Exotic fruits

Fruit sausep: description, benefit and harm


Calorie content: 47 kcal.

The energy value of the product Guanabana (soursop or sausep):
Protein: 0.9 g.
Fat: 0.4 g
Carbohydrates: 9.8 g.

Guanabana (soursop) - plant of the Annon family. Other names for this fruit are “soursop,” “Annona prickly” and “sausep”. Gather the fruit still in immature condition, as ripe fruits fall from the tree and can be damaged.

Fruits may be oval or heart-shaped. At the same time, they can be up to about 25 cm in length, and about 15 cm in diameter. The weight of the fruit of the tree Graviola is about 3 kg. The green fruit at ripening becomes yellowish. Rigid, but thin skin is covered with soft spines. Below it is a juicy pulp of beige color, which looks like a cream. Inside, the fruits are divided into segments, in which there is an oval black seed (see photo). The flesh has a unique aroma, which is vaguely reminiscent of pineapple.

A gaunabana is an exotic tree, which usually does not reach more than thirty centimeters high in indoor conditions. As for wildlife, the plant can reach nine to ten meters, while the fruits can weigh more than seven kilograms. In the wild, sausep can be found in Latin America, the same country is the historical homeland of the plant. In addition, you can also find a tree in any area with a tropical hot climate.

Those who managed to taste fresh guanabans claim that the taste of the fruit resembles a very refreshing blend of citrus, sweet strawberries and wild pineapple. That is why in Latin America and surrounding countries soursop fruits are used to make juices, ice cream and other desserts.

Beneficial features

The presence of the rich beneficial properties of exotic fruits of the tree graviola is due to the fact that many vitamins and minerals are part of guanabans. For example, ascorbic acid strengthens the immune system and helps the body resist the effects of viruses and infections. Thanks to calcium, fruits strengthen bones, nails and hair. Given the beneficial composition of the fruit, it can be used in the treatment of intestinal problems.

With regular use of soursop, the liver, intestinal flora improves, weight decreases and the acidity of the stomach returns to normal.

Because fruits have the ability to excrete uric acid from the body, guanabanu recommended for people with rheumatism, arthritis and gout. Due to the large amount of group B vitamins, soursop helps in the treatment of degenerative problems of the spine, as well as some diseases of the nervous system.

Guanabana extract has antiviral and antimalarial effects. In addition, it is used as an antimicrobial and antifungal agent.

Use in cooking

Exotic soursop is widely used in cooking. Guanabana can be eaten not only fresh, but also processed.

The easiest way to use the fruits of the tree is graviola - just divide them into pieces and eat the pulp with a spoon.

To preserve the fruit, they can be canned. In addition, the pulp is part of various drinks, for example, juices, cocktails, etc. Tasty creamy pulp can be used to prepare a variety of desserts: ice cream, baking, mousses, etc.

In cooking in some countries, unripe fruit is used as a vegetable.

Green and black tea with sausep

Green and black tea with sausep is actively produced and imported because such a product is a storehouse of nutrients. Also, the fermented leaves of guanabans retain an exceptional natural aroma, which is subsequently transferred to the already brewed beverage.

Benefit the body will bring the use of both black and green tea with sausepom. Many mistakenly separate these two species, trying to prove that green tea is healthier, but it is not. The difference is that black tea is the leaves of a plant that have undergone longer fermentation. Of course, green tea leaves retain a little more useful properties, but after brewing there is no perceptible difference.

You can list the following useful qualities of green and black tea with sausepa leaves:

  • The plant contains a large amount of various vitamins that are necessary for the normal functioning of the internal organs in the human body. Of great importance is vitamin C, which is responsible for strengthening and enhancing immunity.
  • Guanabana tea is used as a diuretic. Doctors recommend brewing a weak drink with sausep in the presence of stones in the bladder and kidneys. The effect will not be pronounced, but long and soft.
  • The use of black and green tea from the leaves of this tropical plant helps to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure.
  • The product is very often used in the diet menu. This is because the presence of vitamin B in tea leads to an improvement in the metabolism, which contributes to weight loss.
  • Sausep tea is an excellent tonic and stimulant. The drink is recommended for use during depression, as well as during a period of severe mental stress, such as exams.
  • The product is a prophylactic against cancer.

If you use this tea every day, you can adjust the work of the gastrointestinal tract and improve the overall condition of the body.

Despite its positive qualities, if used improperly, such a product can be harmful, it also has contraindications for use.

First of all, it should be clarified that black tea contains caffeine, and sausep only complements the stimulating effect, so it should be used with caution in case of hypertension. As for green tea, the situation is reversed. If a person has a tendency to low pressure, then you should choose to use black tea.

