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Rose Black Baccarat is the blackest rose


Back in the nineteenth century, at the end of the 70s, breeders set about creating a black rose. This was achieved only by French breeders only in 2003. They brought a variety of roses, which had the darkest color of all existing. This is the rose of Black Baccarat.

This variety corresponds to its name, because the rose color is as close to black as possible. Today it is the blackest rose in the world.

Real rose color

Variety roses Black Baccarat belongs to the class of tea-hybrid varieties. The color of this attractive plant is actually maroon. The flower has several shades: it is burgundy at the ends of the petals, inside it is black. Compared to the summer period, in autumn the shade of the rose becomes more dark. With increased acidity of the soil color of the flower becomes more intense.

Varietal description

The Black Baccarat rose variety was bred more than 10 years ago by the French breeder Meyan. This hybrid tea rose belongs to the premium class.

The rose bush is compact, up to 1.1 m high. The ground part of the plant has the following parameters: 0.5 x 0.9 m. Green leaves with a characteristic red tint. The surface is leathery, glossy. The buds are medium sized, goblet. The buds of black and red are charmed with their beauty. Blossoming flowers with a diameter of up to 12 cm. They consist of approximately 40-45 petals. The surface of each petal is terry, velvety, garnet-red hue. Blossoming flower has a pleasant light aroma with fresh notes. The flowering period is continuous from mid-summer to late September.

In one season, the rose blooms several times: from July to October.

Rose Black Baccarat is characterized by relative resistance to powdery mildew and black spot. The plant is frost-resistant, but in most regions when cultivated for the winter period, it is covered.

Requirements for the soil. Landing place

Want to enjoy this beautiful flower in your garden? Take care of following a few rules. And remember, this flower is demanding and picky.

Unlike other roses, he does not like sunny areas. In the shade of trees, the flowers of this rose become more velvety, darker. And the flavor is more pronounced. The soil should be loose, preferably acidic. In such a ground, the color of the bud becomes more saturated. In addition, experienced gardeners know that sometimes citric acid is added to the water for watering roses. So the color of the flower can be unusual.

Black Baccarat rose saplings can be planted in the ground in spring and autumn. For the purpose of landscaping, this plant is planted in autumn in regions with mild and late winter. Planted seedlings from the first half of September to early October. In this case, the rose will have time to take root, and in the spring the plant will begin vegetative growth. Grafted roses are planted only in the autumn.

In the spring, roses are planted in regions with harsh, frosty and long winters. Remember that spring planting of roses is characterized by a growth delay of several weeks.

Before planting, the soil should be well dig and mix with fertilizer. You can use compost and humus. Experts advise to place sand or peat in the dug hole to increase drainage properties. Before planting, the root of the rose must be soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate. So the root gently unpack and disinfect.

The seedling can be placed in the hole. It is carefully covered with earth, periodically ramming. Remember, the root neck should be 2-3 cm deep.

After planting, water the plant well.

Cultivation technology

This exquisite plant needs attention and care. Therefore, when growing Black Baccarat roses, all care activities must be carried out:

  • Watering.
  • Feeding.
  • Weeding.
  • Fight against diseases and pests.
  • Pruning.

The plant needs proper care. Rose Black Baccarat needs to be watered late in the evening. Water should be separated, preferably heated by sunlight. Watering should be carried out in such a way that water does not fall on the aboveground part of the plant. Excessive moisture can cause the appearance and rapid development of fungal microflora. The volume of watering and its regularity directly depend on the weather conditions of the region and the quality of the soil. After each watering should gently loosen the soil without touching the root system.

Regular mulching of soil with wood shavings around the bush helps to reduce moisture evaporation and significantly slows the growth of weeds.

Dressing roses

The first feeding should be carried out in early spring, immediately after the removal of the winter shelter. Nitrogen fertilizers stimulate the growth of the bush.

The second feeding is carried out in the period of active growth. Often use nutritional complexes with the necessary set of trace elements.

In the period of active appearance of buds, the plant is fed with a solution of manure or chicken manure.

After flowering, the plant should be prepared for winter. For this purpose, potash fertilizers are applied to the soil.

Pruning roses

This variety of roses requires 2 pruning: autumn and spring. Spring pruning is needed to stimulate abundant flowering, remove diseased, old and frozen branches. It is important for this procedure to choose the right moment. The kidneys should already wake up, but not yet to bloom. If after removing the cover you see that the bush is still asleep, then pruning is better to be postponed for a week.

