. When planting, it is necessary to handle the roots very carefully, as this can lead either to the death of the plant or to a longer process of adaptation of the crop.

Care should be caring, with the use of certain drugs for processing - in this case, the plant will give a lot of shoots. At the same time, do not water it with cold water. However, the culture loves water, and in the summer it is advisable to water it daily with cooled boiled water. In winter, it is enough to water weekly.

As for fertilizers, it is recommended to apply stimulating growth of epin, means “Topaz”, which strengthens the root system. It will not be superfluous and a means to combat the spider mite fitoverm. Delay processing plants is not necessary, the rose requires attention from the first day of planting.

Landing at home

At home, a rose transplant is easy to do, but it must be done carefully and carefully.

  1. The roots of roses for strengthening, development and growth need a volume, so the pot is selected the appropriate size.
  2. The nutrients necessary for the culture are in growth, but previously the bottom of the pot is laid out with expanded clay stones that allow the liquid to pass through. This avoids rotting of the roots, and, accordingly, death.
  3. A small amount of soil is poured on the stones of the expanded clay.
  4. Easily squeezing the stem and avoiding contact with sensitive roots, the rose is transferred to the harvested pot and filled with soil to the necessary level.

Council It is recommended to cut off all the buds after planting to strengthen the root system and ensure that the plant successfully settles.

Within a few days, the rose should be watered abundantly and also treated with epin. If at first leaves will fall, it does not mean that the rose is sick. Within two weeks the plant will sprout, and the first buds will appear in a month.

Home flower care

If the soil is dry with a peat content, then you need to water the rose as needed. If the soil is wet, then you do not need to hurry with watering. You can spray daily, especially if the room is dry air.

It is advisable to keep the flower on the window sill, closer to the light, but not in direct sunlight. The optimum temperature is –14–20ºС. In the autumn and winter, when the daylight becomes much shorter, it is recommended to add artificial light using fluorescent lights.
Летом растение еженедельно подкармливают фитовермом, а зимой лучше дать ему отдохнуть и набраться сил. Хотя цветку нужен приток свежего воздуха, следует быть крайне осторожным со сквозняками – роза Кордана микс их не переносит.

At home, before the cold, faded flowers must be cut, thus ensuring its abundant flowering. Otherwise, seeds will ripen in the withered flowers, and this will take away the strength of the plant as a whole. Also prune those shoots that grow inside the bush.

New young basal shoots are a sign of plant health, and over time they will replace old roots.

Rose Kordana mix - a great decoration not only for the window sill, but also for any garden. Roses in borders and in hedges look spectacular. The flower requires care and proper care. But with proper attention, the plant will bloom magnificently and please the eye for many years.