It is not recommended to abuse the product during pregnancy, as the use of guanabana leaves with tea is fraught with increased excitability, which can adversely affect the condition of both the expectant mother and the child.

Tea with leaves of a tropical plant is contraindicated for nervous exhaustion and other diseases of the nervous system. In this case, before using the drink should consult a doctor.

To enjoy the taste of tea and fully appreciate its beneficial properties, the drink must be brewed correctly. There is no significant difference in the preparation of black and green tea, however there are some peculiarities. To brew a drink you will need:

  • Sausepa leaves (crushed) - 5 grams,
  • Leaf black or green tea - 5 grams
  • sugar to taste
  • water.

Before starting cooking, the teapot must be thoroughly rinsed and rinsed with boiling water. Then you should put guanabans and tea leaves on the bottom of the kettle, pour in not too steep boiling water and leave to stand for three to four minutes. After that, you can pour the finished drink with the leaves of soursop into cups, add sugar to taste and drink.

The peculiarity of guanabans is that the leaves of the plant fully disclose their taste characteristics during secondary brewing. Therefore, it is recommended not to throw away the brewing, but to brew healthy and tasty tea with sausep again.

The benefits of guanabans (soursop) and treatment

The benefits of guanabans (soursop) have been established through numerous scientific experiments. For example, recent studies have shown that fruits have anti-cancer properties. Compared to chemotherapy, which negatively affects the entire body, the fruit acts exclusively on harmful cells.

On the basis of the graviola tree fruit, drugs are made that are recommended for use in the treatment of cancer and in the treatment of diabetes.

Use fruit, and other parts of the plant in traditional medicine. For example, bark and leaflets have antispasmodic and sedative properties. Given this, a decoction based on them will be useful in the treatment of cough, flu, asthma and hypertension. Even from the leaves you can make tea, which can be used as a sleeping pill and sedative.

Since scientists have discovered the amazing anti-cancer healing properties of the plant, today it is widely used in official and traditional medicine. Unlike dangerous radiation therapy, which negatively affects not only cancer cells, but also healthy cells of the human body, guanabana affects only pathological changes.

In Western journalism you can find a lot of papers and articles on the fact that with the help of sausepa you can fight cancer cancers harmlessly and effectively. There are also positive results of research and treatment.

Extract on the basis of soursop fruit is an effective antiviral agent. The leaves of the plant are used for the preparation of anti-inflammatory infusions. The product is widely known for its soothing and healing properties. It is used to combat severe cough, flu, and asthma.

In order to prepare a soothing tea from the leaves of the plant, you will need:

  • Guanabans leaf - 3-4 pieces,
  • sugar to taste
  • water - for brewing.

First, sausepa leaves must be doused with boiling water and rinsed thoroughly. Then you need to put the ingredient in the teapot and pour boiling water. Within seven to eight minutes, the tea should be brewed. Then strain the contents of the kettle through a sieve and remove the leaves. Having added sugar to taste and lemon if desired, you need to drink a hot drink.

The therapeutic effect of the use of plant fruits and tinctures on its leaves has on the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, it is possible not only to normalize the acid balance, but also to relieve stomach cramps and pain.

By removing uric acid from the body, sausep products help to treat arthritis, rheumatism, and other diseases associated with joints and bones.

Of course, you can use sour apple as a medicine only after consulting a doctor.

Harm guanabans (smetanny apple) and contraindications

The harm of guanabana (soursop) can bring people with individual intolerance to the product. It should also be borne in mind that the seeds of the fruit are poisonous and can be poisoned if consumed and other serious problems. Another danger, - seeding juice in eyes can cause blindness.

Contraindications to the use of guanabans are in pregnant women. In addition, it is necessary to control the amount of fruit eaten so as not to cause serious health problems.

How to grow at home?

You can grow such an exotic plant at home, whether it be a room tub or a greenhouse in the garden. The main thing is to follow the rules and characteristics of growing and caring for an unusual and very useful plant.

The table below presents the main characteristics that need to be considered if there is a desire to grow guanabana yourself.

Botanical description

The guanabana, or the fruit of the graviola tree, belongs to the Annon family, which includes a huge number of fruit species and hybrids, such as cherimoya, sugar apple, Annona scaly and Annona smooth.

The sausepa tree, or smetanny apple, as people in tropical countries call it, reaches a height of more than 7.5 m, which can be compared with the height of a three-story house. The branches of the tree cover numerous massive green leaves, smooth and dark on the outside, but light on the inside. The leaves are the source of magical aroma, similar to vanilla or ylang-ylang, which extends to meters from the tree.

During flowering, the tree is covered with small flowers of conical shape, consisting of three external and three internal petals. Interestingly, the flowers cover not only the branches, but also the trunk. That is why, the fruits of this plant can be found on absolutely any part of the tree. The fruit itself is a juicy multileaf shaped like a pear or large egg with small soft spines and flesh inside.