Spring pruning involves the shearing of all dried branches at the root. After this, it is necessary to conduct formative pruning of the remaining branches. To do this, cut with shears at an angle to the top of the branches so that only 4 buds remain on the shoot. If you leave more than 4 buds, the flowers will be small.

Shoots that grow from the rootstock during the summer period should be cut a little higher than the nearest leaf. The same should be done with blind shoots.

Wilted flowers can also be pruned as they arise during the entire summer season.

Pruning in the fall prepares the plant for wintering. After flowering is necessary to cut off all the shoots that bloom this year. New ones grown during the summer should be shortened to 40 cm.

Preparing for the winter

Even before the onset of the first frost, the Black Baccarat rose must be prepared for winter. Bushes must be tucked to a height of 30-40 cm. All foliage at the base of the branches must be removed. Humus will give off heat, so the roots will always be warmed. Branches are covered with non-woven material or lapnik.

Application in landscape design

Roses have long been a leading place among the various flowering plants that are actively used in the formation of landscape compositions. The tea and hybrid rose Black Baccarat is in demand in landscape design.

Most often, black varieties are used to design single plantings. This arrangement allows you to appreciate the unusual color and attractiveness of this flower.

Recently, designers have often combined the Black Baccara (Black Baccara) rose with white roses. Such a spectacular contrast looks attractive.

Also actively use a combination of black roses and low-growing perennials with pastel-colored flowers.

Gardeners reviews

Reviews about the rose black baccarat varied. But many gardeners agree that this flower charms and attracts. He is unsurpassed.

At the moment there is no absolutely black flower. This is also proved by the description of the Black Baccarat rose. But rosebuds have a pronounced dark shade. In the process of opening the bud, the petals become maroon with black tint. In hot regions with an active sun, with a sour soil, the black color of the petals dominates.

Reviews about Black Baccarat rose say that the scent of flowers is almost the same as similar roses.

Original foliage gives this plant a particular decorative value. It has a faint red tint.

The plant is characterized by slight spikeness. Thanks to this, Black Rose rose care is quite simple. In addition, these flowers are suitable for cutting and further sale. The presented bouquet of Black Baccarat roses will not leave indifferent any girl. After all, this rich color is so beautiful.

It is best to grow these roses in the penumbra.

Pests and diseases

In the description of the Black Baccarat rose, it is indicated that this variety is particularly resistant to certain diseases. Despite good immunity, this rose is infected with fungal diseases: powdery mildew, black spot, rust. These diseases are actively developing in conditions of high humidity. If it rains frequently in summer, there is a high probability that the plant can get sick. To prevent the emergence of such a disease, experts recommend in the spring to treat the bushes with special universal means for flowers or a solution of blue vitriol.

Insects can also harm the plant. The fight against them is the use of insecticides. Harmful insects that infect roses:


This variety of roses, like others, can multiply in two ways: grafting and dividing the bush. Most often use the first method, because the bush grows long enough. In exceptional cases, it is divided into 2 parts. In this case, the rose must be older than 5 years. After this procedure, the plant often slows its growth and suspends flowering.

Eavesdropping is the easiest and most affordable method of breeding roses. To obtain a good cutting, it is necessary to cut the shoots up to 20 cm long. Preparations must necessarily be from healthy shoots formed this summer. The cut is done under the slope.

Prepared cuttings should be planted in a moist soil under a jar or plastic bottle. Rooted cuttings should be planted next spring.

Black Baccarat is appreciated by many gardeners. It grows well in the shade, so you can place it anywhere in your garden. In addition, the black rose feels great in pots and containers. Because this plant can be grown even in indoor conditions.

The history of the variety

Scientists of Meilland International worked on the creation of this variety. For the first time Black Baccarat was presented in 2000 at the international flower exhibition. 3 years after the presentation, the French flower company began selling specimens for breeding. Blackblack tea and hybrid rose attracts flower growers from all over the world with its dark burgundy color.

In fact, the color of the plant is not black, but dark maroon. In the center of the flower, the hybrid tea rose is colored black, and to the periphery the color acquires a ruby ​​tint. The deeper and more saturated color of the Black Baccara acquires with the onset of autumn. The intensity of the color of the flower is affected by the acidity of the soil. If this parameter is increased, the color of the plant is more saturated.

Characteristic variety

Under optimal care conditions, the blackblack tea hybrid rose forms a semi-sprawling shrub with a height of about 100 cm with a diameter of up to 60 cm.

The flower has a beautiful goblet shape. Its diameter is about 10 cm. One flower consists of 45 petals of star-like form.

Black Baccarat pleases flower growers with a delicate and unobtrusive aroma.

The leaves of the plant have a rich green color with a reddish tinge.