Guanabans fruit inside and out

Anona is a dark green fruit and resembles a pear, or a medium-sized melon with small soft needles. A ripe fruit weighs more than 4.5 kilograms and grows from 10 to 35 centimeters in length, and 15 centimeters in width.

The peel of dark green color as the fruit ripens becomes yellowish. It is very easy to clean and contains inside a juicy, fibrous pulp of light cream shade. Inside the pulp are large black seeds that are not consumed.

Perhaps, seeing it for the first time, you would not dare to try. But the frightening appearance keeps an amazing, bright taste. Ripe fruit Annona bears a combination of strawberry and pineapple with a light citrus note. These are the most valuable tropical trees with healthy fruits, different in appearance, but similar in taste.

But, no matter how much this plant has names, its help and significance for the human body is much greater.

Useful and healing properties

But it is not only the taste that makes this fruit so popular. Sausep can rightly be called a real well of vitamins and microelements. All that is needed for human health and proper functioning of the body. Each fruit sausepa contains an increased amount of protein, carbohydrates and calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc, sodium, vitamin C and B vitamins. Such a rich vitamin and mineral composition of guanabans causes all the beneficial properties of this fruit.


The rich composition of sausepa has a beneficial effect on the body. Mineral substances in the composition of the pulp of the fruit sausepa, such as zinc, phosphorus, calcium, have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, strengthen nails and hair. Potassium, sodium and magnesium have a positive effect on the heart, relaxing the heart muscle. Iron, which leads to the mineral composition, participates in blood formation and prevents anemia. Selenium, copper and manganese are trace elements essential for the body's metabolic processes.

Vitamins and trace elements contained in Annon have a positive effect on all body systems. Vitamins of the whole group B and vitamin C improve eyesight. Ascorbic acid also improves the immune system and makes the body resistant to viruses and infections. B vitamins normalizes the work of nerve fibers, a positive effect on the skin, help in the treatment of skin diseases and slow down the aging process. Eating fruits sausepa improves liver and kidney, promotes the development of gastric juice, supports healthy intestinal microflora and accelerates the process of weight loss. A large amount of vitamins strengthen the immune system, activate protective functions and improve the condition of the body as a whole.

Guanabans Use Secrets

One of the properties of this fruit is the ability to normalize blood pressure and blood sugar levels. That is why it is used as methods of traditional preventive medicine, including for the treatment of diabetes.

Sausepa juice is used to treat herpes, hemorrhoids, and urinary infections. It also cleans the blood and effectively fights against viral diseases. Infusion of leaves is used as a means to fight the flu. A sausepa extract helps in the liver, normalizes the condition of asthma and fever.

A particular benefit of this fruit is relief from arthritis and osteoporosis.
Even inedible bark, roots and seeds of this plant are used in local traditional medicine.

Guanabana and cancer

The most important feature of this fetus is its anti-cancer effect. In the modern world, the substance Andrimyacin, which is also called the “red devil”, is used as a drug to fight a tumor. In addition to the anticancer effect, andrimiacin causes irreparable damage to the cardiovascular system and causes a huge amount of side effects to use. That is, chemotherapy kills as well as diseased cells, and completely healthy.

Filipino scientists created an additive from sausepa extract, the main substance of which is guanabana. This substance, unlike andrimiacin, is able to track and selectively eliminate only cancer cells, while keeping the rest healthy - intact.

Many people talk about their own cure with the use of sausepa extract, but official medicine still does not recognize it as a tool in the fight against oncology.
Although the results of research conducted by American scientists in 1976, give every reason to assign this title to the extract of sausepa.

Dangerous properties of Annona

However, in addition to a large number of useful properties, this plant also has contraindications.

Людям, страдающим заболеваниями ЖКТ, в частности гастритом и язвами, не рекомендуется этот фрукт из-за высокого содержания кислот. Также, гипотоникам противопоказано пить гравиолу из-за способности снижать артериальное давление.

Scientists have proven that frequent consumption of a sausep beverage leads to the death of a part of the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Also, Sausep is not recommended for women during pregnancy, with dysbiosis and with individual tolerance.

According to some reports, when overeating this fruit, nausea occurs. And scientists from Latin America claim that frequent use of this fetus can cause Parkinson's disease.

Features of the plant and use in cooking

In Europe, graviola is actively used for making desserts, cakes, as an additive to tea and beverages.

Annona pulp can be used as a separate dish. Or you can make a delicious jelly, juice or cocktail with the addition of syrup or cream. And from the dried pieces can be cooked compote or tea. And sausepa extract is used to flavor tea.

There are even alcoholic beverages that are prepared by fermenting the fruits of Annona.

In any case, no matter how tasty this fruit may seem according to the description, only having tasted it, you will be able to truly appreciate its properties. This exotic fruit is not a cheap and very rare treat. Finding it on the market is not easy, but be prepared for a specific taste that you may not like at all.

In addition, you can get not ripe fruit, taste like raw pumpkin. This means that the fruit is not yet ripe. But a couple of days on the windowsill will quickly fix this situation.

It is much easier to buy tea or seasoning with the addition of sausepa. So you will be able to appreciate its taste, and decide whether to send in search of this, a large fruit of this unusual fruit.

Guanabana fruit (sausep): good and harm

Do you believe that in nature there are natural products that contain so many vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system better than countless medicines? A strange plant that grows in Mexico, fully proves this fact.

Let's get acquainted with sausep - a fruit that supposedly heals and malignant neoplasms.

What is sausep (guanabana, graviola)?

Sausep (soursop - eng.), Or anona needle (anona muricata - lat.), It is also graviola (graviola - port.), It is also guanabana (guanabana - isp.), It is also a soursop, it is a tree which grows in height by 1.5-2.5 meters. It brings a pear-shaped fruit, which has a green color and soft spines. This tree grows in the Caribbean, Central America, South America and sub-Saharan Africa. The tree can also adapt to a tropical climate, and can be found in most countries of Southeast Asia.

Ripe fruits usually have a weight of about 0.5-2 kg and are in the form of eggs or pears. Their skin is thin, and inside there is a whitish mass, soft, spongy and fibrous. Fruits are harvested when the skin of the fruit becomes yellowish-green or shiny.

What is the taste of anion needle?

The taste of the outlandish fruit is special. It resembles a combination of strawberries with pineapple and a hint of citrus. Some believe that the taste is specific, with a spicy citrus aroma. Fruits can be eaten raw or drink juice. Infusion of leaves and bark suitable for fragrant tea, curing depression.

The fruits of sausepa, also known as soursop or ANONA Sorsop, are recognized as a miracle cure for cancer.

Numerous experiments and studies have shown that people who have had to take graviola extract have a strong immune system. Fetal extract is beneficial for killing cancer cells in about 12 types of cancer. These include prostate cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. It has been proven that the chemical compounds contained in the extract help to slow the growth of malignant cells even better than the strong and frequently used chemotherapeutic agent adriamycin.

A study in 1976 proves that the chemical found in Gravioli is 10,000 times more potent and potent than the drug used in medicine for chemotherapy, called adriamycin. Adriamycin is also known as the “red devil” because of its dark red color and terrible side effects that sometimes cause fatal damage to the cardiovascular system. However, for half a century, this substance is the first in the line against cancer. Guanabana, on the other hand, is capable of killing only selectively cancer cells without causing damage to health - and is not dangerous.

Thus, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Philippines has developed an additive that is made from needle-shaped anon fruit.

When people undergo chemotherapy, all body systems suffer along with malignant cells. The compound extracted from their sausepa will selectively track and kill only selected cancer cells. At the same time, healthy cells will be intact. Studies taken since 1976 that show that this fruit is really good as a killer of cancer cells are taken into account.

However, according to many experts, these statements are still not supported by additional research. There are many people who claim to have benefited from the extract, but there are still no written therapeutic applications for the use of needle-shaped anona extracts.

Benefits of Drinking Guanabans

These strange fruits, mostly known in the world under the names of sausepa and, less commonly, gravioli, are considered to be more effective in the medical sense than a large assortment of pharmacies.

According to the claims of traditional medicine in South and Central, anona needle helps regulate diabetic blood sugar levels, as well as high blood pressure.

Many people believe that sausepa raw fruits and freshly squeezed juices from an overseas fruit are good for arthritis and osteoporosis.

If you drink the plant leaf infusion more or less regularly in the fall, you will not have the flu in the winter.

An article in the African Journal, published in 2008, devoted to traditional, complementary and alternative medicine, reports that a study done in diabetic rats fed on canola fruits showed a marked decrease in their blood sugar levels.

Selected studies have also demonstrated the ability of graviola to relieve fever, asthma, and skin infections. There are studies that claim that sausep is good for those who suffer from viral infections, herpes infections, liver problems.

In addition, sausepa fruits are recommended for combating many other diseases, such as hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections.

Guanabana harm - contraindications of an exotic fruit

Do not use Graviola during pregnancy. With low blood pressure, you need to control blood pressure. Excessive single servings of fruit can cause nausea. Then it should be eaten less, or consumed sausep with other foods.

Excessive use of graviola fruit (more than a month) can lead to the destruction of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Then probiotics will help.