A distinctive feature of roses is the almost complete absence of thorns, so Black Baccarat is used as cut roses. A bouquet of roses of this variety is able to surprise with its beauty even the most ardent fans of this plant. Roses for cutting Black Baccarat can perfectly complement the decoration of any banquet.

Black rose is characterized by increased resistance to various diseases and pests. This variety is usually used for cutting, but it can be used for growing in the garden. Black Bacarra bloom begins in early summer and ends in late autumn. During this period, the plant may bloom several times.

Black tea hybrid rose is resistant to cold, however, like any other members of the family needs shelter during the cold season.

Basic care requirements

If you want to plant Black Baccarat in your garden, then you must follow certain rules:

Black Baccarat is best planted in the area with diffused sunlight. Unlike other varieties of roses, Black Baccarat reacts poorly to an abundance of sunlight. They can cause burns and wilt flowers. An ideal neighborhood for a plant is a small shrub that will shade the rose a little from bright sunlight.

Acid soil is ideal for Black Baccarat roses. A plant grown on this type of soil retains its shade well even in the hottest weather. When planting all varieties of hybrid tea roses, it is recommended to add wood ash to the soil, and Black Baccarat does not need it.

It is best to disembark in early autumn. This approach allows the flower to take root well before the onset of cold weather. Also allowed spring planting in regions with cold winters. It should be remembered that the time of planting affects the time of the beginning of flowering plant. Black Baccarat, planted in the fall for 1 month, blooms earlier than the one that was planted in the spring.

In the place of planting the plants dig up the soil, then dig a hole 35 cm deep. A special drainage layer is laid on the bottom of the hole. Roots gradually estimate the ground, so that the root neck is 2 cm below the surface of the earth. When planting roses, you need to make sure that all the roots “looked” down and did not bend over.

Rose needs timely and moderate watering. For this purpose it is best to use warm distilled water. Successful cultivation of roses is impossible without the use of fertilizers. Once every 3 weeks the plant is fed with nitrogen fertilizers. As soon as the plant begins to form buds, the plant is fed with potassium phosphate mixtures.

Video "Hybrid tea rose, planting features"

Black Baccarat in Landscape Design

Rose Baccarat from the French company Meilland International is very popular in landscape design. As soon as this variety went on sale, it was used in single plantings so that each bang could appreciate the beauty of the plant. Recently, the Black Baccarat rose in design is increasingly combined with other varieties to create contrast.

Landing site and necessary soil requirements

Roses of this variety should be planted on the territory, which often falls into light penumbra.

This variety differs from its other "sorbates" and resistant dislike for too open areas. The abundance of ultraviolet radiation, directly falling on a bush, leads to fading of colors and, accordingly, the loss of their attractiveness.

In this regard, it is optimal both for the plant itself and for the future harvest to choose a landing site in places where the sun's rays are scattered and or there is light penumbra.

It should refrain from planting in the shade of trees. The best place for a rose of this variety is a bush of medium height, near which it is possible to plant a rose.

Differing from other varieties, this rose comfortably feels on soils with increased acid reaction. The high acidity index even contributes to the preservation of black shades and colors even in sunny weather. Therefore, it is not necessary to add wood ash when planting a plant in the ground, although this is strongly recommended for the cultivation of other varieties of hybrid tea roses.

Landing time

Landing preferably in early September. If planting is delayed for some reason, then everything must be calculated so that before the first cold weather comes its seedlings have enough time to take root.

Realize spring landing For this variety, it is recommended by growers in areas where winters are particularly severe. It should be borne in mind that if you plant this rose in winter, the flowering will begin with a delay of one month.

Soil preparation

Soil in the planting area for this you need to dig up to a depth of 30-40 cm. If the soil contains a heavy compound, then you should add peat and sand. It is possible to increase the nutritional value of the soil through the addition of compost or humus. At the bottom of the hole you need to lay out the drainage layer, sprinkle it with a thin layer of soil mixture, and only then place the seedlings there.

Experienced growers also advise: for better smoothing and moistening of the roots of seedlings, it is advisable to hold them before planting for about 4-6– minutes in warm water. There you can optionally add a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This event contributes to the disinfection of the roots and the prevention of their possible diseases.

Roots when planting need to be filled with soil gradually, as the soil is poured, compacting the soil. It is necessary to ensure that the sapling of roses in the planting hole to hold tight. The Black Baccarat root system should go deep into the soil, and the root neck should be 2.5–3 cm below the surface. Deeper placement should not be allowed.

Также важно следить, чтобы корешки располагались строго вертикально и не отклонялись в сторону. Разворот вверх ни в коем случае не допустим.