According to Latin American scholars, excessive and frequent consumption of guanaban fruit contributes to the development of Parkinson's disease in humans. You need to know that the bark and roots of this strange plant are considered toxic to fish.

What is sausep? Description

This culture is very popular in native countries, due to its beneficial composition, external beauty and unusualness. In short, this fruit is characterized as follows:

  • Area. There are quite a lot of places where fruit grows - these are South China and India, Amazon, South Mexico and Peru, etc.
  • Growing conditions. Sausep fruit is a heat-loving plant that grows only in the tropics.
  • Crown of tree. The tree itself is quite tall and reaches 9 m in height. The leaves are smooth, glossy, exude a pleasant aroma. The leaf has a length of 15 centimeters. Both the branches and the trunk itself bloom; the diameter of the flowers is 5 centimeters.
  • Fruit. Fruits can grow to a maximum of 35 centimeters in length and have a weight of up to 7 kilograms. The unripe fruit has a dark green peel and changes to a yellowish color as it matures. On the peel appear peculiar spines. The kind of fruit sausepa quite exotic. This can be seen in the photo. Its flesh has a creamy hue, it is thick, but it looks very similar to cotton wool. Its taste is mixed, lemon flavor is felt, the taste of pineapple and strawberry. Although the fruit is very nutritious and healthy, it contains black seeds that are poisonous.
  • Harvest. In order to avoid damage to the fruit due to falling and hitting the ground, they are broken at the moment when the fruit turns yellow, but its skin is still dense. The largest volumes of the harvest can be collected from June to September.
  • Storage. After 3-4 days from harvest, the fruit of sausepa matures. Store it in the refrigerator, otherwise in other conditions the fruit will deteriorate very quickly. Due to the short shelf life and intolerance of transportation, sausep is not exported.

The pulp of soursop has a very rich composition, which makes it so useful for the human body.

Nutritional value and beneficial composition

100 grams of sirsac contains about 50 kilocalories. This portion of fruit accounts for the following amount of useful organic substances:

  • Fat - 0.4 grams,
  • Protein - 0.9 grams,
  • Carbohydrates - 9.8 grams,
  • Ash - 0.07 grams,
  • Dietary fiber - 0.11 grams,
  • Water - 84 grams.

Also, the fruit is very rich in vitamins:

  • Choline
  • Vitamins B2, B6, B9,
  • A nicotinic acid,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Pantothenic acid.

There are minerals in the sausepa composition:

  • Iron,
  • Sodium,
  • Magnesium,
  • Calcium,
  • Potassium,
  • Zinc,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Selenium,
  • Copper,
  • Manganese.

The effect of fruit on the human body

The usefulness of sausepa is so high that it is difficult to describe it. In order to analyze in more detail the positive properties of the fruit, we describe its effect on each individual system of the human body.

Digestive system. Exotic fruit successfully regulates intestinal microflora, removes toxins and improves digestion. Dried sausep, ground into powder, helps with poisoning and digestive disorders. But you need to eat fruit in moderation.

Body weight. By improving the performance of the digestive system, sausep helps in reducing weight. It also has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver and normalizes the functioning of the gallbladder.

Musculoskeletal system. Sausep relieves inflammation and pain in gout and arthritis. This happens with regular use of soursop due to the fact that it is able to remove uric acid from the human body. He is also able to relieve muscle weakness due to the content in its composition of micro-and macro-elements.

The immune system. Ascorbic acid, which is part of sausepa, strengthens the body, improves the immune system and makes the person stronger and more resistant to bacteria and viruses.

The cardiovascular system. It is proved that moderate, but regular use of the pulp of soursop, lowers blood pressure. Calcium and magnesium in the fruit helps to protect the heart from a heart attack and stroke.

Leather. Fruit has an antifungal effect. It is used in the treatment of ulcerative lesions of the skin, ulcers and boils. Antioxidants that are part of sausepa slow down the aging process of the body.

Vision. Riboflavin and ascorbic acid, which are part of an exotic fruit, improve vision and also prevent age-related changes.

Nervous system. Vitamins of group B have a beneficial effect on the conductivity of nerve fibers.

Scientists in Latin America have shown that the substances that make up the sausepa can destroy foreign cancer cells in the human body.


Unfortunately, in our world there are no absolutely useful products, and more precisely, such that would benefit the human body and at the same time be safe. This applies to both the water and the air around us, which has become very polluted. Needless to say about exotic plants and fruits that do not grow in our regions.

Soursop apple contains elements that can harm the body. For example, the excessive use of the pulp of this fruit has a negative effect, as Parkinson's disease may occur and the beneficial intestinal microflora will be destroyed. Juice smetannuyu apple, in contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, it may well lead to complete blindness. If you cook any dish using black seeds of the fruit, you can be poisoned, as they are poisonous.

Sausep is completely contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy,
  • with intolerance of the product,
  • with intestinal dysbiosis,
  • with hypotension.

If a person has not previously consumed this fruit, then for the first time having done this, you should not lash out at it and eat a huge portion. It is better to try a small piece and watch the reaction of your body. Allergic reactions are possible.

Sausep Tea

Sausep tea deserves a separate section of this article, as it is very tasty and healthy. As raw materials for tea the dried pulp of a fruit, but not its extract acts. Producers produce both black and green teas with sausep, while it can be sold as a separate drink.

The peculiarity of this tea is that it can be brewed twice, while the second time the brewing will be even more intense and the aroma of the fruit will be revealed even more.

Brewing sausep tea does not differ from the preparation of the simplest black tea: you should pour boiled water over dried fruit and leave for a few minutes. In order to brew the drink again, you can use a thermos in which the desired temperature will hold and the tea can infuse. It will be incredibly fragrant and tasty. It is proved that green tea with sausep brings significant benefits to the body. Its use strengthens the immune system, improves the functioning of the heart and helps fight depression. But do not forget about its diuretic action.


If there is a great desire to try an exotic fruit, first you need to find out where you can buy it. Due to its short shelf life, it is not shipped to other countries. Available only dried sausep, which can be bought at any tea shop. Incidentally, sausep tea is an incredibly tasty, aromatic drink.

Fruit Description

Guanabana is the most valuable tropical tree from the Annon family. The plant has other names: Annona prickly, smetannoe apple, sausep. The habitat of this fruit tree - Bermuda and Bahamas. Soursop can also be found in the following countries: Peru, Argentina, Mexico, India, China, Australia.

Guanabana tree can reach a height of 8–10 m. The fragrant leaves of the plant are smooth and shiny, have a green color. Young shoots "smetannogo apple" heavily pubescent. Short pedicels give solitary shoots of flowers that grow on a tree trunk. Flowers of conical shape consist of six petals.

The largest fruits of guanabana can reach from 10 to 40 cm in length and 20 cm in width. Such “soursop apples” can weigh from 4 to 7 kg. The peel of the fruit guanabana dark green with a yellowish tinge. Ripe fruit is covered with thick spines. The flesh of sausepa is creamy-white, similar to cotton wool. To taste, the fruit of guanabana is sour, reminiscent of a lemon, mixed with raspberries. The pulp contains black seeds that are very poisonous.

Photo: Guanabana fruit

Harmful properties

In no case should not eat the seeds of Annona! The poisonous composition of these seeds causes severe poisoning of the body. If the juice of such seeds gets into the eyes, then you can go blind.

With excessive use of guanababa, Parkinson’s disease can develop. A high content of calcium in Annon, can adversely affect the body of pregnant women.

The composition of sausepa, the properties of its ingredients

Sausep is not very high-calorie fruit, it contains not more than 50 kcal per 100 g of product. In addition to the insignificant amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, such useful substances can be distinguished in its composition:

  • Water.
  • Alimentary fiber.
  • Ash.
  • Vitamins C and group B.
  • Minerals: potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, manganese.

In combination with substances that are present in the composition of green tea leaves, these ingredients form biologically active complexes. This provides a pronounced therapeutic effect on the human body. However, in some cases, such intensity may affect health negatively.

The benefits of sausep tea for the body

To obtain a therapeutic effect, one should learn to brew properly and use sausep regularly. Tea in this case will cease to be just a pleasant tonic. It will turn into a powerful drug with such properties:

  • Positive effect on the work of the digestive system. The drink stimulates the synthesis of enzymes, launches intestinal cleansing, normalizing its microflora. Чай с саусепом активно выводит из организма токсины, что нередко используется при пищевых отравлениях.

Совет: Сегодня в продаже можно найти чай с экстрактом саусепа. It costs much less and, according to the manufacturers, has all those properties that are characteristic of a traditional product. But this is just a marketing ploy. Such drinks are like a quality analogue only by aroma, their healing capabilities are due only to the presence of green tea.

  • Correction of body weight. Accelerating the process of digestion and metabolism leads to the fact that fats are broken down and not delayed. More active absorption of vitamins and microelements of the intestinal mucosa prevents the development of deficient conditions, due to which people often gain weight.
  • Increase the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. Substances in the composition of tea with sausep can inhibit the inflammatory process. An additional positive feature of the product is its ability to remove excess uric acid from the body. Due to this, muscle weakness passes, painful sensations in the joints are eliminated in gout and arthritis.
  • Strengthening immunity. The abundance of ascorbic acid and powerful antioxidants ensures the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections. Drinking tea with sausep after the infection contributes to the easier course of the disease and quick recovery.
  • Normalization of the cardiovascular system. A pure fruit significantly reduces pressure, but in combination with tea, this action is slightly smoothed. As a result of replenishing the reserves of magnesium and potassium, an excessive load is removed from the heart. Reduced risk of stroke and heart attack.