Уход за розой

Когда начинается формирование бутонов, розу необходимо подкармливать. Для этого применяют смеси, богатые фосфором и калием.

Caring for this unique variety is to make timely watering and watering. These are the basic conditions for success. It is necessary to water with warm, separated water. You should not water with not warmed and separated cold tap water. Otherwise, you put a rose under great stress ..

Feed it up as follows:

  • wait for the growing season
  • choose nitrogen fertilizers,
  • Pour them under the root 1 time 19-20,
  • when the buds appear and upon completion of flowering the nitrogen fertilizers change to phosphate-potassium.

To feed with guaranteed root system, they are placed in the excavated grooves, which are located at a distance of 30 cm from the trunk of a rose bush. First, spill clean, settled water, then pour the fertilizer mixture into them. Then the soil will need to loosen ..

Some benefit will be brought to the plant and a single top-dressing, carried out outside the roots from the solution of succinic acid. Spraying is necessary when the first leaves appear. This event will improve the metabolism in the tissues of the rose, and in the future will give him the opportunity to quickly absorb the useful and necessary nitrogen for him.

Diseases and pests

Like many plants, this variety of hybrid tea roses is not very, but still subject to three diseases:

  • powdery mildew
  • black spot
  • rust

She has a certain immunity to these diseases, however, in order not to risk, the bushes should be treated with any of these means:

Rosana Green Aphid - Covers the stems and leaves. Easily destroyed with the help of drugs Alatar, Aktellik.

Spider mite - Covers the leaves of a white mesh web. As a result, they dry up and curl. Spraying is saved from them with the help of Inta-Vir, Phosbecid.

Thrips - these parasites can settle any part of the plant. If they choose the leaves, then they acquire a metallic sheen, and the flowers begin to turn black around the edges. The following are effective against him drugs:

Rose cicada - makes leaves black baccara white. As a result, they dry up. It is advisable to use against cicada:

Black Bone Cutting Process for Rose

  1. Cuttings should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees in place under the kidney, located at the bottom, and above the kidney, which is at the top.
  2. The billet should be 15 cm long, it should be taken from the wide, healthy trunk of the current year.
  3. Workpiece rooted in a box or flower bed.
  4. Landing need to moisten and cover with a film.

Sredneroslye roses grow well in vases and containers. They need to be installed on the open veranda or porch of the house. For breeding in room conditions, this type of flower growers is not recommended.

Variety description

The variety was bred by French breeder Meiyan a little more than 10 years ago and belongs to premium tea hybrid roses.

The bush is rather compact, with a height of 0.9–1.1 m. The dimensions of the above-ground part are 0.9 x 0.5 m. The foliage is green with a characteristic reddish tint, leathery, glossy. The buds are black-red, goblet-shaped, medium-sized, attractive. The flowers are pomegranate-red, velvety, double, with a diameter of up to 12 cm, consist of about 40 petals. The aroma at the stage of full blooming of the flower is light and unobtrusive, very pleasant, with fresh notes. Flowering is abundant and continuous, lasts from the first decade of June until the end of September.

Rose Black Baccarat is relatively resistant to black spot and is rarely affected by powdery mildew. The variety is characterized by sufficient frost resistance, but when cultivated in most regions of our country, it requires shelter for the winter period.

Hybrid tea rose: pruning in spring (video)

  • the first (nitrogen) dressing, which stimulates the growth of the bush, is carried out after the removal of the winter shelter,
  • the second feeding is carried out at the beginning of the active growth of shoots, using nutrient complexes with essential trace elements,
  • during the period of active budding, a solution of chicken manure or manure is used as a fertilizer,
  • To prepare the plant for winter immediately after flowering, basic potash fertilizers are applied,
  • in summer, shoots growing from the stock and blind shoots are cut slightly above the nearest leaf.

Before the onset of perceptible frosts, roses are prepared for winter using the hilling method of bushes to a height of 25–40 cm and after removing all the foliage from the base of the branches. For shelter use lapnik or non-woven material (for example, "Spandbond").

Description of the rose Black baccarat

Rose bush Black baccarat has excellent external qualities. It is compact and at the same time spreading. Greens rich color, abundant. It has a characteristic reddish tint. The height of the bush is about 80 cm, and about 70 cm in diameter. Thanks to these parameters, it looks great in the garden, even with a single planting. Outwardly, it is completely self-sufficient and does not require supplements.

Black rose black baccarat has dark flowers, which, with proper care, have almost black color. In the middle of the flower the petals are darker than below. The flower contains 40–45 petals. As they unfold, they are bent into a triangular shape.