  • Stimulation of blood formation. Iron is present in sausepa and green tea, which stimulates the production of red blood cells and prevents the development of anemia.
  • Improve skin condition. Exotic fruit combined with green tea exhibits antifungal properties. Healing liquid is often recommended to drink simultaneously with the treatment of fungal infections that hit the skin or mucous membranes. Regular consumption of the drink with sausep accelerates the regeneration of cell colonies. This leads to faster wound healing and rejuvenation.
  • Increased visual acuity. Eyes actively resist age-related changes and the pathological effects of computers.
  • Stimulation of brain activity. In ancient times, green tea in combination with pieces of sausepa was valued by thinkers and philosophers. It helps to increase concentration and dulls the manifestations of fatigue.
  • The establishment of the nervous system. B vitamins improve the conductivity of nerve fibers, which leads to relief from the symptoms of various nervous disorders.
  • Reducing the risk of cancer. Studies have shown that sausep in combination with green tea not only accelerates the process of removing free radicals from the body, but also increases the resistance of cells and tissues to their effects.
  • The removal of excess fluid from the body by improving the work of the kidneys, which allows you to get rid of edema.

In many countries, sausep tea is used to treat diabetes, fever, asthma, hemorrhoids, urogenital infections, and colds. Of course, you should not do only natural product. He should only reinforce the action of specialized drugs that were recommended by the doctor.

The harm of sausep tea and its danger

Abuse of any food and drink can adversely affect human health. Sausep tea is no exception. Of course, for the development of persistent permanent pathologies, the drink should be drunk in liters, but there is a list of conditions in which the product is better not to include in the diet:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
  • Individual intolerance to the components in the composition of the drink.
  • Pathologically low pressure.
  • Dysbacteriosis.
  • Tachycardia and increased emotional irritability.
  • Gastritis and peptic ulcer disease in the acute stage. The drink increases the acidity of the stomach, so you should not drink it at the initially overestimated rates.

Scientists believe that abnormal use of healing fluids can cause the development of Parkinson's disease. This is not yet a proven fact, and if you drink no more than 2-3 cups of the composition per day, then such risks will not even arise.

Rules for making green tea with sausep

The procedure for making an exotic drink is not very different from the way you treat traditional green tea. It is noteworthy that the mass can be brewed twice; moreover, the approach in the first and second cases will differ slightly.

  • The first brew. In this case, simply pour 1-2 tablespoons of the dry mixture with 2 cups of hot water. It should not be boiling water, it should adhere to a temperature of 85-90 ºС. The mass should be infused under the lid for 5-7 minutes. After that, the liquid should be drained, and the brew is postponed for re-brewing.
  • The second brew. Wet tea leaves are filled with the same volume of hot water, but in this case we use not a kettle or a saucepan, but a thermos. With this approach, the welding will give the water all the remaining nutrients in it. Practice shows that if you do everything right, the tea will turn out even tastier and richer than the first time.

Tea with sausep is not customary to sweeten, fill with honey or milk, add seasonings and spices. When using auxiliary ingredients there is a risk of conflict between the active substances, which can lead to the development of unpleasant conditions. It is better to refuse even from such proven flavors as slices of lemons or oranges, dried fruits and candied fruits. An exotic drink has a pleasant taste and strong aroma, any attempts to improve it will not lead to anything good.

What is sausep and where it grows

Sausep grows in the subtropics. It reaches a height of 10 m. This evergreen tree produces fruits weighing up to 7 kg. Nondescript fruits are a source of beneficial vitamins. Scientific name - Annona prickly. Portuguese sounds like graviola

Such is the fruit sausepa pictured:

In appearance, sausep resembles an artificial decor, thanks to its brightly colored leaves from the outside. And the taste of fruit pulp resembles pineapple or lemonade with strawberries. Feel the aroma of sausepa from the leaves. Due to this property, the tea is very pleasant to the taste.

Sausep called "smetannym apple." When dried or cut into small pieces, the fruit has a beneficial and therapeutic effect on the person drinking the brewed tea.

This fruit is used everywhere:

  • Sausepa seeds have useful properties due to which they are used in medicine for the preparation of oil from pediculosis,
  • unripe fruits do well with dysentery,
  • healthy juice in its pure form is recommended to drink as a diuretic,
  • is an ingredient in the preparation of jelly, sorbet or cake,
  • used as an additive in brandy or other low alcohol beverages.