The diameter of the flowers reaches 12 cm. They have a high, sophisticated, goblet shape. A distinctive feature of this variety is a small number of thorns. They are almost completely absent, which makes them even more valuable for cutting.

And although the varietal description of the variety of roses Black Royal Baccarat says that it is the blackest rose, its color can be much lighter, even cherry, if you do not provide it with the required conditions.

The process of cutting for rose Black baccara

Cutting of this variety has no peculiarities. Cuttings 15 cm long are cut at a 45-degree angle from a thick stem. Rooted in containers in highly moistened, previously sterilized soil. The surface of the container is covered with a film to prevent evaporation of moisture.

Already 3 years after cutting, you will receive a full-blooming flowering plant without harm to the parent bush.

As can be seen, despite some peculiarities and differences, it is not as difficult to grow the world's blackest rose in my garden as it may seem. If you try, you can not only grow the plant, but also successfully propagate it, enjoying the result in the form of a rich dark shade and a beautiful, large flower.

Rose Black Baccarat:

Description and characteristics

The tea hybrid rose "Black Baccarat" is a premium-class black rose with a faint aroma. The height of the bushes is about 80 cm, and the width is 70 cm. The plant is very compact and neatly looks. Green leaves have a slightly reddish hue. There are very few spikes.

From the description it is easy to understand that the tea hybrid rose "Black Baccarat" is grown in open soil. If the planting is carried out on the territory of the region with a mild winter, planting is done in the fall. If the winter is harsh, seedlings are planted in the spring.

Better for the flower - autumn planting. It is produced from mid-September to early October, so that the bush has time to take root and grow strong before winter.

At the bottom of the hole dug under the rose planting lay out the drainage layer. It is sprinkled with soil mixture, after which the seedling is transferred to the hole. Before planting, it is better to hold the future bush in warm water for an hour to straighten and moisten the roots.

Remember that the root system of the plant should be in the soil, and the root neck - not less than 3 cm of the surface level. If the seedling is firmly held in the ground, then you did everything right and after 10-12 days young roots will appear.

This variety, planted in autumn, will quickly form a strong bush in the spring. The spring seedling will experience a lag in growth and development of about 14 days.

Planting roses in open ground

The time of planting depends on the climatic conditions of the growing region: in the southern areas, work is carried out in the fall, and in the more northern, in the spring, which makes it possible for the seedlings to fully root and go into the winter without the risk of freezing. Land for roses is chosen sunny or slightly shaded, which has a beneficial effect on flowering. The soil should be light, fertile and acidic. It is the hydrogen indicator at the level of 7.0-8.0 points that helps to obtain the color of flowers, which is close to black. Site preparation is carried out previously by digging to a depth of 2 bayonet spade with simultaneous introduction of sand, compost and peat, which will make the soil structure more loose and easy.

Step by step landing instructions:

  1. On the plot, a planting pit is dug up in dimensions slightly larger than the similar parameters of the seedling's root system.
  2. The rhizome of planting material for an hour is immersed in water, after which the bush is installed in the hole, where there is already a drainage layer of broken brick or other handy material.
  3. Rose "Black Baccarat" sprinkled with soil in such a way that the root neck was deepened to a maximum of 3 cm.
  4. Next, the stem near the stem is compacted and moistened so that air layers do not form around the roots, which can cause the development of a fungal disease.

In the spring planting, which is carried out in a similar way, the bushes will lag behind in the development from the fall by 2 weeks.

How to care for a hybrid tea rose

Black tea-black rose Black Baccara for full development needs a certain care, which has its own nuances.

For irrigation, the frequency and volume of which depends on the agro-climatic conditions of the cultivation region (weather conditions, the type and composition of the soil, etc.), only warm, settled water is used. Water procedures by the ground method are carried out either in the morning or in the evening. Moisture should not be allowed to fall on the leaf plates - this can provoke the development of such fungal diseases as gray mold or rust.

Soil treatment

After watering or precipitation, the soil in the near-circle wheel loosens to ensure good aeration and water permeability. To reduce the amount of loosening, it is recommended to cover the soil under the bush with a layer of mulch (peat, compost), which also acts as an organic fertilizer that increases the fertility of the arable layer.

During the growing season, 3 feedings are carried out:

  1. In the spring, immediately after removing the shelter, nitrogen is introduced into the bush, contained in organic or mineral fertilizer (manure, urea, ammonium nitrate).
  2. In the period of budding, phosphorus and potassium are added to the top dressing.
  3. To strengthen the immunity after flowering, the flower is fed with potassium sulfate.