The fruits of sausepa are non-nutritive and can be used in dietary dishes. The fruit contains the following minerals and nutrients:

Thus, there are plenty of beneficial properties in a drink made from sausep. But in large quantities the use of products made from the fruit or leaves of a tree can be harmful.

Why is sausep tea useful?

The benefits of tea will be in the combination of the positive properties of the leaves, which, when brewed, turn into biologically active elements. Black and green tea with sausep is considered equally useful.

The benefits of green tea with sausep

Green tea with slices of sausepa is rich in nutrients. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the outgoing aroma from tea with sausep will soothe and create a relaxing atmosphere around.

Useful properties of this tea, as well as the exotic fruit itself, is known not by a wide circle of readers. And they include:

  • antiviral effect - increases immunity and body resistance to ARVI,
  • improves the liver, does not develop diseases associated with renal failure,
  • destroys those extra pounds and protects the skin and the body as a whole from aging,
  • improves the digestive tract.

The benefits of black tea with sausep

Black tea is produced by roasting dried green leaves of a tree. Therefore, the benefits of it will be much less than green. Useful properties of black tea Sow sep are as follows:

  • improvement of metabolism
  • is the strongest antidepressant
  • tones the body,
  • lowers blood pressure
  • has a positive effect on the nervous system,
  • in the hot season, the drink refreshes and invigorates the spirit.

How to brew tea with sausep

The brewing tradition is similar to making ordinary tea, but with one small difference. Sausep tea is brewed twice.

Steps for making healthy and aromatic tea:

  1. Take a porcelain or ceramic teapot.
  2. Water to prepare spring or bottled. From the crane does not fit, as it is tough.
  3. Boil water and cool to 80 ° C.
  4. Pour 1 teaspoon of tea leaves with 400 ml of boiled water.
  5. Insist 4 minutes.
  6. Water is drained through a sieve so as not to lose tea leaves.
  7. Take a thermos and put it in the brew.
  8. Pour water again. The volume of water used is the same.

It is believed that brewed on the second or even third time drink with graviola, is even more delicious and rich.

It is not recommended to fill it with milk or any other additives and spices. Since the addition of foreign additives can lead to a collision of the active substances of several products and lead to the loss of this taste. In the worst case, the person will feel the harm of mixing.

Can you drink tea with sausep pregnant and lactating

Pregnant women are not recommended to drink the drink with graviola. The caffeine contained in it can adversely affect the condition of the fetus and the woman. The use of such tea slows down the development of the child and can cause premature birth.

But for mothers during lactation it is recommended to drink a day for a cup of green tea with sausep. It acts as an antioxidant, has an anti-inflammatory effect, has a positive effect on bones and teeth. This tea helps to cope with toxemia.

Harm of tea with sausep and contraindications

Despite the excellent taste of sausepa and its beneficial properties, there are also contraindications for use. First of all, it is not recommended to use it in large volumes. He is capable of harm.

In addition, in some types of diseases also not worth the risk of frequent use. In the following cases, sausepa tea can harm the body:

  • at high temperature
  • if a person suffers from renal failure,
  • if your body is sensitive to caffeine,
  • in chronic diseases of the eye, which increases blood pressure (for example, glaucoma).

Drink from the leaves of an exotic tree should not be drunk with a high acidity of the stomach, as tea itself enhances it. Not recommended for people with increased irritability.

The juice from this fruit will harm the retina if it gets on the mucous membrane. Allergy sufferers are strictly forbidden to drink sausep. Seeds of an exotic fruit are poisonous.

In folk medicine

Fruits, leaves, tree bark is used for various diseases:

  • to restore the nervous system, the leaves of an exotic tree are crushed and a decoction is made from them (use has a calming effect on the human nervous system),
  • for dysentery, bark decoction or immature fruits are used, since they have an astringent effect (by ingesting seeds, one can induce vomiting),
  • a bath with a decoction of sausepa leaves will help rheumatism sufferers,
  • fresh crushed sausepa leaves are applied to inflamed skin or wounds (they have antiseptic and healing effects),
  • for lowering the body temperature is more suitable compote soursop.

How to choose a quality tea with sausepom

A popular company that produces tea with sausep is Hyson. This company produces brewing leaves, past high-quality processing, in beautiful packages for more than 20 years.

Only the varieties of this brand are famous for their true taste. For the manufacture of tea leaves, only the top 2 sheets are taken and subjected to the fermentation process. The procedure retains all the beneficial properties and absolutely does not harm the taste.

When choosing tea, one should pay attention to the following signs:

  • for black tea, the color of the leaves is almost black, not gray and not brown,
  • without foreign inclusions, twigs, pieces of plywood, dust,
  • high torsion of tea leaves
  • humidity from 3 to 6%,
  • no odor.